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Administrative Assistant Day

Administrative Assistant Day

The role of administrative assistants has been recognized since as early as the 50’s, when industry in the United States exploded following the end of the second World War. 

Calling upon many women to take on roles as assistants in industries, that until that point, they had virtually been unable to attain. Since then, the role of administrative assistants has become increasingly more important with the day-to-day operations of companies not only in USA, but worldwide as well.

Gift Ideas for Administrative Assistants

Today, titles such as “Administrative Assistant” represent a class of individuals who are both highly skilled in multiple fields and well educated with degrees from respected colleges and institutions of higher learning. Far from just possessing the stereotypical communication skills that they were once known strictly for.

In today’s world, administrative assistants are responsible for many modern duties that often can range from troubleshooting computer related issues, researching information in their respective industries, to developing and testing new office procedures to later implement.

Show Them Appreciation for Hard Work

These days, it has become much easier for owners, bosses, and managers alike to have close professional relationships with their administrative assistants.

Giving them beautiful flower arrangements such as the Sweet Surprises Pastel Bouquet which includes cheerful daisies and mini carnations is a great way to shop appreciation. Fruit baskets like the Gourmet Gift Basket to show appreciation for their hard work over the course of the fiscal year.

This April 25th, don’t forget to show your administrative assistant the respect and appreciation that they deserve with the help of Avas Flowers® and our wonderful gift ideas that are sure to show them how much you care with gorgeous fresh cut flowers and delicious fruit and gourmet gift baskets delivered right to their desk.

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