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Cornucopias for Thanksgiving

Cornucopias for Thanksgiving

When you think about Autumn inspired floral arrangements, you normally think of pumpkins, scarecrows, and multicolored fall leaves. But another popular fall arrangement , especially for Thanksgiving, is the cornucopia. Cornucopias are also frequently referred to as horns of plenty or harvest cones.

During Thanksgiving, the cornucopias presence is dominant. Living it’s name to the fullest, the rustic, horn-shaped baskets overflow with a wide variety of produce which often include pumpkins, pears, onions and other items. With a little help, it’s quite simple to make an Autumn cornucopia with a twist of your own.  Just follow these three simple steps:

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpieces

1. Prepare all of your materials; you’ll need a clear and tall glass vase at least a foot high, small foam or plastic gourds, pumpkins, a few yards of harvest-themed ribbons, moss, a couple of blocks of floral foam, artificial bright colored leaves, silk fall bushes like daisies and mums, floral picks, a glue gun, and also glue sticks.

2. Next take a small square of floral foam and put it in the bottom of the clear vase, making sure that it’s secure; cover it with moss for a nice touch. After cutting off the wire from floral picks, glue those picks to the plastic gourds and pumpkins. Then, put them inside the vase. Wrap the neck of the vase with the ribbon, gluing it if necessary.

3. Finally, cut some more floral foam to fit the top of the clear vase. Make sure that is is secured with glue. Cover it with moss. Next, cut the floral bushes into different lengths, approximately 2-3 inches. Start with the silk fall bushes, sticking in the stems to the foam. Let some of the bushes hang down the vase’s side. If there are vacant spaces left, cover it with floral bushes and/or the plastic gourds and pumpkins.

Autumn Harvest Cornucopia

Let your creative juices flow this season when creating your own custom cornucopia. Or, if you prefer to simply purchase one to display during your Thanksgiving feast, take a look our Autumn Harvest Cornucopia. It’s a great way to celebrate the fall season. Made with chrysanthemums, solidago, red roses, and rust-colored lilies, this lovely piece will be appreciated in any home.

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