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Yucca Potted Plant

Yucca Potted Plant

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This unique yucca plant makes an attractive and long-lasting gift and is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Our Yucca Potted Plant will spruce up any surroundings and be a lovely focal point in a home or office environment.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

When available this item is hand delivered by your top ranked local florist. Based on the current time the quickest your flower delivery can be scheduled for depending upon the area is:

After receiving the plant, water it to settle any soil made loose on the trip. Place the plant in direct sunlight. Plants should be kept in environments in which temperatures are kept between 65-75 degrees in order for them to thrive.

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Customer Reviews


5 stars
- tod rankin 08/01/2016 2:40PM

looks fine

5 stars
- julia pruitt 10/02/2015 1:41PM

My friend just moved in to a new house so I decided to give her something useful like this plant. She put it outdoor and she's so happy that it adds beauty to her garden and her visitors admire the plant that they couldn't help but notice it. I'm so proud that she liked it.

4 stars
- Janice Young 01/24/2012 8:09AM

Such a different looking plant. I love it, it is still living and we have had this for months now. It was sent to me as gift and I love that it has lasted so long. We always get compliments on this plant.

4 stars
- Marisol 12/19/2011 12:43PM

This is a very easy plant to take care of. It make the room bright and cheery. It added the perfect touch to the room.

5 stars
- Mary Rischin 09/22/2011 5:40PM
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