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7 Ways to Re purpose Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

7 Ways to Re purpose Your Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day because it’s the first real sign that spring is on its way. I love to see the engaged couples I work with exchange gifts of flowers, candy, cards and, of course, jewelry. After Valentine’s Day has gone by, many of us find ourselves with a stack of greeting cards, notes and even an empty candy box (or two). This week, I thought I’d share some ideas with you on how to repurpose these items instead of pitching them into the garbage. So, here we go!

Seven Ways to Repurpose Your V-Day Gifts

  1. Make a Greeting Card into a Refrigerator Magnet. Choose a special V-Day card, or a note that arrived with flowers, and laminate it at a local craft store. Attach a magnetic strip to the back of the card and you have lovely refrigerator magnet! I turned a cute card that my daughter made in school into a refrigerator magnet. Truth be told, I smile every time it catches my eye as I’m puttering around the kitchen.
  2. Press Your Rose Petals and Keep Them Long After V-Day. If you’re lucky enough to receive a bouquet of roses, you probably want to keep them for as long as possible. I suggest you press those beautiful rosesand put them into an album or perhaps use them to decorate stationery. It’s an easy process and you won’t have to put your lovely roses into the trash.
  3. Decorate a Candle Holder with a Valentine’s Day Heart. This repurposing project can be accomplished with any card that touches your heart. You can make a heart-themed candle holder by cutting portions out of a special card to make sure that they fit on the outside of a glass candle holder or even a mason jar. Every time you light the candle, you’ll remember the way you felt when you received the card.
  4. Turn a Candy Box into a Practical Item. Your empty candy box can serve as a place for kids to put their collection of crayons or markers. It can also be used as a fun place to store your coupons or receipts. I keep all of my recipes in a heart-shaped box instead of the usual plastic container.
  5. Transform a Greeting Card into a Bookmark. For an avid reader, this is a perfect way to repurpose a cute V-Day card. All you have to do is trim the card to resemble a bookmark. The strip should have a width of two inches and a length of at least six inches. Laminate the strip so it stays in good shape. As a final touch, punch a hole near the top of the strip and tie a piece of ribbon or yarn onto it.
  6. Make an Empty Candy Box into a Keepsake Picture Frame. Try this project with a heart-shaped candy box. First, remove any candy partition that is inside the box. Next, trim a photo of your sweetheart, friend or child and glue it into the interior of the box. You can hang the box on a wall without a nail with the help of some sticky tape.
  7. Display a Greeting Card in a Snow Globe. Trim a V-Day card and make it the star of your own homemade snow globe! This is a great repurposing project for a card that has a kid’s photo on it or one that features a photo of your sweetheart.

So, don’t just toss those Valentine’s Day tokens into the trash. Give them a new purpose. Cheers! -Sophie

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