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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Flower Deliveries

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and the second-largest city in the state. It has a rich and illustrious history as a port city, with shipments being carried all the way up the Mississippi to its ports. Just as Baton Rouge is a prime location for shipments and deliveries, we can send flowers all throughout the Baton Rouge region with the same spirit. Avas Flowers is a professional florist offering flower delivery for the same day to anywhere in Baton Rouge in East Baton Rouge County, LA.

Baton Rouge is home to Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Community College, and the all-girls St. Joseph’s Academy high school. Flowers can be sent directly to the dorms of students; just make sure you know the dorm room number and address of the university before your order is placed.

Baton Rouge Funeral Homes & Sympathy Flowers

There are a number of funeral homes located in Baton Rouge. We can send flowers to Resthaven Gardens of Memory, Rabenhortst, Winnfield, Greenoaks, and many other funeral homes within the area. Please provide us with the time your loved one will be viewed so as to ensure prompt and punctual delivery of flowers to be displayed at the viewing.

Few things say it better than flowers when you’re visiting a loved one in the hospital. There are many hospitals we can send flowers to in the Baton Rouge area. Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, and the Woman’s Hospital are some of the many hospitals where we can have flowers delivered.

Medical Health Care in Baton Rouge, LA

When ordering flowers that are to be delivered to a hospital, please be mindful of a few things. Firstly, flowers cannot be delivered to an emergency room. Second, please ensure that you have the correct room number and address of the hospital, in addition to the name of the patient you wish to receive the flowers. Many different health care centers have different policies on the delivery of flowers. To ensure the correct and prompt delivery of your flowers, it would be wise to call the hospitals or medical treatment centers ahead of time to inquire about their delivery policies.

Flowers Sent to Guests in Baton Rouge Hotels

Baton Rouge is a hot tourist hot spot, and as a result, it is home to many hotels. The Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel and Casino is a popular attraction. Baton Rouge is also home to a Hilton hotel, Embassy Suites, a Hampton Inn, and a Best Western hotel.

Sending flowers to a hotel requires some information. The name of the recipient, the room number that they are staying in, the phone number for their room, and the address of the hotel will ensure the punctual delivery of your flowers.

Let happiness take root in your loved one in Batton Rouge, LA, and bring a smile to their lips today!

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Comments & Ratings

Avas Reviews - General
10/19/2021 6:52AM
Wonderful friendly knowledgeable experience
Avas Reviews - General
08/23/2021 12:14PM
My friend Cassandra Matthews said the plant was beautiful. Therefore, I am happy.
Deloris L
Avas Reviews - General
07/31/2021 4:56PM
Everything went well, I was very pleased with the customer service experience.
Sandra B
Avas Reviews - General
07/16/2021 5:56PM
The website was easy to navigate. I loved the tracking feature that was available.
Feleshia L
Avas Reviews - General
07/05/2021 8:25AM
Simple website, straightforward to use and my friend received her flowers which is all that I cared about
Davina O
Avas Reviews - General
06/10/2021 2:11PM
It was a beautiful birthday surprise for my sister. thank you so much. she was very happy
Joan D
Avas Reviews - General
04/01/2021 7:15PM
The flowers were delivered on time and they were beautiful!! My granddaughter loved them. Thank you
Allain L
Avas Reviews - General
01/23/2021 9:44AM
It was very easy to place the order and the flowers were delivered in a very timely manner. The floral arrangement was beautiful!
Natalie D
Avas Reviews - General
11/26/2020 7:14AM
My mother loved her flowers and they were delivered on time. Thank you.
Glyndell H
Avas Reviews - General
11/21/2020 3:09AM
Well my sister n law stated to my brother to tell us thanks so much. So she had to been very satisfied under the circumstances.
JoAnn C
Avas Reviews - General
09/14/2020 8:31AM
I am very pleased! I ordered a medium plant and my grandson said it was "Huge" was early, which I was very pleased about it...I will be back!
Donna H
Avas Reviews - General
06/29/2020 9:11AM
Flowers were delivered at time identified. Flowers were fresh.
Carolyn M
Avas Reviews - General
03/19/2020 1:28PM
Beautiful plant delivered timely. Your delivery fee, however, is excessive.
Juanita B
Avas Reviews - General
12/27/2019 10:29PM
Good. Prompt delivery.
Nancy L
Avas Reviews - General
12/24/2019 12:18AM
I live out of state and these were for my sister's bday. She LOVES them!! Perfect colors for we are HUGE LSU fans and it is Definitely the season for our Tigers!! I will definitely Use ya'll again! Thanks so much!
Karen B
Avas Reviews - General
12/23/2019 8:49AM
My cousin was so pleased to get this Christmas surprise of pretty flowers. She called to thank me and we had a wonderful phone visit catching up with one another”s holiday plans and reminiscing about family Christmas gatherings of years past.
Mary M
Avas Reviews - General
12/19/2019 9:11AM
Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. The flowers and note were well done. The order was made 24 hrs before the funeral and you handled the order perfectly! Much appreciated!
Michelle B
Avas Reviews - General
12/10/2019 10:53AM
Easy online ordering; on time delivery. Perfect
Yella A
Avas Reviews - General
12/09/2019 8:36AM
Absolutely Wonderful and I will now send flowers for Christmas
Toykena H
Avas Reviews - General
09/27/2019 8:28PM
The service was excellent. Placing the order was easy. Delivery was expedient. The plant was beautiful. The recipient of the plant was very impressed by the quality.
Andrew J
Avas Reviews - General
09/09/2019 8:09AM
The flowers arrived on time and were beautiful.
Cheryl P
Avas Reviews - General
08/28/2019 12:11AM
The plant was beautiful! More than I expected. Absolutely gorgeous. Customer service was awesome! I thank everyone involved for the great service I received.
Rachel G
Avas Reviews - General
07/12/2019 11:48PM
Every thing was excellent
John F
Avas Reviews - General
04/20/2019 10:37AM
The flowers were beautiful, thank you so very Michael
Patricia T
Avas Reviews - General
08/14/2018 11:20AM
Thank you for changing the delivery address! The recipient was checked out of hospital before the flowers arrived, and you called her daughter and learned the address where the patient was taken. Thanks so much for the extra effort involved!
Monica B
Avas Reviews - General
04/27/2018 7:56AM
She was very impressed at the weight and color of the roses. You all did a spectacular job delivering the item on the same day and I do plan on doing business with you all again.
Myra S
Avas Reviews - General
02/15/2018 10:27AM
Lady on the phone did a great job. My grandkids Maddox and Skylar really liked there Valentine’s gifts. I will order from Ava’s again.
Rose Marie L
Avas Reviews - General
12/28/2017 6:00AM
Timely delivery and great customer service. Thank you.
April R
Avas Reviews - General
12/15/2017 12:11AM
Website and online ordering was easy, and my order was delivered the same day.
Mary L
Avas Reviews - General
12/04/2017 8:59AM
Great service. Thank you
Karen T
Avas Reviews - General
09/13/2017 12:19AM
Gina received the flowers and was so happy! I believe they were the only flowers she received.
Debi L
Avas Reviews - General
08/11/2017 12:12AM
My sister told me the flowers were absolutely beautiful and asked for your contact info for her future florist needs in Baton Rouge.
Carol J
Avas Reviews - General
02/02/2017 7:30AM
Great service! Beautiful flowers!
Audrey H
Avas Reviews - General
01/27/2017 8:36AM
this was for my little nephew who was in the hospital. He loved the teddy bear. The arrangement was awesome. thank you
Chad M
Avas Reviews - General
01/17/2017 12:40AM
Great experience. Delivery as expected. Niece loved flowers. Ty
Terri B P
Avas Reviews - General
01/04/2017 9:17AM
Fantastic service exactly as ordered. I have ordered flowers online before from others and twice they were never delivered and once they were delivered 3 days late. Your service was easy to use and did exactly as promised. I have marked Avas Flowers to be sure to use you again in the future. Thanks. Good service these days is all too rare.
Shari S
Avas Reviews - General
12/30/2016 12:57AM
Thank you for sending beautiful flowers. Your service was excellent - much appreciated!
Bella F
Avas Reviews - General
12/05/2016 12:22AM
The bouquet was beautiful, delivered at the promised date and time- very pleased!
Zoe H
Avas Reviews - General
12/02/2016 11:54AM
Hello, I would like to thank you for making this a wonderful day for my mother with this flower arrangement. Thank you, Bobbie
Robertha A C
Avas Reviews - General
11/28/2016 8:26AM
The plant was beautiful, thank you
Rhonda P
Avas Reviews - General
11/21/2016 8:23AM
She loved the flowers!! I loved how easy it was to place the order and the delivery was fast!! Thank you
Katherine D
Avas Reviews - General
11/18/2016 12:59AM
Flowers arrived on the date requested and were beautiful. thank you very much
Suzanne F
Avas Reviews - General
10/22/2016 1:21AM
Great service very responsive.
Nadir S
Avas Reviews - General
09/09/2016 3:05PM
Paulette was pleased!
Derrell N
Avas Reviews - General
09/08/2016 11:28AM
I had forgotten about the flooding in Louisiana when I ordered flowers from Avas. Avas called and e-mailed right away about flooding in the area and also kept me informed. I appreciate the contact they provided until the flowers were delivered. Great service, Avas!!!
Tanya K
Avas Reviews - General
07/11/2016 8:49AM
Everything was good.
Edward J H
Avas Reviews - General
07/07/2016 1:15AM
I had a very good experience with Ava's Flowers. The spray was beautiful and delivered before the services started, way ahead of time. Will use this florist again in the future.
Jill M
Avas Reviews - General
02/26/2016 8:09AM
My experience with Ava's Flowers could not have been better. Charley was very professional, personal and helpful. Olivia sent me a picture of the arrangement. It was absolutely beautiful and she loved it. I told her how pleased I was with your service. She said she was happy to hear that because she had chosen to use your shop when she orders flowers for a sorority event. She's a member of Delta Delta Delta. I'm sure she will be as pleased as I was. Thank you and I wish you continued success. Sincerely, Jane Gottschalk
Jane G
Avas Reviews - General
12/18/2015 5:46AM
Delivery was prompt and my daughter loved the arrangement! will definitely do business with you in the future! :)
Al S
Avas Reviews - General
11/14/2015 9:52PM
I am told the flowers were beautiful. Thank you for delivering on the date requested and choosing quality products. Sincerely, Rose Bell Schnabel Equipment 5262 Strasburg Road Strasburg, Virginia 22657 703-471-0051
Wallace K
Avas Reviews - General
10/28/2015 8:26AM
Thank You so much for your service being on time.
Larry G
Avas Reviews - General
10/03/2015 5:50AM
thank you thank you thank you! Your customer service team went above and beyond what was expected. I ordred an arrangement to be delivered to a funeral service from several states away and yiur team took the time to call me ON A SUNDAY to make sure everything was ok. I really appreciate going that extra mile for the family.
Sherri V
Avas Reviews - General
09/28/2015 12:30AM
I have received feedback from my family about the Flower Arrangement for Marge and Keith Jackson, 15296 Becky Lee Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70819, delivered on Friday September 25, 2015. Marge called and raved about it. And so did the rest of my family there attending the joint birthday parties. (Last night) They called during the party and said that they will call later and fully describe it to me. They all said that the combination of flowers were beautiful, festive, and very fresh. I would like to thank you, Fredo for taking such good care of my order, and for delivering it on Friday. You were kind and patient with me on the phone, and you fully understood what I was thinking of ordering for them. I appreciate it very much, and I will certainly call you the next time I have occasion to send flowers in that area. Thank you again. Yours truly, Lily Hazel Pennington
Lily P
Avas Reviews - General
09/13/2014 7:06PM
Great job and product!
John D
Avas Reviews - General
09/11/2014 11:01PM
Thank you for a nice job.
Avas Reviews - General
06/24/2013 7:08AM
Thank you so much. The flower arrangement was truly beautiful.
Nancy C

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We offer flower delivery in EAST BATON ROUGE County, LA to the following zip codes in an award winning gift box and through our affiliated local florists in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana :

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