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Croton Petra Planter

Croton Petra Planter

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10 reviews

4.5 stars

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Our Croton Petra Planter is lush and vibrant with multi-colored leaves that include shades of green, orange, red, and yellow. It makes a lovely gift for the home or the work place and is a beautiful symbol of longevity.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

When available this item is hand delivered by your top ranked local florist. Based on the current time the quickest your flower delivery can be scheduled for depending upon the area is:

After receiving the plant, water it to settle any soil made loose on the trip. Place the plant in direct sunlight. Plants should be kept in environments in which temperatures are kept between 65-75 degrees in order for them to thrive.

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Customer Reviews

Lovely plant.

4 stars
- Nancy C. Pope 03/16/2017 12:31PM

It looks perfect for all occasions.

5 stars
- Kelly Benzel 01/24/2017 1:11PM

Looks beautiful

5 stars
- Leslie Bell 08/09/2016 10:45AM

croton plant looks beautiful.

5 stars
- Mary demos 02/22/2016 4:45PM

Quick and easy

5 stars
- Julie Honeycutt 09/11/2015 12:13PM

Looks very nice and easy to care for sending to employee who is under the wheather.

3 stars
- Andrea Slater 12/12/2014 11:05AM

I viewed the plant and I find it to be very special with its' fall colors. I know the family will be very pleased of the choice.

5 stars
- Natalie Johnson 10/27/2014 6:09PM

The plant looks perfect for this occasion.

5 stars
- Chris Palmer 03/24/2014 1:12PM

my boss is a mans man so i wasnt really sure what to give him for his birthday when he got this plant he acutally really liked it and its still on his desk to this day

4 stars
- sandra burnes 12/01/2011 4:18PM

I love croton plants. This one's a good size, and they're so easy to take care of and grow to be really pretty. I sent it to my sister for her office at her new job, and she said she loved it!

5 stars
- Derrick Cancito 09/29/2011 5:56PM
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