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Orchid Planter

Orchid Planter

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A simple Orchid Planter speaks volumes. Convey your most sincere sentiments with an elegant Dendrobium Orchid Plant that will continue to grow and thrive. It is a lasting gift that offers warmth and understated elegance.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

When available this item is hand delivered by your top ranked local florist. Based on the current time the quickest your flower delivery can be scheduled for depending upon the area is:

After receiving the plant, water it to settle any soil made loose on the trip. Place the plant in direct sunlight. Plants should be kept in environments in which temperatures are kept between 65-75 degrees in order for them to thrive.

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Customer Reviews

I love the arrangements from this shop!

5 stars
- Susie 05/11/2018 8:28PM

nice website

5 stars
- Drew Bossman 04/26/2018 8:33AM

I received a potted orchid plant whose color is unique and vibrant. 12 blossoms are fully opened; three more are on the way. A healthy, robust yet exquisite gift.

5 stars
- marlene kostka 10/08/2017 8:21PM


5 stars
- Robert Bernard 05/12/2017 11:56AM

Beautiful large Orchid. Very happy with it!

5 stars
- Heather 04/13/2017 4:59PM


5 stars
- Emma 04/11/2017 2:49AM


5 stars
- Ivy jones 11/08/2016 6:44AM

This is a beautiful orchid.

4 stars
- Juliette Taylor-De Vries 07/19/2016 4:22PM

Looks nice

5 stars
- Marge Pfeffer 06/14/2016 8:55PM

The flower looks pretty

5 stars
- Robyn Ring 11/17/2014 2:35PM
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