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Flowers For Any Occasion

Avas Flowers is a Florist offering same-day flower delivery to any area in the city of  Atlanta, Georgia.  Choose us when you need to send a beautiful floral gift to a friend or family member anywhere in Atlanta.

Atlanta is the capital and most populated city in Georgia.  The main healthcare provider for Atlanta is Atlanta Medical Center, located at 303 Parkway Drive NE and can be reached at (404) 265-4000.  When sending flowers please make sure the recipient has an actual room at the hospital as we are unable to have flowers delivered to emergency rooms and other special wards.

We provide bouquets to serve any needs for events located in Georgia and offers delivery to any neighborhood in Atlanta like Atlantic Station; Eastern Home Park; Georgia Tech; Berkeley Park; Blandtown; Ansley Park; Edgewood; Kirkwood; Oakland; Summerhill; Amal Heights; Boulevard Heights; Chosewood Park; Joyland; Adair Park; Ben Hill and Capitol View.

Sending Sympathy Flowers

Memorials are often held to mark or remember the passing of loved ones in one of the areas funeral homes or at a cemetery. These services may be held at a local Atlanta funeral home or at the grave site of the deceased. Avas Flowers serves the needs of all of Atlanta's funeral homes and residents and is available to offer delivery for same-day on orders placed before two in the afternoon.

Send sympathy flowers to a funeral home in Atlanta today by placing your order online or over the phone.  Funeral homes located in Atlanta include Willie A Watkins Funeral Home, Haugabrooks Funeral Home, Murray Brothers, H.M. Patterson & Son, Carl M Williams, and Goolsby Mortuary.

Deliveries to Local Businesses

Send a beautiful floral arrangement to a friend or family member working at one of the many large corporations or businesses calling this city in Georgia home.  Some of the top employers in Atlanta include Home Depot, UPS, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Suntrust Banks, Genuine Parts, AGCO, and Rubbermaid.

We offer same day flower delivery to any business or residence in Atlanta.  When sending an arrangement to a friend or family member in Georgia have the name, the address, and a valid phone number of the recipient ready when placing your order.

Theaters in the area also present many options for floral occasions. Avas Flowers can send congratulatory blooms to any theater in Atlanta. They may also serve those who need decorations crafted from flowers for their production.

Comments & Ratings

Avas Reviews - General
04/20/2021 12:10PM
The flowers were absolutely beautiful!!
Denise H
Avas Reviews - General
04/09/2021 6:18AM
The flowers were beautiful. Just what I expected.
Margaret S
Avas Reviews - General
04/08/2021 8:15AM
The flowers arrived on time and in beautiful condition.
Ellen Coey P
Avas Reviews - General
03/29/2021 2:15AM
Very nice experience,Thank you
Dennis D
Avas Reviews - General
03/29/2021 2:15AM
Very nice experience,Thank you
Dennis D
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2021 7:17PM
Phenomenal service ordered it the day prior for the next day delivery. Fresh beautiful bouquet. First Class!
Brenda J
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2021 7:17PM
Phenomenal service ordered it the day prior for the next day delivery. Fresh beautiful bouquet. First Class!
Brenda J
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2021 7:17PM
Phenomenal service ordered it the day prior for the next day delivery. Fresh beautiful bouquet. First Class!
Brenda J
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2021 7:17PM
Phenomenal service ordered it the day prior for the next day delivery. Fresh beautiful bouquet. First Class!
Brenda J
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2021 7:17PM
Phenomenal service ordered it the day prior for the next day delivery. Fresh beautiful bouquet. First Class!
Brenda J
Avas Reviews - General
03/20/2021 5:45PM
Wonderful service. Will recommend !
Linda L
Avas Reviews - General
03/15/2021 8:09AM
Great job on a same day delivery.
Jennifer B
Avas Reviews - General
03/11/2021 7:26AM
The arrangement was beautiful. Sales person so kind. Will order from you again.
Joyce W
Avas Reviews - General
02/17/2021 6:26AM
Delivery guy went above & beyond! A1 service, I will definitely reaching out in the future for all of my flower needs.. thank u
Allen L
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2021 12:53PM
Thank you she was very happy with her gift
Kim H
Avas Reviews - General
02/10/2021 2:29PM
My niece loved the flowers very happy.
Bette T
Avas Reviews - General
01/20/2021 6:19AM
My friend received the flowers & in good shape. Looks like you had to make some color substitutions which is understandable. It was a beautiful arrangement. Thanks!
Jeannine C
Avas Reviews - General
01/07/2021 7:59AM
Flowers were beautiful and fresh and Janet was very pleased... thank you!
John L
Avas Reviews - General
01/07/2021 7:59AM
Flowers were beautiful and fresh and Janet was very pleased... thank you!
John L
Avas Reviews - General
01/07/2021 7:59AM
Flowers were beautiful and fresh and Janet was very pleased... thank you!
John L
Avas Reviews - General
12/14/2020 12:56PM
Person taking my order was polite and efficient and answered all o my questions patiently.
Clarissa R
Avas Reviews - General
11/12/2020 11:44AM
Wonderful experience. Your telephone assistance led me to beautiful recommendations. Everything; from calling cold from out of town, to guidance to images on your website, then to payment online, to tracking delivery online and then finally sheer joy from my wife on being surprised and delighted with the arrangements. It was a very professional, yet personal experience. Thank you, Thom
Thomas R
Avas Reviews - General
10/30/2020 4:21AM
Everything was exceptional!
DonLarae R
Avas Reviews - General
10/28/2020 4:35PM
Beautifully arranged flowers and perfectly selected card delivered as promised, right on time. I would use Ava's flowers again and again in the future. TY for your service.
Avas Reviews - General
08/30/2020 12:42PM
Excellent customer service in that staff tried to find product that I would be pleased with within my price range.
Pat D
Avas Reviews - General
07/29/2020 11:05AM
Trust you from experience! Thanks.
Nancy C S
Avas Reviews - General
06/20/2020 4:32PM
Your response was TERRIFIC!! Ordered and delivered the same day !! No other Florist was able to make a delivery to this Hospital.. They would not let any body else deliver. My hats off to you .
Wayne W
Avas Reviews - General
06/20/2020 2:40PM
good communication
Jennifer B
Avas Reviews - General
05/25/2020 9:41AM
The delivery was made on time and the plant was beautiful. Well done, as usual. Thank you.
Mary Helen J
Avas Reviews - General
05/21/2020 10:59AM
It was perfect!
Naomi P
Avas Reviews - General
05/18/2020 8:50AM
Thanks you for for prompt and accurate delivery. The recipient was delighted with the flowers and so am I. Keep up the good work.
Cynthia L
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2020 12:18AM
Excellent service would definitely recommend to my friend and family
William W
Avas Reviews - General
01/24/2020 10:49AM
The flowers arrived in a timely manner and were( i'm told) that they were very fresh.
Mary C
Avas Reviews - General
01/18/2020 12:21AM
Very nice
Norman D
Avas Reviews - General
01/16/2020 2:01AM
D'Anne loved the arrangement! It was a wonderful surprise from us. She sent a picture and it was beautiful. She said she loved it, and it smelled soo good! Thank you for making her 50th birthday special for us. BH
Bonnie J H
Avas Reviews - General
01/06/2020 1:59PM
The family of the deceased was very grateful and said the vase and flowers were "perfect". I also received a call to make sure the flowers were delivered correctly as an obituary could not be found.
Debra Anne C
Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2019 8:53AM
Maria received your beautiful flowers. She was thrilled to received them from you. Your support and generosity is very much appreciated. Thank you
Avas Reviews - General
12/02/2019 9:25AM
The flowers were beautiful.Talk of the town.
Dion R
Avas Reviews - General
11/30/2019 7:47AM
My relatives were delighted with the floral arrangement I sent for their Thanksgiving dinner table. The flowers were fresh and beautifully arranged.
Cheryl O
Avas Reviews - General
11/26/2019 11:23PM
The Arrangement is beautiful and delivered on time
Rose F
Avas Reviews - General
11/07/2019 9:35PM
So easy to work with
Julie C
Avas Reviews - General
10/26/2019 12:03PM
The flowers were beautiful. And on time like promised. A rose was added. She loved them. I will use this service again.
Sandra W
Avas Reviews - General
09/29/2019 7:45PM
I saw the flowers delivered and they were beautiful. Thank you for such great service.
Claudia D
Avas Reviews - General
09/12/2019 11:09PM
I got them for someone i slick like and she loved them, but her supervisor seem to be jealous...i will definitely do business with you all again soon...thanks for the great all around service!
Avas Reviews - General
07/30/2019 1:38PM
Excellent service and beautiful flowers that lasted super long
Deanna P
Avas Reviews - General
07/06/2019 11:47AM
Flowers look nice. Thank you
Thomas O
Avas Reviews - General
06/14/2019 4:18PM
My friend Tara was completely surprised by the flowers and found the orchids you delivered to be a variety she'd never seen.... (she's sent orchids to me before, so she has some familiarity). She declared them "the most beautiful orchids she'd ever seen." That's high praise from the world-traveled professor of religion that she's been for all of her working life, taking her Emory students to India for Buddhist teachings, even for a visit with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama himself. May his message of kindness and compassion touch every heart... for the benefit of all beings, without exception! Thank you for making it so easy to send her the kind of beautiful gift she more than deserves! China Galland
China G
Avas Reviews - General
06/10/2019 9:56PM
Everything was perfect so so pleased
Eliah P
Avas Reviews - General
05/10/2019 2:09PM
The arranged flowers was received at the right time and it was greatly appreciated by niece who was celebrating her graduation achievement. The flowers brought joy not to her alone but also the Husband and all who attended. They sent me a picture and it was beautiful. Very fresh, colourful and we'll arrange. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Theresa A
Avas Reviews - General
03/25/2019 9:04AM
No complaints. The flowers were lovely!
John B
Avas Reviews - General
02/28/2019 4:35PM
It was very pretty...thank you!
Jennifer R
Avas Reviews - General
02/17/2019 12:55AM
Delivered on time, and the flowers looked great.
Michael S
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2019 8:22AM
Given the late date for the request and changes in original information given to you and the delivery was accomplished on Valentine's Day...Good Job!
Dianne M S
Avas Reviews - General
12/21/2018 8:52AM
Great service
Thomas G
Avas Reviews - General
09/13/2018 8:30AM
I am really satisfied with the delivery and the quality of the flowers, thank you very much!
Leovaldo E
Avas Reviews - General
06/04/2018 8:32AM
Sharon thought bouquet was beautiful.
Ellen D
Avas Reviews - General
04/23/2018 7:57AM
Thanks - she loved the arrangement!
Thomas S
Avas Reviews - General
02/26/2018 9:07AM
Staff was terrific & knowledgeable. Transaction was easy!
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2018 8:02AM
Barbara was thrilled with the chocolates!!
Richard S
Avas Reviews - General
01/04/2018 9:34AM
Excellent service. I highly recommend.
Carl G
Avas Reviews - General
12/23/2017 7:59AM
Great job as always. My flowers arrived as promised packaged very nicely. Avas is very dependable. I've recommended you all to several coworkers.
Alisha M
Avas Reviews - General
11/15/2017 6:31AM
website is quick and easy to use.
Bryan B
Avas Reviews - General
11/14/2017 6:29AM
Thank you the service was great.
Amanda K
Avas Reviews - General
10/05/2017 4:31AM
The service was good and everything was perfect.
Andreas H
Avas Reviews - General
08/03/2017 10:32AM
Delivery was timely, and the recipient loved the flowers!
Robert J
Avas Reviews - General
07/20/2017 12:14AM
Great service.
Avas Reviews - General
05/02/2017 4:05PM
Great service. Appreciate that the delivery person waited for the person to arrive downstairs to hand her the flowers in person. Nice display and delivered same day. I will definitely use Ava's again.
Lisa C
Avas Reviews - General
05/01/2017 8:43AM
Thank you! My Client was very happy with the quality of the plant garden that we sent. Thank you again!!
Lisa A
Avas Reviews - General
04/27/2017 7:33AM
Flowers arrived on schedule and were beautiful
Avas Reviews - General
04/27/2017 7:32AM
The flowers were beautiful
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2017 8:36AM
Thank you for your prompt delivery of the sympathy orchid. I placed the order very late afternoon on a Friday and the plant was delivered Saturday morning. I call that wonderful customer service. The recipient sent me a picture of the plant and it was beautiful. Thank you!!!
Sharyl P
Avas Reviews - General
03/01/2017 10:03AM
Thanks for great service.
Julie M
Avas Reviews - General
02/24/2017 6:57PM
Would be nice to see a photo of the flowers ordered Based on reviews I am sure they were lovely.
Teresa F
Avas Reviews - General
02/10/2017 10:08AM
satisfied with your service
Joan B
Avas Reviews - General
02/02/2017 8:03AM
She loved them
Megan W
Avas Reviews - General
12/27/2016 6:19AM
Delivered on time. Understand center piece was beautiful. Great transaction. Will use Ava's flowers again.
Linda H
Avas Reviews - General
12/19/2016 12:26PM
I called a few times because I was worried about the order... I ordered for "same day delivery" and placed this order around 10:30 am. Flowers arrived by 4:30 and they looked perfect ! I was worried for nothing. Service was great and my girlfriend was very happy !
David P
Avas Reviews - General
11/15/2016 3:31AM
very satisfied. thank
Elena C
Avas Reviews - General
11/09/2016 8:17AM
Very pleased that the flowers arrived before the estimated time. The flowers were pretty and fresh.
Jeannine L
Avas Reviews - General
11/01/2016 12:04AM
I didn't get the online discount, but the family of the decease was very happy with the arrangement.
Clay B
Avas Reviews - General
10/27/2016 8:07AM
It was very easy to order on line!
Pam S
Avas Reviews - General
10/06/2016 5:28AM
The delivery service was good and in time.
Andreas H
Avas Reviews - General
09/26/2016 11:39AM
The website experience could be better I choose Avas becasue they were local. Would like to have had a little more control oevr the delivery ie request a morning or afternoon. LIke on some other flower sites. My wife liked the flowers they were for her 30th birthday.
Anthony B
Avas Reviews - General
07/25/2016 8:47AM
Excellent service from the phone to the delivery! I was very happy with how quckly the plant was delivered especially at such short notice. Thanks!! I will be ordering from Avas again for sure!!
David S
Avas Reviews - General
06/02/2016 1:13PM
Quick service, beautiful flowers, same day delivery. Would definitely use them again.
David W
Avas Reviews - General
05/16/2016 6:29PM
Cecelia was so happy she cried. Thanks
Sonya P
Avas Reviews - General
02/27/2016 9:38PM
This was my first time ordering from you guys. It was for bereavement for a close friend. The delivery was speedy and beautifully arranged.
Sheridan T
Avas Reviews - General
02/25/2016 5:27AM
Sales person friendly and thorough when talking order. The flowers were fresh and arranged very well. Great overall experience.
Garnetta P
Avas Reviews - General
02/08/2016 12:15PM
Thank you very much Avas for being a business that keeps your word and provide not only a very quality and beautiful product, but for an affordable rate. I was not able to come to Georgia for my Cousin's home going. She was very special too me. As I write this I am tearing up because your company helped me through this painful time by representing me with a beautiful and quality product. I will never forget that. My young cousin told me the arrangement was very beautiful. Yes I will purchase from you again and tell others. Thank you again!!'' Ms. Willa Brewer
Willie B
Avas Reviews - General
01/15/2016 9:43AM
everything went well. thank you!
Michael S
Avas Reviews - General
12/17/2015 8:32AM
First time I've used your service. Received a call from the person I was sending the flowers to and was told it was a beautiful arrangement. Flowers also arrived on time. Will use Avas Flowers again.
Sandra S
Avas Reviews - General
11/30/2015 1:13AM
The recipient of the Warm Sunshine Bouquet was very pleased with her gift. She sent me a picture along with her thank you. It was a beautiful arrangement, although it was different from the picture on the website.
Judy K
Avas Reviews - General
10/17/2015 5:19AM
I was very pleased with the ease of my recent transaction. My aunt commented that her birthday bouquet was so beautiful and a week later she is still enjoying it.
Mary M
Avas Reviews - General
10/02/2015 12:38AM
Speedy delivery and beautiful flowers. I would DEFINITELY use them again.
Rachel O
Avas Reviews - General
10/01/2015 1:16PM
The flowers were very beautiful and I was very happy with the service, they kept me updated via email on the process and delivery.
Amy T
Avas Reviews - General
08/30/2015 12:27PM
flowers looked great and were delivered early. Thank you!
Bonnie S
Avas Reviews - General
05/07/2015 8:54AM
Everything was great and arrived perfectly which was a worry since im in Canada and i ordered them to the states :) very happy
Barbara O
Avas Reviews - General
04/18/2015 3:56AM
Recipient said the flowers were gorgeous! Thank you for making me look good. I live out of state and picked your shop from the list on the Internet so it was excellent to hear the raves. I was hoping I could let you know, so thanks for the followup email.
Philip S
Avas Reviews - General
09/13/2014 6:27AM
Very quick delivery! Thank you!
Colleen O
Avas Reviews - General
09/11/2014 8:19AM
Susan was really happy with the delivery - said the fruit was fresh and the flowers really nice - thank you
Jim K
Avas Reviews - General
06/21/2013 9:08PM
My cousin was delighted with the flowers. She said they were beautifil and exotic, and she was very pleased.
Rosalie H

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Thank you for your service and I was pleased with the plant.. - Dwight R