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24 Colorful Roses - Farm Fresh

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Can't decide what color to send? Then why not pick them all!  Sending two dozen assorted color roses is a choice that's sure to impress. Double the delight with our farm fresh roses as a bouquet or with a lovely glass vase. Specially priced premium roses arrive in a custom floral box designed to bring to life the beauty of this abundant arrangement.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

Delivered via UPS/FEDEX in an award winning gift box. Other Items on the site are available for same day hand delivery by your local florist. Please call us if you need help, we are here to assist you.

Add water daily to ensure your rose arrangement stays fresh and display the flowers in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Remove all foliage below the waterline in the vase and recut the stems underwater with a sharp knife then replace them back into the vase with the floral preservative provided with the arrangement. Should the roses wilt, submerge the entire flower and stem in a bowl of warm water and cut two inches off the stem. Leave the roses in the water for about two hours.

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02/27/2014 9:45AM 5 stars greatSteven Baker

03/01/2014 3:36PM 5 stars greatlulu juarez

03/03/2014 9:47PM 5 stars GoodEric richter

03/11/2014 5:27PM 3 stars My sister just received this lovely bouquet for her birthday. She really liked it and was so surprised by it. A really good choice!Andreea A.

04/05/2014 11:00AM 4 stars Beautiful arrangementElizabeth Hasho

05/01/2014 9:16AM 5 stars niceKristen

05/07/2014 1:48PM 4 stars NiceHal Silverman

05/07/2014 1:50PM 5 stars OkayHal Silverman

12/08/2014 6:00PM 4 stars I like what I chose...but won't get to see it. However, I've ordered from AVAS before and am always pleased.Judy Figi

12/20/2014 8:43PM 5 stars I ordered these flowers for my Aunt's birthday. And since I was going to visit her I got to see them in person. They were beautiful!! She loved them! I was very happy with my purchase and will definitely order from Avas again.Susan

02/02/2015 11:52PM 5 stars 24 STEM LOOKS BEAUTIFULMICKEY BROWN

03/16/2015 7:11PM 5 stars excellentLinda and John Maczko

09/06/2015 3:20PM 5 stars Excellent serviceFaizah Khalid

09/06/2015 3:21PM 5 stars Excellent serviceFaizah Khalid

10/12/2015 3:00PM 4 stars GreatMike McAdoo

01/08/2016 5:03PM 5 stars BeautifulPastor Rod & Lady Deborah Brooks

01/08/2016 5:04PM 5 stars BeautifulPastor Rod & Lady Deborah Brooks

05/31/2016 5:59AM 4 stars Beautiful flowersKathy Gaudet

06/21/2016 4:45PM 5 stars Very niceDylan

06/22/2016 1:10AM 5 stars GreatMorgan

06/22/2016 1:10AM 5 stars GreatMorgan

06/22/2016 1:11AM 5 stars GoodJordan

07/07/2016 6:07AM 5 stars NiceCynthia

07/07/2016 6:08AM 5 stars NiceCynthia

07/18/2016 8:30PM 5 stars Very low prices and great quality!Christopher Hill

07/19/2016 10:03PM 5 stars GoodDanica

07/26/2016 10:54PM 5 stars I love your flowersIleana MONGE

08/01/2016 12:24AM 5 stars very goodchace

08/01/2016 9:54AM 5 stars Great price, Beautiful flowersAustin Langley

08/02/2016 5:38AM 5 stars GreatSara

08/16/2016 1:58PM 5 stars Great priceBrasean Stewart

08/31/2016 7:13PM 5 stars Easy ordering good pricesFabian Aguirre

09/16/2016 10:21PM 5 stars GreatHannah Williams

09/21/2016 1:34PM 5 stars Lovely RosesJane Wellford

09/21/2016 1:35PM 5 stars Beautiful RosesJane Wellford

10/12/2016 4:11PM 5 stars GreatLiset Eddy eddylis armas

10/16/2016 10:14PM 5 stars Looks beautifulJudith Johnson

10/19/2016 10:22AM 5 stars NiceJose compean

11/18/2016 10:12PM 5 stars Very pretty flowersLisa Medina

11/30/2016 5:59PM 5 stars Looks niceKristen

01/08/2017 6:23PM 5 stars BeautifulKevin Moore

01/27/2017 6:33PM 5 stars Looks goodchase

02/04/2017 1:25PM 5 stars Very niceChristina Dennis

02/09/2017 1:30PM 5 stars ExcellentEli Whitney

02/09/2017 1:32PM 5 stars GoodEli Whitney

02/09/2017 8:05PM 5 stars BeautifulCameron

02/10/2017 2:43AM 5 stars FineScott Wetzstein

03/01/2017 6:50AM 5 stars BeautifulAlex Arellano

03/12/2017 4:57PM 4 stars Perfect.Scarlet Chaplin

03/12/2017 4:57PM 4 stars Perfect.Scarlet Chaplin

03/30/2017 5:05PM 5 stars PerfectionDeborah martinez

05/25/2017 2:27PM 5 stars Looking goodArtemio Lemus

06/06/2017 1:08AM 4 stars This site was easy and very helpful.Dianna Barkley

06/13/2017 11:21AM 5 stars Good.Brice

06/13/2017 11:22AM 5 stars Good.Brice

06/30/2017 12:13PM 5 stars Great!Gilbert

06/30/2017 12:16PM 5 stars Great!Gilbert

06/30/2017 7:50PM 5 stars BeautifulKatie Lovern

07/03/2017 12:05PM 4 stars Looks beautifulPatricia White

07/06/2017 2:43PM 5 stars Great!Cindy

07/06/2017 2:44PM 5 stars Great!Cindy

07/20/2017 12:31PM 5 stars Everything was great thank you so muchMatthew McCallum

07/24/2017 9:07AM 5 stars Great price!R

07/28/2017 10:21AM 5 stars greatDavid Moss

07/30/2017 2:33PM 5 stars Price is fair!Sandy Gamble

07/31/2017 7:27PM 5 stars Good prices..Paul csaszar

08/02/2017 4:22PM 5 stars okMariana Carballo

08/04/2017 4:25PM 5 stars greattiny

08/17/2017 3:00PM 5 stars BeautifulNormand Drouin

08/22/2017 4:37PM 5 stars Great ideaDenny and Cathy

08/22/2017 4:39PM 5 stars Good productDenny and Cathy Pfaltzgraff

08/23/2017 4:26PM 5 stars greatken mashke

08/28/2017 10:59AM 4 stars It is a good service for me.Donald J Kuo

09/03/2017 10:45AM 5 stars GoodScott Lemay

09/07/2017 2:15PM 5 stars They do a good jobDonnie wertz

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12/01/2017 6:37AM 5 stars Wonderful serviceJessica Crabtree

12/03/2017 9:04PM 3 stars PrettyJan Ernspiker

12/03/2017 9:06PM 4 stars PrettyJan

12/14/2017 12:16PM 5 stars they are beautiful and good priceMARIBEL DELGADO

12/15/2017 6:52AM 5 stars BeautifulDavid Posner

12/19/2017 4:58PM 5 stars Great flowers thank uDonna dirkin

12/24/2017 5:34PM 5 stars GoodMagin jacas

05/24/2018 5:20PM 5 stars Next day delivery! Perfect! Beautiful arrangement!!JP

06/12/2018 6:02PM 4 stars I originally ordered a different bouquet but they were unable to deliver it on the day I requested. Ava’s upgraded to the roses and I couldn’t be more pleased with how beautiful they are! Absolutely gorgeous!Danielle

10/05/2018 10:00AM 5 stars Beautiful arrangement s so much to chooseRodolfo Peña

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24 Colorful Roses - Farm Fresh

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