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9 Natural Remedies To Help You Survive Pollen Season

9 Natural Remedies To Help You Survive Pollen Season

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Are you coughing and sneezing your way through spring? If so, you may be allergic to pollen. Local raw honey is one of the most well-known natural remedies used by those suffering from seasonal allergies. Eating local raw honey helps you build immunity to the pollen floating around in your area. But what if you’re looking for some other options? I have a few ideas that can give you some relief from the downside of spring.

Nine Natural Remedies to Help You Survive Pollen Season

1.) Butterbur: This is an herb originally found in Asia and Europe. It has red flowers, a pink stalk, and large leaves similar to those of rhubarb. The extract from butterbur leaves serves to ease a runny nose, congestion and cough. Its root is an anti-inflammatory: You can put a teaspoon of butterbur root in boiling water and drink it as tea. It also comes in a powder you can mix with water as well as in pill form.

2.) Acupuncture: Try acupuncture to relieve your seasonal allergies. A trained acupuncturist places needles in different points of the body to change the energy flow. It’s believed this ancient practice can reduce inflammation in the immune system.

3.) Turmeric: This natural remedy for pollen allergies is a spice belonging to the ginger family. It contains an ingredient called curcumin that prevents the release of histamine. The release of histamine in the body causes a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms of seasonal allergies. You can enjoy this spice in Indian dishes such as curry or turmeric chicken soup. It can also be found in pill or powder form.

4.) Working out at the end of the day: Did you know that many trees release pollen in the early morning? This is an excellent reason to work out, jog, or walk in the evening. By the time evening arrives, much of the airborne pollen has settled, so you’re not exposing yourself to such large amounts of it. This is great news for me: I enjoy walking or jogging in the evening with friends because the air feels much cooler most of the time.

5.) Red onion water: Red onion water has quercetin in it. Quercetin can lessen the histamine level in the body. This means fewer allergy symptoms! Quercetin can also open up your airways so you can breathe easier during allergy season. To consume this natural remedy, mix a sliced red onion with four cups of water. Let the mixture sit for eight hours in your refrigerator before drinking from it twice a day.

6.) Bee pollen: Consuming crunchy, fragrant granules of bee pollen can help you build an immunity to seasonal allergies. Make sure you buy local bee pollen granules so you can protect yourself against plants and flowers growing in your area. Take one or two granules a day for two weeks to ensure that you’re not allergic to them. If you aren’t allergic, sprinkle a tablespoon of the granules on yogurt, oatmeal, or soup to get your daily dose of this natural remedy.

7.) Change your car’s cabin air filter: Did you know your car can contribute to your seasonal allergies? If you have a clogged or dirty cabin air filter, you’re inhaling that pollen-filled air every time you hop into the car and turn on the air conditioner. Take a few minutes to check the filter as part of your fight against seasonal allergies.

8.) Apple and walnut trail mix: The magnesium in walnuts serves to calm your allergy-induced cough. Plus, the vitamin E in these nuts strengthens your immunity. Apples have quercetin, which reduces histamine production. Mix one cup of walnuts with one sliced apple to create a delicious trail mix. I eat a serving of this trail mix each day to stave off pollen allergy symptoms and keep my energy up in a healthy way.

9.) Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon, walnuts, spinach, soybeans, and mackerel are just a few foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. This natural remedy is an anti-inflammatory that acts as an antihistamine in the body. You can also take omega-3 fatty acids in capsule form.

I hope these suggestions help to make the spring season a lot more enjoyable for you.

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