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Durham Orders : Same-Day Flowers

Durham is the fourth largest city in North Carolina and is nicknamed the "Bull City". It also serves as the county seat of Durham County. The area began to be developed when a railway depot was set up on land donated by Bartlett S. Durham. The city rapidly expanded after the Civil War due mainly to the tobacco industry.

The city is comprised of many unique neighborhoods which include, Audubon Park, Chancellor's Ridge, Cleveland-Holloway, Duke Park, Forest Hills, Hope Valley, Lakewood Park, Lochnora, Long Meadow, Lyon Park, Morehead Hill, and Old North Durham among many others. Be it for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or another event Avas Flowers has just the right item to meet your needs.

Assisted Living Flower Orders

Sending a birthday bouquet to a resident at an assisted living facility is a wonderful way to let them know you are thinking of them on their special day. We offer same-day flower delivery to any nursing home located in North Carolina. Nursing homes include: Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab, Hillcrest Convalescent Center, Forest at Duke, Carver Living Center, as Finance, and UniHealth Post Acute Care.

Deliveries to Patients of a Hospital

Durham is often referred to as the "City of Medicine" due to the many hospitals, university medical centers and other facilities located within its confines. Call in advance and check with the hospital before placing an order for flowers as most hospitals have certain policies for accepting deliveries.

Medical Deliveries Made to Patients

Referred to as the "City of Medicine", Durham has hospitals, medical research facilities, and manufacturers. When sending flowers to a patient at the hospital, check with them before placing your order as some hospitals no longer allow deliveries. Durham Emergency Physicians, located at 3643 North Roxboro Street, has been caring for patients at the Durham Regional Hospital for many years now. This hospital provides inpatient, outpatient, surgery, and features a level two care nursery. Other health care in this city includes the Durham Rehabilitation Institute, and the Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Comments & Ratings

Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2021 8:40AM
They were delivered at a good time and look great. Thanks
Eleanor R
Avas Reviews - General
12/13/2021 7:45AM
Once again a beautiful bouquet delivered!
Nancy V
Avas Reviews - General
11/21/2021 8:04AM
She called to say they were beautiful and fresh.Before she retired ,she owned a Florest
Barbara P
Avas Reviews - General
10/31/2021 10:37AM
You fulfilled my order really fast, and in fact, your beautiful bouquet and the baloons greeted my sick friend just as she returned from the hospital - perfectly timed!
Mary E B
Avas Reviews - General
10/31/2021 3:07AM
Delivery was on time. Prices were good. Thank you
James C
Avas Reviews - General
10/17/2021 11:21AM
They were beautiful!!!
Cynthia M
Avas Reviews - General
06/27/2021 6:52AM
The flower which was much smaller than I expected it to be for the price that I paid. It was not very fresh looking. I know it was short notice but that does not excuse the way that the flower looked plus the banner look as if it was printed by kindergartener.
Charlotte T
Avas Reviews - General
06/06/2021 7:26AM
Be assured that I will use your service again!! Hi
Sandra H
Avas Reviews - General
05/28/2021 10:42AM
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. Baron and Jen both, said the flowers were absolutely beautiful! The arrangement, made them both smile, which was my goal, during this trying time. Again, thank you so very much. I couldn't have been more pleased. Kasey Thanos - 5/28/21
Avas Reviews - General
05/02/2021 11:40AM
I was very happy with the professionalism of the representative who took my order. My plant was delivered to my aunt as promised and she was so pleased telling me how beautiful it was.
Theresa B
Avas Reviews - General
03/06/2021 7:34AM
Easy to use website. Understand the flowers were beautiful
Miles T
Avas Reviews - General
02/19/2021 8:36AM
You guys are awesome!
Petra M
Avas Reviews - General
02/07/2021 9:04AM
We were very happy with the flower basket. It looked just like the oicture. The delivery made it on time. We would recommend Ava's for a reliable flower shop
Terry B
Avas Reviews - General
02/01/2021 8:06AM
Quick delivery service and beautiful flowers!
Nancy G
Avas Reviews - General
01/30/2021 9:36AM
I was anxious to find a florist in Durham since our friends live there and I wanted same-day delivery which I knew would be prohibitively expensive had I chosen any popular online site. Ava's proved ideal for my needs and since some sales were offered, I didn't hesitate to try your company. Our friends were very pleased so I am as well. Thanks, Kathy
Katherine V
Avas Reviews - General
01/18/2021 9:21AM
Beautiful Orchid! Thanks!
Irena M
Avas Reviews - General
12/28/2020 9:31AM
Very user friendly checkout! Glad I found you. Thanks.
Brenda P
Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2020 6:30PM
Let customers know the Total cost of their order prior to check out/purchasing. The element of surprise for all of the additional fees charged does not bode well with customers. It smacks of dishonesty, sneakiness and delusion. I really hope that you will seriously take this feedback into consideration. I'm not sure if I will use your services again. The delivery was fine, and the product was very nicely done. I would hate for the situation described above make me a past customer.
JoAnne L
Avas Reviews - General
12/20/2020 6:11AM
Speedy delivery.Daughter said flowers were beautiful. Will use you again Thankyou
Margaret R
Avas Reviews - General
10/31/2020 5:04AM
Thank you for your service the flowers were beautiful, delivered on time and enjoyed very much.
Ilia L
Avas Reviews - General
07/30/2020 1:27AM
Customer service was good
Kelly M
Avas Reviews - General
07/27/2020 7:13AM
This arrangement was for one of my friends back home and she absolutely loves the flowers!
Claire M
Avas Reviews - General
07/20/2020 6:32PM
It sounds like everything was delivered on time, and that my friend was very pleased and surprised with the gift. Thank you!
Ilana V
Avas Reviews - General
06/28/2020 8:13AM
I ordered the Faithful Blessing Bouquet. The flower arrangement was exceptional! Delivery was as promised. We were very pleased with Avas Flowers.
Susan K
Avas Reviews - General
06/26/2020 7:59AM
Thanks she was very pleased
Genevieve G
Avas Reviews - General
06/06/2020 10:35PM
She loved the plant arrangement. It was her first flower delivery and brightened her home. Thank you.
Gayle B D
Avas Reviews - General
05/28/2020 10:05AM
The arrangement was amazing as per my Aunt as I am in Connecticut. She turned 90 years old and wanted something special that would last. She was so happy with the plant and was delivered the same day I ordered it, which I appreciate so much. You made her so happy during a difficult time.
Avas Reviews - General
04/01/2020 4:54PM
Thank you for helping my daughter celebrate from across the county!
Janet H
Avas Reviews - General
03/24/2020 1:43AM
great job! thanks!
Neeraj C
Avas Reviews - General
02/09/2020 1:21PM
Thanks for your help!
Avas Reviews - General
02/09/2020 12:05PM
The delivery person went out of his way during a tornado downpour to get the flowers to Ms. Brawley's home. Thank you. Carol Biesadecki
Carol B
Avas Reviews - General
02/07/2020 7:26PM
Almeta H
Avas Reviews - General
01/18/2020 7:45AM
Was pleased with my experience.
Peggy A
Avas Reviews - General
12/27/2019 1:18AM
The order was easy to make, the flowers were delivered right on time and my daughter and her family were thrilled with the flowers. Thanks so much for your wonderful service. G. Jackson
Avas Reviews - General
12/19/2019 9:32AM
Everything was perfect. Delivery and the product itself.
Patrick H
Avas Reviews - General
12/09/2019 3:31PM
Beautiful arrangement - good price and free delivery - arrived as promised - my friend sent me a photo - nicely done!!! Thank You!
Susan Y
Avas Reviews - General
10/12/2019 5:28PM
The salesperson was very professional. Delivery was on time as requested. Flowers were fresh and lovely. Will use this delivery program again. Thanks , Pat Gaines
Pat G
Avas Reviews - General
09/19/2019 12:32PM
The flowers were delivered promptly. It was a lovely arrangement and much appreciated.
Suzanne C
Avas Reviews - General
08/25/2019 3:06PM
all concerned with the flowers were very happy with them. glad to learn that. i will use you again if i need your services again. susan kimmel
Avas Reviews - General
08/03/2019 2:10PM
your delivery and service is as expected...great
Laurestine S
Avas Reviews - General
08/02/2019 8:31AM
I was impressed with the promptness of my delivery. The person in which I sent the arrangement to was thoroughly impressed. I will be making an order again.
Leroy H
Avas Reviews - General
06/04/2019 9:33AM
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Lauren is enjoying them at her new home.
Tonya I
Avas Reviews - General
05/17/2019 12:35PM
Very timely fashion and great customer service!! Made memories forva 92 year old grandmother.. Loved the gift!!
Marshall N
Avas Reviews - General
03/30/2019 7:02AM
Flowers were delivered on time, looked great and I like the confirmation text when delivered. Excellent experience!
Beverly S
Avas Reviews - General
03/28/2019 12:38PM
Beautiful flower arrangement - they loved it! Thank you.
Kathleen B
Avas Reviews - General
10/15/2018 8:59AM
Perfect delivery and lovely flowers
MaryAnn G
Avas Reviews - General
10/05/2018 4:06AM
Placing the order was good and easy BUT even though I got a message saying It was delivered at 4p.....the Holt family advise the funeral home never received the Flowers. Everyone was looking for the flowers... I hope the lily plant make today As the funeral is Friday morning.... I’m disappointed the family couldn’t enjoy the Flowers as they were viewing the body... now maybe it’s the funeral home fault, I’m not sure....could someone please find this plant Thank you very much Mrs. Cynthia Foley
Cynthia F
Avas Reviews - General
06/08/2018 1:35AM
Lovely flowers, delivered on time.
Vicki T
Avas Reviews - General
05/29/2018 9:42AM
I received a photo of the orchid. It lovely. I will, certainly, use Avas Flowers again.
Patricia P
Avas Reviews - General
02/23/2018 7:23AM
Recipient was very pleased with arrangement. Thank you!
Anna A
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2018 12:06AM
Great service. Delivery was on time. We will use this company forever. Worry free.
William W
Avas Reviews - General
02/12/2018 8:40AM
Flowers were delivered on Feb. 8. Only saw picture that daughter sent of the roses. They were very pretty. Thank you!
Winne B
Avas Reviews - General
01/24/2018 7:19AM
I am very pleased with the flowers that were delivered to my friend. he said they were beautiful and put a smile on his face. Thank you.
Regina H
Avas Reviews - General
01/19/2018 3:13AM
Delivered in the snow!! Major props.
C Erec S
Avas Reviews - General
12/23/2017 8:45AM
First time using Ava’s Flowers. Great experience. Order process easy, notifications helpful and the arrangement was beautiful.
Margaret A
Avas Reviews - General
12/08/2017 10:14AM
Flowers were delivered promptly same day. I saw a picture of arrangement and was very pleased. Thank you for your promptness and ease of ordering.
Bernadine A
Avas Reviews - General
11/10/2017 1:10AM
I received a text message from the recipient just an hour after the flowers were delivered and they loved the Arrangement, and so did her Family. I WILL be ordering from Avas Flowers again in the future. Very satisfied with the service.
Alfred W
Avas Reviews - General
10/12/2017 1:38AM
Always good quality flowers, delivered promptly. Thank you.
Vicki T
Avas Reviews - General
06/16/2017 6:33AM
Donald H
Avas Reviews - General
05/08/2017 10:18AM
Beautiful flowers and on-time arrival
Emily W
Avas Reviews - General
04/27/2017 7:20AM
Charlie Z
Avas Reviews - General
03/21/2017 9:41AM
The flowers were beautiful. Thank you
Lynn A
Avas Reviews - General
02/10/2017 10:55AM
My wife loves the flowers.
David R
Avas Reviews - General
02/01/2017 2:05PM
The ordering experience was excellent. I asked for a photo -this was for a photo as this was sent to my employers girlfriend and i substituted some of the blooms. I didn't receiver the photo, but did receive delivery confirmation. If a picture was taken, I would love to have it sent to me for my records. I would have done this publicly and secured the $15 off my next order, but I didn't want to share the fact that you didn't file through with the photo. I placed the order with Winston and he couldn't have been nicer. Given the recipient, I can't follow up with her. Maybr you can help me? Laurie
Laurie M
Avas Reviews - General
01/27/2017 1:23AM
David D
Avas Reviews - General
12/15/2016 8:20AM
AVAS did an exceptional job with the selection of fresh cut flowers, the lovely vase and timely delivery. Often times, one does not get the "same day" delivery as purported but AVAS came through quite nicely. In the future I hope to solicit their services again ...and again! Dyann Williams Laboratory Manager
Dyann W
Avas Reviews - General
11/30/2016 1:18AM
Very pleased from the very beginning of ordering! Extremely polite man with professional skills towards the appropriate information needed! My friend called me after receiving the delivery and was pleased with the combination of assorted flowers with the sunflowers being the main theme! Was I happy? Yes!
Edwina J
Avas Reviews - General
11/23/2016 8:13AM
As always Avas came through with a beautiful arrangement.
Steve M
Avas Reviews - General
11/05/2016 4:04AM
You were very good to do business with.
Judith M
Avas Reviews - General
09/15/2016 6:23AM
Thank you for re routing the delivery to her home instead of work because she was working with patients. Great service!
Avas Reviews - General
07/29/2016 9:30AM
Excellene customer service and delivered on time as promised.
Cynthia F
Avas Reviews - General
07/14/2016 7:42AM
keep doing what you do
Haywood T
Avas Reviews - General
07/02/2016 6:54AM
mY brother and sister-in-law really enjoyed the flowers
Anne O
Avas Reviews - General
06/06/2016 6:35AM
Flowers and arrangement were beautiful and colorful. Great job!!
Teresa A
Avas Reviews - General
05/06/2016 9:18AM
Great service - help with specific request & prompt delivery
Susan D
Avas Reviews - General
04/18/2016 9:11AM
Excellent experience. Tony was helpful and friendly. Will recommend others to you and will certainly use your services again in the future. Thanks AvasFlowers!!
Sharon S
Avas Reviews - General
04/08/2016 8:44AM
The website was very easy to place my order.
Susan E
Avas Reviews - General
02/11/2016 9:22AM
Great deal! Everything was delivered as requested. Will definitely do business again.
Craig P
Avas Reviews - General
02/10/2016 8:30AM
Easy ordering, prompt delivery of a same day order, my wife was delighted with the arrangement.
David R
Avas Reviews - General
11/15/2015 12:27AM
I was able to process the order online in a computer friendly screen and it went through very easily and she received the order in a timely manner and was pleased with our purchase for her.
Linda M
Avas Reviews - General
10/13/2015 8:21AM
Process was good. Recipient was happy
Patricia B
Avas Reviews - General
09/20/2015 10:10AM
Our recipient was delighted
Lea E
Avas Reviews - General
08/08/2015 11:48PM
It was a pleasant experience and I had no issues with placing the order. Nice and easy . . the way it should be.
Eric L
Avas Reviews - General
07/21/2015 1:26PM
Everything worked out great. My friend was surprised and grateful for her beautiful birthday flowers. Thank you for helping me make her day special.
Amy T
Avas Reviews - General
06/25/2015 3:53AM
Exactly as pictured on your website. Absolutely Professional.
Michael L. M
Avas Reviews - General
06/17/2015 8:37PM
Dear Ava's Flowers, I sent one reply, but I do not believe you received it. Although none of the orders were delivered, it was my fault and not Ava's. I placed a large order two days before Valentines day and I was just amazed that it was taken. I am a dedicated customer of Ava's and I will always be that. I have recommended Ava's to a lot of friends here to use Ava's in TN. You would be surprised how many that is. I want to thank the entire Ava staff for all they have done and will do in the future. Professionalism, dedication and caring are very apparent. Rick Candlish
Rick C
Avas Reviews - General
06/13/2015 3:01PM
Thank you very much. Mr. Rogers was very pleased with his get well arrangement. Thank you.
Janet B
Avas Reviews - General
05/04/2015 3:52AM
The process went very well, and your system used to communicate with your customers is very good. I especially appreciated notification of delivery without even asking for it. I was just about to check on the order status, when an e-mail popped up from you saying it was delivered. Thank you. I wasn't able to see the arrangement since I was unable to be present at the wake, so I can't speak for how it came out, but if the same attention was given to the actual arrangement as was given to the ease of the order, I think it safe to assume it was excellent. Thank you again. Barbara
Barbara G
Avas Reviews - General
09/15/2014 3:53AM
Great Job, Everyone loved the flowers. I will use you again. Thank You, Joe
Avas Reviews - General
09/13/2014 7:44AM
My cousin was very pleased with the basket and said that it made her day!
Lydia H
Avas Reviews - General
06/23/2013 1:08PM
Everything was great. The flowers arrived early on my mother's birthday. The driver paid attention to my message that she is elderly and takes a while to get to the door. My mother said the flowers were beautiful and everything as promised. I will order from Avas again.
Kathryn K

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I was told the flowers were well recieved and they were beautiful. Thank you for providing the service. I really loved the part during the ordering process when I read "thank you for the opportunity to make someone smile". That is awesome! Aloha, Clarence. - Clarence C

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