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Daisies: The Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Daisies: The Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Say it with flowers, even with no occasion at all.  Daisies are the most perfect flowers for a quick pick-me-up gift for neighbors, friends, family and special people. The bloom is a variety of wildflower coming from the aster family that has long been bringing sunshine in recipients’ lives. It helps that the flower closely resembles the shape of the sun.

History has it that daisies symbolize innocence. Beautiful maidens used to wear them in their silky hair to express liberty from guilt and sin. These flowers also represent loyal love. Long before roses became popular among hopeless romantics, daisies have been delivered to show devotion and intense affection.

Receiving daisies used to be a great honor among women. And not because this custom had long been gone, doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to revive it. Pick out some daisies and deliver them personally on or have them delivered to your favorite recipients.

Daisies Make a Perfect Gift

Why give out daisies?  Daisies are delivered mostly to sick people. In quaint times, the flowers were believed to have a curative effect. Noblemen used them to cure stomach pains. This is probably why daisies are often delivered to sick recipients.

But a bouquet of fresh and vividly hued daisies is also known to prep up an ambiance.  They can be given to cheer up a person or brighten up one’s day. Given that daisies last longer than any other flowers used for making a posy, they can give utmost value to your money.

Varieties of Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are perhaps one of the most recognizable daisies there are. Gerbera daisies are sometimes known a the African Daisy, and come in a variety of bright colors and are generally larger than regular daisies. 

The Gerbera Daisy Bouquet has always been a crowd favorite with its petite structure and uplifting appeal. The cheerful colors of the assorted Gerbera Daisies further enhance the beauty of the bouquet and is guaranteed to instantly brighten up one’s day. 

The Hug and Kisses Bouquet is also heartwarming reminders of your affection and care. The charming mishmash of daises, roses, carnations, lavender and white chrysanthemums can make the recipient feel loved and appreciated. If you cannot say it with words, then maybe you can say it with flowers.

On a good “Hug your neighbor and give them daisies day,” you may opt to call for Avas Flowers as it is endowed with the freshest floras and most creative posy arrangements.  When all it takes is a bouquet of sweet daisies, we have it all for you.

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