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For the Casket

Sympathy Casket Flower Arrangements

For centuries, flowers have been part of funeral traditions, dating as far back as the Stone Age. Throughout the ages, floral arrangements have served multiple purposes at funeral services, and it has become tradition for people to send flower bouquets, wreaths, or sprays to honor the memory of the deceased and to comfort their loved ones as they cope with their loss. Fresh flowers can add beauty and a lovely fragrance to a memorial service, and they also serve as reminders to the bereaved of the support they have received from those who care about them. The family members themselves will also usually contribute to the floral display, paying tribute to their relative with casket sprays for funerals. These funeral casket flowers are usually the largest arrangements present and are the most prominently placed, used to decorate the top of the casket or the inside of the lid alongside other items such as floral rosaries or pillows.

Flowers at a funeral serve as reminders of the enduring nature of life, and they can also provide a welcome distraction for some mourners: When people at a memorial service feel like they don’t quite know what to say at such a difficult time, they might find themselves commenting on the beauty of the funeral casket flowers and how fitting they are for the person being mourned. Casket sprays for funerals are often designed based on what would have suited the tastes of the deceased, often using the person’s favorite flowers, like roses, lilies, or carnations, or colors, from subdued hues like pink and white to bolder, brighter shades like red or orange.

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