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Christmas Amaryllis Plants

Christmas Amaryllis Plants

Dubbed as the “Bell Flower of Christmas”, Amaryllis is a blooming plant that is closely associated with the holidays. A bulbous plant that has two species, it took it’s name after the Greek Shepherdess, Amaryllis. It is best known for its large, bell-shaped flowers that are available in a wide range of hues and shades. The Amaryllis is also commonly referred to as the Hippeastrum, Naked Lad, and Resurrection Lily, although they are only distantly related to the actual lily.

Sending Amaryllis Plants for Christmas Gifts

Aside from its looks, the Amaryllis is loved for its other charming traits. On the top of the list is the fact that it is pretty easy to grow, especially since it is more ideal to be grown indoors. As it was originally grown in a tropical climate, they are best kept indoors during the winter months in order to bloom.

A lot of people wonder why Amaryllis is now slowly becoming a popular Christmas plant. This is simply explained by the fact that since it blooms around the winter months, it provides a nice color to the snowy and cold landscape. The amaryllis comes in a wide range of colors from different shades of pinks, magenta, peach, cream, and even red, ensuring to add some cheer to your household despite the cold.

There are two popular varieties of the amaryllis for the Christmas season. One is known as the “Fire Dance” which are in vibrant red and the “Christmas Gift” which are snowy white. They are commonly available as potted blooms and are very affordable.

If you’re thinking of giving someone a nice amaryllis plant as a Christmas gift, it is best to note that they are perfect for gardening enthusiasts and those who like to have plants within their homes. The amaryllis is largely an indoor plant but also needs some sunlight to thrive. Care instructions come in plenty online, so you don’t really have to worry about how to find such information.

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