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Sympathy Flowers and Floral Arrangements for Funerals

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White Collection

At the passing of a friend or family member, flowers can serve as an ideal tribute to the memory of the deceased. Funeral flowers not only add beauty and color to their surroundings, but they also add vibrancy and reminders of life. When you don’t have the words to express your sympathy, flowers can speak for you to show your love and concern.

Flower arrangements can have significant meaning, enabling you to send a special message to the bereaved family as they experience their loss. Our compassionate and sensitive representatives will work with you to help you find the perfect floral bouquets. Our white floral arrangements might be the ideal color if you’re looking for something that will represent purity and peace. Within this color palette, you might choose a bouquet or arrangement that features flowers such as peace lilies, orchids, or lilies. Lilies have a strong association as funeral flowers, symbolizing the purity of the deceased’s soul. White orchids are a traditional choice to extend sympathy to the bereaved family as well.

You have the option of sending a flower arrangement to the family’s home or to the funeral home or house of worship for the service. If you opt to send flowers to the family’s home, this gift could be a small or mid-sized arrangement. Typically, families will place these flowers on a table as a centerpiece. If you choose to send white floral arrangements to the funeral home or house of worship for the service, the arrangement you select should be larger. A standing basket, wreath, or spray might be ideal because the funeral home can position it wherever desired to add fragrance and beauty to the service. In this situation, you would simply tell us which funeral home is handling the service, and we would work directly with the funeral home to arrange delivery.

When you want to ensure that your expression of sympathy is classic and elegant, white flower arrangements can be the perfect choice. Another option to consider when you want to extend your condolences to a bereaved family is to wait for about a week after the funeral service. The family is still grieving at this time, but the majority of the bustle is over. At this point, you can show the family that you are still thinking about them during their time of loss. It’s also appropriate to buy them a plant that will last or even a gift basket that contains food items.

Avas Flowers offers an extensive selection of exceptional flowers at affordable prices. Don’t let our cheap prices mislead you, though. When you peruse our online selection of flowers to find white flower arrangements, you’ll find the best selection available, delivered exactly when you want your flowers to arrive.

Red Collection

Funeral flowers are a simple yet classy way to show respect toward someone who has recently passed away. Whether that person was a friend, a relative, or an acquaintance, the best floral arrangements are ones that reflect the favorite color and flowers of the deceased. When buying flowers for people who appreciated the color red in life, you’ll find that Avas Flowers is the best place to look. Whether you are buying a red bouquet of flowers for a member of the mourning family or choose to send another form of floral arrangement for the funeral itself, you’ll find one of the best selections of red funeral flower arrangements online right here on this page.

Customers who turn to Avas Flowers for red sympathy flowers have many options that they may choose from. Our currently available selection can vary depending on several factors; however, our customers will always find a decent selection that they can purchase when necessary. For the funeral, we carry both round and heart-shaped wreaths that are made using a combination of red flowers. Our customers may also choose to send a spray of red flowers that can blanket the coffin or be displayed on a stand near it. Rosaries and pillows that are made with, or are enhanced by, red-hued flowers may also be available for purchase on this page.

Whether you’re giving a red bouquet of flowers as a sympathy gift or choosing red flower arrangements for display during the funeral, it can be helpful to understand the meaning or symbolism of the types of flowers that are being used. In this color, roses symbolize not only love but also devotion and are often a popular choice. When roses that are a darker crimson color are sent, it is a way of expressing deep sorrow. Carnations are another type of common flower that is included in funeral arrangements and bouquets. Admiration and love are the sentiments that are reflected by this flower when it comes in red.

When you buy any of our available red flower arrangements for a funeral, you can expect Avas Flowers to extend a high level of service and consideration. Although our prices are cheap compared to other flower sites, our customers can always expect top-quality flowers. Flowers from Avas Flowers will always be delivered fresh, vibrant, and on time for the funeral service. To learn more about the delivery process, take a moment to review the FAQ page here on our site. This is a page that provides useful answers to commonly asked questions. Our customer service team is also available to provide answers to any questions that you may have about ordering or the delivery of the flowers to the funeral home. If you’re ready to place an order now, contact us by phone at any time, 24 hours a day.

Yellow Collection

Funerals are emotionally difficult affairs that mark the passing of life. They are also an opportunity to celebrate the person who has died and the life that they lived. When you buy yellow flower arrangements, you are doing your part to brighten this celebration and ease the sadness of loved ones in mourning. The vibrancy of yellow is a way of dispelling some of the somber mood associated with this sorrowful time, and flowers of this color can help to uplift the spirits. It is also a color that is gender-neutral, making it a smart choice regardless of whether the funeral is for a man or a woman. Whether you are looking for a single yellow bouquet to send as a sympathy gift to the family or yellow funeral flowers for the service, you’ll find what you are looking for at Avas Flowers.

We make it simple for family and friends to create an oasis of yellow at the service. With flowers that range from roses to lilies in various shades of yellow, our collection of yellow funeral flowers will brighten this sad time. From casket or standing sprays to round or heart-shaped wreaths, the flowers in the yellow collection will be an uplifting sight on a day of sorrow. In addition to wreaths and sprays, other yellow funeral flowers that may be found in this collection include a flower basket containing a masterfully arranged yellow bouquet or a standing bouquet of flowers. Express your sympathy to the family by sending them a yellow flower bouquet. Like a ray of sunshine, a yellow bouquet can bring forth much-appreciated warm and fond memories during this time.

While yellow is a naturally cheerful color, it does have some significance when it comes to funerals and sympathy. In some other cultures, yellow flowers are the preferred flowers for funerals or people in mourning. In Korea, for example, light yellow flowers are a preference for funerals. Yellow chrysanthemums are also one of the preferred flowers used in Chinese funerals. In American culture, close friends give yellow roses as a symbol of that closeness. Tulips that are yellow are a symbol of cheerful thoughts. Traditional yellow daffodils can be included in sympathy flower bouquets given to a family as a way of giving encouragement.

When you need funeral or sympathy flowers, pick Avas Flowers as your online floral shop. Whether you are looking for a yellow flower bouquet for the family or an arrangement for the service itself, you’ll find it here. Our prices are cheap, each arrangement is beautifully and professionally designed, and they are delivered with the greatest of care. Upon delivery, your yellow flowers will be fresh, fragrant, and in good condition. To ensure both the best service and quality products to our customers, we provide 24-hour customer service by phone, and orders are backed by our satisfaction commitment. Browse our yellow funeral flowers and order today!

Red, White & Blue Collection

When you want to extend your sympathy to a family who has lost a loved one, flowers are a beautiful way to send your heartfelt wishes. Red, white, and blue flowers can be an ideal way to pay tribute to a deceased veteran from any branch of the United States armed forces. In this situation, you can convey your patriotic sympathy with funeral flowers to commemorate the deceased’s service in the fight to preserve freedom and liberty.

Red-white-and-blue flower arrangements can coordinate fittingly with other patriotic displays at a funeral service. For example, if the family displays photographs of the deceased in uniform, flower arrangements in patriotic colors can complement this presentation beautifully. Possible funeral arrangements include a standing basket, a floor basket, a standing spray, a wreath, or a large vase. You could also choose to send floral bouquets or arrangements to the bereaved family’s home. These smaller arrangements can serve as a patriotic centerpiece to show the family your love and respect for the deceased.

Sending flowers can be a perfect way to show your support to a grieving family. The arrangement you choose can carry a special message thanks to the specific meanings associated with different flowers. The colors of red-white-and-blue flower arrangements will carry a powerful patriotic message that can set the tone for a funeral or memorial service. Whether the deceased was a veteran or simply a staunch patriot, this color scheme can demonstrate pride in service or country.

Traditional funeral flowers include lilies, gladioli, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and orchids. Whichever blooms appeal to you, it’s possible to include a patriotic pop of color in the floral arrangement you choose. Imagine the effect of vivid red roses and massive white mums set against accent greenery. A bright blue bow can provide the finishing touch for this proud arrangement. For another honorable option, you could choose a simple wreath of red carnations offset with a spray of red and white roses on one side with a bright blue bow. The options are virtually limitless, and we will assist you with suggestions and guidance to help you choose just the right arrangement.

It’s also appropriate to send other bereavement gestures to the family to honor a departed loved one. Avas Flowers offers a wide selection of online gift baskets and potted plants that can show your love and support. Shop our extensive selection of flowers and gifts, and buy with confidence. Enjoy our cheap prices: We pass on the best deals to you for our high-quality products. We also offer speedy delivery to ensure that your gift of red, white, and blue flowers reaches the family of the deceased at just the right time.

Red & White Collection

Pay tribute to the deceased and send your condolences to the family with flowers. Flower arrangements convey your concern, and red and white bouquets could be the perfect color combination to let a bereaved family know you are thinking about them. Funerals tend to be mournful and solemn, but flowers interject important reminders about the beauty of life with their heady fragrances and bold colors.

Flowers have meaning, enabling you to send a heartfelt message to a family who has recently lost a loved one. Many flowers are traditional funeral flowers due to their size, color, and symbolism. Elegant roses can create a classic floral arrangement. An especially poignant funeral arrangement might contain just one rose as a symbol of undying love. Floral arrangements for a funeral also traditionally include lilies due to the impressive size of these blossoms. Lilies can communicate a message of innocence, sympathy, and purity. Chrysanthemums have a strong association with funerals, especially in Europe and Asia. Some countries reserve mums for use in funeral floral arrangements only because they symbolize death. Elsewhere, white mums are symbols of grief. Orchids can also be an ideal plant for sending a message of love and sympathy to a grieving family because they represent love and devotion.

As you choose flowers, consider flower colors in conjunction with the types of flowers you select. In red and white bouquets, red roses symbolize love and respect and white roses symbolize reverence and purity. The darkest crimson roses represent deep sorrow. White lilies can add a message of purity and innocence to an arrangement, and white chrysanthemums symbolize truth.

The red and white flowers you send can go to the family at their home or office, or they can arrive at the funeral home or the house of worship for the service. The destination of the flowers will dictate the type of arrangement you choose. Generally, flowers arriving at the funeral home or house of worship will be large and more formal arrangements designed to coordinate with the service and any other funeral displays, such as photographs. Appropriate arrangements could be a standing wreath, a standing basket, or a large floor vase. Flowers sent to the family’s home or an office are smaller and less formal arrangements. A family may display a small or mid-sized basket or vase of flowers on a counter or as a table centerpiece.

Avas Flowers offers an extensive online selection of the best gift baskets and flower arrangements. When you buy online, you will find cheap prices, an extensive selection, fast delivery, and expert florist assistance. The representatives at Avas Flowers are standing by, ready to help you choose the red and white flowers that will show your concern for the family and your devotion to the deceased.

Pink & White Collection

Pink and white are colors that are closely associated with certain ideas or perceptions, such as purity. They are also a color scheme that is a part of the sympathy collection of funeral flowers offered here at Avas Flowers. The sympathy flower arrangements that are a part of this color scheme may include, but are not limited to, sympathy baskets and vases, casket and standing sprays, wreaths, and pillows. Because we understand how expensive funerals can be, we provide high-quality flowers that are professionally designed at prices that are relatively cheap when compared to our competitors. We also understand that some people may be unable to attend the funeral of a friend or loved one but may want to send flowers to express their condolences. As a flower shop that operates online, we have established relationships with other floral shops from coast to coast. This means that once you’ve chosen from our assortment of pink and white flower arrangements, we can help you order and schedule their delivery to nearly anywhere within the United States.

Different flowers take on different meanings or symbolism based on their color. This holds true for both pink and white flowers as well. For example, pink carnations as funeral flowers have several meanings, including remembrance, the love of a spouse, and the love of a mother. White carnations, on the other hand, represent innocence and the pureness of love. The different shades of a color may also alter what the blossoms mean. With pink roses, a simple pink reflects one’s admiration of the person who has passed away. Sweetness is symbolized by lighter pink roses, while deeper and darker pinks are meant to express one’s feelings of gratitude. White flowers are also found in various color schemes and combinations, as white flowers in general stand for purity, innocence, and elegance when given in sympathy. This basic meaning closely matches the basic meaning for pink flowers, with both sharing innocence in common. Culture also affects color meaning, as in some cultures, white flowers traditionally represent mourning and death.

The combination of these two colors is ideal for a child’s funeral. The soft beauty of pink and white flower arrangements also makes them a choice for feminine funerals, although choosing a color scheme should always be based on the preferences of the person who is being mourned. A bouquet of pink and white flowers is also an attractive sympathy gift that can be sent to grieving families. To ensure that the right color scheme is being chosen, the best step that you can take is to consult the family or a friend of the family.

If you are ready to buy pink and white flowers, Avas Flowers is the right place. Simply look over our collection of pink and white sympathy bouquets and other arrangements and place your order. Our customer service team is here to help during this difficult time. Call us using our toll-free number and we’ll assist you at any time, day or night.

Blue Collection

A pop of blue in funeral flowers makes a stunning display when combined with other flower arrangements. Avas Flowers has blue flower bouquets and arrangements that are available for sale here at our website. Our blue flower arrangements are a part of our blue collection. The blue collection is an assortment of blue-themed floral bouquets and other arrangements such as wreaths, standing and sitting sprays, flower baskets, bouquets in keepsake vases, and more.

If blue were a feeling, some might associate it with popular phrases like "feeling blue"; in that context, blue is about sadness and otherwise feeling down. While this might seem to be a fitting meaning for sympathy and funeral flowers, there are other emotions that are also represented by the color blue. Tranquility, peace, and feelings of calm are all emotional responses that are associated with blue flower bouquets, which make them a wonderful gift to send to the family who are mourning or suffering emotionally during this difficult period. Blue at the funeral will also help promote these feelings of peace for loved ones and friends who attend the service.

The arrangements in the blue collection are also designed with white flowers as well as blue. Innocence, purity, and elegance are some of the meanings associated with white flowers, such as chrysanthemums, in sympathy arrangements. The combination of the two colors is extremely complementary and conveys a desirable message for both the mourning family and for the guests at the funeral service. In addition to the pairing of the blossom colors, the arrangements are further enhanced by the greenery in the arrangements and often the addition of a blue ribbon or bow.

Blue flower arrangements are a good choice for nearly anyone, regardless of their gender or age. They may seem like an obvious choice for the funeral of a boy, as blue is traditionally labeled a color for boys. They may also be a fitting choice for anyone who lived a calm or tranquil life. Blue flowers may also be a good choice for the memorial service of someone who enjoyed being in or on the water in life.

Save yourself time and money with Avas Flowers. When you buy flowers from our online shop, you can trust that your flowers are fresh and that they will be professionally arranged. You can also trust that our price will be cheap, despite the high quality of the blue flower arrangements and other items that you purchase from us. Prompt delivery to anywhere in the U.S. is also another benefit of using Avas Flowers for your floral needs. Appropriately marked items, when ordered before noon, are also available for same-day delivery. Because we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have about ordering funeral flowers, our blue collection, or about us in general.

Colorful Collection

Some people have vibrant personalities that are reflected in the way that they speak, laugh, and generally live their lives. They bring so much color into the world that when they pass away, the world seems less bright. When someone vibrant in your life dies, celebrate their memory by purchasing one or more of the colorful flower arrangements that are listed here. The colorful collection is a line of bright and colorful funeral and sympathy flower arrangements and a part of our sympathy collection. Whether you are a family member and need to order funeral flowers for the service or a friend sending a colorful bouquet of flowers from across the country, you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer.

With arrangements from the colorful collection, you can infuse the memorial service with brilliant colors and shine light on an otherwise somber occasion. The colorful flower arrangements in this collection are designed using flowers in various shades of vivid color. Friends and family will find a variety of arrangements here for display at the funeral, including wreaths, standing sprays and crosses, and colorful floor basket flower arrangements. Although inventory and arrangements vary, you may also find satin heart pillows adorned with a bright spray of colorful flowers. To express sympathy to the family of the deceased, you’ll likely want to send a colorful bouquet of flowers to their home. Sympathy flowers are a type of gift that allows you to express not only your sympathy but also your respect for the person who has passed away. Our bouquets of colorful flowers come in vases or baskets and can help brighten moments in the lives of those who are in mourning.

When it comes to funerals, the last thing that you want is to miss the ceremony. When a death is unexpected, you’ll likely want your order to be delivered quickly but at a reasonable and affordable price. Our colorful flower arrangements are cheap in price, yet the flowers that you order are always fresh, in excellent condition, and fragrant. As you browse through our selection, you’ll find that many of our flowers are available with same-day or next-day delivery. To benefit from fast, same-day delivery, the flowers must not only be eligible but your order must be placed before noon. As an online flower service, we make it possible for you to order your flowers at any time and send them almost anywhere in the country. We make this possible by affiliating with professional floral shops in cities and towns nationwide.

When you buy any of our arrangements or bouquets, you can take comfort in our satisfaction commitment. This is our commitment to ensure that you are happy with your colorful order of flowers. To further ensure your satisfaction, we are also committed to providing you with the best customer service possible. You can contact us at any time either by filling our our online form or calling us toll-free 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Lavender Collection

Lavender is a soft and graceful color that makes for a stunning floral display at funerals. It is also one of the featured colors in the sympathy collection of flowers offered by Avas Flowers. The collection includes an assortment of sympathy and funeral flowers in various arrangements. Funeral flowers in the collection, which are generally displayed at the memorial service, include a standing cross, sprays, wreaths, and floor basket arrangements. Lavender flower arrangements given as sympathy gifts are a beautiful way to offer your condolences to the grieving members of the deceased individual’s family and will make a lovely display in their home. Lavender sympathy bouquets may be available in a vase or basket so that your message of respect and sympathy will be felt long after the flowers have gone.

Sending a lavender bouquet of flowers is a smart choice, particularly if the color was a favorite of the person who passed away. The arrangements, which are often mixed with greenery and blossoms of white and purple, are delicate and often subtle. This delicateness makes them a good choice for females of all ages; however, they are an acceptable choice for anyone, male or female. Because flowers and their colors have meaning and a strong effect on mood and emotional response, it is important to choose wisely when you buy either funeral or sympathy flowers, especially when the flowers are sent after the passing of an acquaintance. In terms of color alone, lavender typically means feminine beauty. It is also a sign of elegance, grace, and refinement. A lavender bouquet from Avas Flowers may include a selection of flowers such as tulips, roses, daisies, or chrysanthemums.

Funerals are often costly, particularly for families and people who may be incurring travel expenses to attend the service. This is one of the reasons why our lavender flower arrangements, as well as all of the arrangements in our sympathy collection, are available at affordable prices. Cheap does not, however, describe the quality of the flowers that we sell or the professionalism of our service to our consumers. When your flowers are delivered, they will always be in the best condition and delivered on the scheduled date.

By establishing relationships with flower shops in locations across the nation, we can also deliver your floral gift nearly anywhere in the U.S. Certain flowers may also be available for same-day or next-day delivery; however, this depends on the contents of the arrangement in question and the time when the order is placed. On our FAQ page, there are further answers regarding shipping and delivery that may prove helpful as you send flowers. Funerals may be hard to get through, but ordering and receiving lavender flowers is easy courtesy of Avas Flowers.

Peach & White Collection

A splash of the color peach is a surefire way to convey warmth and comfort using funeral sprays, wreaths, and baskets. Peach definitely makes an impression, as it guides and pleases the eye with its vibrancy of color. While our flowers could be better described as affordable rather than cheap, we are committed to bringing you the best in floral arrangements at a reasonable price. It’s our goal to bring quality flowers to our customers at a cost that respects our clients and their current needs.

Choosing a light color like peach to be incorporated into funeral flowers can be a tasteful way to impart an air of femininity to the proceedings. They’re perfect for the female buyer who wants to select a personal gift to honor the decedent. Peach flowers, especially those accompanied by white blooms, are also suitable to purchase for decedents known for their bubbly and upbeat personalities. In this way, peach-color flowers can honor and serve as a complement to individual traits.

Proceedings that take place during spring and summer can commonly feature peach flowers, as these months offer the most vibrant and beautiful flower blooms of the year. These seasons can be a prime time to incorporate flowers with peach tones into formal displays. While standing next to or arranged on top of caskets, they can seem organically linked to the time of year in which the proceedings take place. This can be important if the time of year in which the decedent exits the world is significant to friends or family.

Generally, peach is known to be a color that can gently lift the spirits and add warmth. For this reason, peach flowers can be a great gift to send when you want to convey sympathy. When your goal is to ease the mind and senses of a recipient, peach-color flowers can be just what the florist ordered. Since peach also has the subconscious effect of inspiring conversation and communication, bouquets of these beautiful flowers can help make wakes and after-funeral gatherings more comfortable for mourners. A peach floral arrangement speckled with white strikes the perfect balance of sympathy and support.

At Avas Flowers, we have the best selection of peach-color flowers and arrangements available online. Our flowers can arrive at their intended destination mere hours after you buy them if you opt for our same-day delivery service. Contact our customer support team for more information about immediate delivery service or if you need help choosing one of our gorgeous products to send or share with the people closest to you. We’re here to guide you through all parts of the buying process. Our peach flowers are sure to express your condolences and convey your sympathies in the most tasteful of ways.

Pastel Collection

An understanding of the delicate nature of the life experience can be easily expressed through the use of pastel-colored flowers for funeral displays. While the usual color of white can nod toward tradition, incorporating pastels into an arrangement is often interpreted as an almost poetic gesture. It can be a gentle reminder of warmth in a relationship or an unspoken acknowledgment of the age of the decedent. Selecting flowers for a funeral can be a personal experience, but the universal beauty of pastels makes them a perfect choice for someone who wants to contribute a stunning memorial item to a friend or family member’s funeral service. We at Avas Flowers take pride in being your premiere online source for pastel flowers.

Pastel flowers are a wonderful addition to funeral arrangements because they can symbolize hope for a bright future. Generally, these soft hues are known for imparting a sense of relief and relaxation to their viewers. These soothing qualities are what make them favorites among those who want to send a thoughtful gift to those experiencing the mourning process. They’ve also been known to have the peculiar effect of quieting the mind, which can be an advantage for recipients who are particularity affected by bereavement.

Floral arrangements that showcase pastel colors are often delivered during the warm seasons. They also make for nice funeral flowers if the services are to take place around the Easter holidays. Choosing flowers that represent the time of year in which the funeral takes place can often convey that you are very aware of the proceedings, even if not you’re physically present. It can also give the impression that you’ve bought a gift that required thoughtful consideration.

Pastel-colored flowers can be an appropriate selection if the decedent is someone who is very young. The light hues can serve as a respectful representation of youth. Similarly, a pastel flower arrangement can be sent to young mourners. Young women, for example, can be good candidates for the delivery of pastel sympathy bouquets.

While sympathy flowers can offer the best number of options when it comes to incorporating soft colors into a gift, we provide other ways to use these hues in your presents. Instead of choosing pastel flowers to carry your sentiment of sympathy, you can elect to buy plants or baskets of fruit. A beautiful potted plant with bold blooms has the added advantage of brightening up a mourner’s day for many months after a funeral. The gift of brightly colored fruits, meanwhile, provides nourishment for the body as well as the soul.

Contact our staff or reference our helpful FAQ sheet for help when trying to buy pastel flowers. We offer same-day delivery if you need to rush-order your arrangement for an imminent service. While other companies may sell their products for cheap, we offer quality products at a discount. Purchase from us today to learn why we’re the best in the industry.

Death, whether it is of a friend, a family member, or an associate, carries with it a sense of loss and sorrow. It can come on the heels of great sickness for some or unexpectedly for others. Whether celebrating the life of friend or family member or mourning their passing, you'll need to find and buy sympathy flower arrangements. Avas Flowers can be your one-stop online destination for all of your needs when it comes to sympathy flowers. Delivery of your flowers, once selected and purchased, may be arranged when you place an order here on our site or by phone. When you schedule the delivery of your floral sympathy arrangements, you'll find that you can send them nearly anywhere nationwide.

Sympathy flowers are one of the most popular ways to express condolences after someone has passed away. The beauty of these sympathy floral arrangements will both honor and respect the deceased. Our sympathy flowers consist of cut flowers in vases, sympathy standing baskets, floor baskets, and sprays including casket sprays. We also offer sympathy crosses made of flowers or sympathy pillows. In our efforts to improve and simplify your shopping experience during this difficult time, we've created color-coordinated collections so that you or anyone shopping for funeral or sympathy flowers can find flowers for their theme in one location. When choosing sympathy flowers, color is often chosen based on the deceased's personal preferences of both color schemes and flowers. Another option when it comes to colors is to select the color of the flowers based off of their traditional meaning. For example, white roses, which can represent reverence, are ideal for a memorial service, while light pink or peach flowers represent sympathy. The color themes on our site include the pastel collection, the colorful collection, and the red, white, and blue collection. Collections with two colors include the peach and white, red and white, and pink and white collection. Another color option available in our collections is single-color flowers such as lavender, blue, white, red, and yellow. The type and style of sympathy flower arrangements may vary depending on the selected collection.

When you shop for sympathy flowers, online is the way to go in terms of finding affordable flowers. Here at Avas Flowers, you'll find that our selection of cheap sympathy flowers is anything but cheap when it comes to quality. Our flowers are all made using only fresh, premium-quality flowers so that the flowers that are received are in good condition and, when provided with the proper care, will last. After you buy your sympathy flowers, delivery can potentially take place on the same day provided the order meets all of the eligibility requirements. For any questions about same-day flower delivery or about our sympathy flowers in general, take a look at our FAQ page or contact us. Our professional and friendly customer service representatives are waiting to help.