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Christmas Poinsettia Plant

Christmas Poinsettia Plant

Every year, when the Christmas season comes around, people usually find themselves soaked with twinkling lights and red and green lushness. The holidays are pretty uniform this way, especially with the use of specific flowers as Christmas ornaments.  Take the poinsettia, for example. These gorgeous plants are easily one of the best selling florist products during the Yuletide season.

For those who are not very familiar with Christmas plants or flowers, there is actually a good reason for why Poinsettias are found just about everywhere during Christmas time. For one, this time of the year is when Poinsettias actually bloom; around the month of December. And with these plants being completely covered in red and green foliage, Poinsettias are easily associated with this happy holiday season.

The Best Plants for Christmas

Another explanation for why Poinsettias are considered as Christmas plants has a lot to do with their legend. According to an old tale, there once was a girl who only had weeds to offer Jesus one Christmas Eve. However, when she brought the plant to the church, it blossomed into the breathtaking red plants that people now recognize as the Poinsettia. It was then considered a miracle and has since led to the naming of the plant as “the flowers of the holy night”.

Some also say that poinsettias represent the Star of Bethlehem, which led the three wise men or magi to where Jesus Christ was born. This further solidified the tradition of using poinsettias as Christmas plants.  Today, if you wish to celebrate Christmas with these wonderful plants, you can easily opt to purchase a potted plant to use as a centerpiece or as a decor around your home. They’re very affordable; making them some of the best gifts there is as well.

So this Christmas holiday, ring in the spirit with a gorgeous Poinsettia! Give them as a gift or use them to decorate your home. Poinsettias will bring warm feelings to your soul, even when it’s cold outside!

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