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Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Table

Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and appreciating all that we have. It is celebrated in many different ways, the most common being a large feast with friends and family.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of the holiday, and there is no better way to create the perfect table than with the right floral accents.


 A Thanksgiving centerpiece or flower arrangement can complete your holiday decor and add personality and style to your home. The most popular arrangement this year is the Fall Harvest Cornucopia.

Why Thanksgiving is so Special

    The beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Family and loved ones take the time to appreciate and celebrate all that fills our lives.

    A Thanksgiving feast is a wonderful form of celebration. A golden roasted turkey, homemade mash potatoes and cranberry sauce along with every families traditional dishes is what makes the holiday so special and unique.

    Many individuals are thankful to reunite with family members that they do not get to see often throughout the year. It’s great to catch up and talk about everything that has been going on!

 As tradition dictates, Thanksgiving revolves around holiday feast where family and friends come to gather. The holiday table can be set with a gorgeous autumn themed centerpiece, complete with candles.

For something a little different, try a flower cornucopia. The Fall Harvest Cornucopia is a customer favorite that, without fail, is always a hit. 

History of Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is one of America’s oldest holidays and has been celebrated since 1621. The Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians had shared an autumn harvest feast which is considered the first Thanksgiving celebration.

Although it’s been celebrated ever since, it was not proclaimed an actual holiday until 1863 by President Lincoln. Since then, it has become a great holiday and this special time of the year has become a time of tradition and celebration.

Flower Accents for Thanksgiving

Along side such tasty dishes, are holiday centerpieces your guests will be raving about! The flowers of the Autumn season can make a fine autumn themed centerpiece accented with candles to tie everything together.

 For a look that will really pop, order an arrangement made in a cornucopia to really impress your Thanksgiving guests. The Fall Harvest Cornucopia is Thanksgiving flowers can be displayed on the table or around your living space to add that pop of holiday cheer.

Fall Classics and Decorating

The colors of fall are soothing and down to earth and can match many decor schemes. Deep burgundy daisies, rustic orange lilies, perfect peach roses and classic sunflowers are some of fall’s finest flowers.

Hearty mum plants are also a fall staple that can be used to spruce up your yard for the fall season. Mum plants look great next to the door, on the front of your property and in hanging baskets, the possibilities are endless!

In all, the most important part of the holiday is spending time with the ones you care about the most. Everything else will fall perfectly into place and will make your holiday one to remember!

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