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Flowers Sent to West Palm Beach Hotels

Stunning beaches are the first thing to come to mind when visiting West Palm Beach. Many choose this location for their spring and summer vacations and this creates a high amount of tourism that boosts the local economy every year.  When staying in West Palm Beach most will choose to spend their nights at one of the many hotels and other accommodations.

Hotels in West Palm Beach that are available to have flowers delivered to a guest the same day they are ordered include such hotels as the Hotel Biba (561) 832-0084, the West Palm Beach Marriott (561) 655-1454, the Hyatt Place (561) 655-1454, and the Palm Beach Hibiscus (561) 833-8171.  Call the hotel ahead of time to find out their policies on flower deliveries for guests.

Nursing Homes in West Palm Beach

Nursing homes are available in much of the area to cater to demand. These assisted living homes are ideal for those who are retired. Assistance with daily tasks or infrequent errands can be had easily.  Specialty nursing homes may also be found for those who need them. This may include a more constant care or a religious preference.

Nursing homes and assisted living communities located in West Palm Beach include the H.C.R. Manor Care (561) 478-1800, the Noreen McKeen Lourdes Residence (561) 683-3333, and the Darcy Hall of Life Care (561) 471-5566.

When sending flowers to one of the communities it is best to place your order a day prior to the date of delivery and are sure to include the address, phone number and name of the facility, as well as the name of the recipient.

West Palm Beach Town Deliveries

We are able to have flowers sent to any area in West Palm Beach.  Send flowers for the same day to towns such as the Bel Air Historic District, Central Park, El Cid, Flamingo Park, Grandview Heights, Mango Promenade, Northboro Park, Northwest, the Old Northwood Historic District, Northwood Hills Historic District, Prospect Park, and the West Northwood Historic District.

Send your next floral arrangement with the help and care of Avas Flowers and see why so many people use our services time and time again to send flowers to friends and family for holidays and other special occasions in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Comments & Ratings

Avas Reviews - General
03/19/2021 10:32AM
It was a great experience the item was delivered on time thank you very much
Joel G
Avas Reviews - General
02/17/2021 1:15PM
I ordered 3 Dozen Roses for Valentine Day for my wife, Beth, and two of her friends, Joan & Susan, to be shipped to a Boat in West Palm Beach. The cost was $ 318.70 total.The support was excellent at taking the order and shipping and following the order to arrive Feb, 13. Thank You, Bill
WM Evans O
Avas Reviews - General
01/25/2021 9:00AM
Thank you for your excellent service.
Michael F
Avas Reviews - General
12/23/2020 8:54AM
Alessa Garcia was amazing! She was so helpful and patient.
Jamie M
Avas Reviews - General
11/19/2020 8:58AM
Having placed my order from he UK I was slightly apprehensive. However I didn't need to be, your service was excellent and simple to use. Thank you.
Hazel N
Avas Reviews - General
11/15/2020 2:00PM
We order 3 or 4 times a yr from you and Everytime the arrangements are gorgeous. Thank you
Barbara W
Avas Reviews - General
10/23/2020 7:07PM
This was excellent service from start to finish! The updates were And responses were consistent and timely and delivery was as requested! Great job thank you!
Edward T
Avas Reviews - General
09/19/2020 3:41AM
Y'all delivered absolutely gorgeous white roses to my family . Thank you so very much !!!
Lynetta N
Avas Reviews - General
09/02/2020 10:03AM
Excellent! quality and service! Thank you!
Kathryn G
Avas Reviews - General
08/11/2020 7:33PM
Thank you soooooooo much. I called you and withing 2 hours my birthday balloons to the best brother in the world were delivered. Last year same thing, except with flowers. Thanks for helping people like me who mean well, but are so busy...and last minute!!
Carol M
Avas Reviews - General
07/12/2020 6:51AM
Ordered cake on time and the flower is still in an excellent form.
Anna May D
Avas Reviews - General
07/11/2020 1:39PM
For the price, the basket could have had at least a few flowers that weren't carnations and mums. Everybody knows they are the least expensive flower, so it looked somewhat "cheap". Overall, it was pretty, delivered on time, and made my friend smile. Just thought you might want an honest opinion regarding the choice of blooms.
Diane D
Avas Reviews - General
06/19/2020 6:25AM
I was very pleased with the arrangement.
Daniel M
Avas Reviews - General
06/08/2020 6:52AM
they said they were beautiful,,,thank you
Jane B
Avas Reviews - General
06/03/2020 6:41AM
Great experience! Delivered on same day!
Patricia S
Avas Reviews - General
05/25/2020 11:54AM
Flowers were delivered timely and were beautiful. Just as pictured
Denise H
Avas Reviews - General
05/19/2020 2:30PM
Good service. Flowers were enjoyed.
Barbara C
Avas Reviews - General
05/14/2020 12:15AM
They said they liked the arragement and quality
Phil N
Avas Reviews - General
05/08/2020 2:40PM
I do understand the current situation, I did get charge for express delivery that didn't happen. I find that unacceptable . That's the only thing I'm not pleased with.
Avas Reviews - General
04/11/2020 12:43AM
Thank you for the prompt delivery of beautiful flowers!
Kim P
Avas Reviews - General
04/06/2020 12:43AM
Excellent service and prompt delivery ! Will recommend highly !
Chau P
Avas Reviews - General
04/02/2020 8:10AM
Flowers were beautiful!
Louanne H
Avas Reviews - General
03/29/2020 11:37AM
I was very satisfied with my delivery(timeless and professionalism) I will definitely recommend your business to friends and family
Wesner P
Avas Reviews - General
03/09/2020 5:18PM
perfect delivery service
Velda N
Avas Reviews - General
03/08/2020 7:52PM
Service was great
Joanne G
Avas Reviews - General
02/17/2020 6:23PM
I was very happy with the service. My friend loved the flowers so much!!!!
Sudha Y
Avas Reviews - General
02/17/2020 9:50AM
Great flowers and great service!
Jay R
Avas Reviews - General
02/13/2020 6:46AM
everything was great as always!!!
Avas Reviews - General
01/16/2020 9:48AM
The recipient said the orchid was beautiful and it was delivered at the time specified. Good service!
Barbara O
Avas Reviews - General
01/09/2020 11:59AM
I appreciate the quality service that was received.
Anthony S
Avas Reviews - General
01/03/2020 1:56PM
I have ordered from you in the past and the arrangements have always been fresh and beautiful.
Michelle G
Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2019 3:00PM
Flowers were beautiful just like the picture & they arrived right on time before 11 am. Definitely would recommend them agai.
Karen W
Avas Reviews - General
12/19/2019 9:48AM
This is my 5th order with Avas Flowers. I've never had a problem with delivery, and recipient's have been very happy with arrangements. When ordering, I know that the arrangements will arrive on time. Definitely recommend Avas Flowers.
Shirley V
Avas Reviews - General
12/08/2019 12:35AM
Awesome service!
Alexis O
Avas Reviews - General
12/05/2019 9:14AM
The whole experience was good. Ordering was easy and the package arrived as per schedule. My daughter was pleased as it made her birthday. Cheers Terry
Terry R
Avas Reviews - General
11/05/2019 4:20AM
Everything was perfect
James P
Avas Reviews - General
10/01/2019 5:07AM
The person that took my order was very attentive and helped me achieve the surprise I was hoping for.
Lance M
Avas Reviews - General
09/23/2019 5:20PM
Once again Avas Flowers came up to expectations in every way. With a web site easy to navigate, it made selecting and placing an order very straightforward. The arrangement so beautifully made and delivered brought happiness and joy. I can not fault Avas Flowers on this occasion nor on previous orders. Thank you Avas.
Christopher G
Avas Reviews - General
08/19/2019 8:31AM
The flowers were beautiful & delivered promptly. The recipient really loved them!
Todd D
Avas Reviews - General
08/18/2019 2:15AM
Beautiful flowers, stayed fresh for a long time. Thanks for your service.
Jann H
Avas Reviews - General
08/11/2019 8:20PM
A very good experience.
Margaret Ann W
Avas Reviews - General
05/28/2019 10:05PM
You're doing an amazing job!
Marcela P
Avas Reviews - General
05/28/2019 10:32AM
This was my third order from Avas Flowers. My cousin, aunt and family were very happy with flowers, plants, etc. The customer service, and selection of floral arrangements have been excellent. I highly recommend Avas Flowers. From Satisfied Customer, Shirley Velez
Shirley V
Avas Reviews - General
05/24/2019 4:08AM
Just keep up the excellent service.
Christopher G
Avas Reviews - General
05/13/2019 3:51AM
Everything was perfect! Easy to use website, timely delivery and qualityflowers.
David M
Avas Reviews - General
04/26/2019 9:58AM
I was very pleased with everything, fast, efficient, and beautiful. Thank you again.
Patricia N
Avas Reviews - General
04/26/2019 9:58AM
I was very pleased with everything, fast, efficient, and beautiful. Thank you again.
Patricia N
Avas Reviews - General
04/18/2019 11:21AM
Thanks for delivering on the same day. The arrangement was beautiful.
Sheila J
Avas Reviews - General
04/05/2019 3:05PM
Beautiful flowers, my brother loved them, they lasted long Blessings, Carol
Carol M
Avas Reviews - General
03/17/2019 8:03AM
Was very pleased from ordering to delivery in one day. I live in North Carolina and purchase was for delivery in Florida. My friend says the flowers are very beautiful.
Sandra H
Avas Reviews - General
03/17/2019 8:03AM
Was very pleased from ordering to delivery in one day. I live in North Carolina and purchase was for delivery in Florida. My friend says the flowers are very beautiful.
Sandra H
Avas Reviews - General
03/15/2019 9:31AM
Ms Chan didn't know who sent the floral arrangement. My name was not included as the sender. But she did like the arrangement!!
Jane P T
Avas Reviews - General
03/04/2019 7:59AM
On time delivery. Flowers looked good.
Marion S
Avas Reviews - General
03/03/2019 9:03AM
Excellent service!
Marie L M
Avas Reviews - General
01/14/2019 10:52AM
Ordering was easy and fast, Price with the sale ad free delivery was great. The delivery as far as I know was the same day I ordered. Thank you!
Beatrix D
Avas Reviews - General
01/02/2019 12:18AM
Online order was submitted without difficulty and quickly. The flowers were delivered within a few hours later the same day as requested. Thank you.
Alice B
Avas Reviews - General
12/24/2018 1:33AM
Everything went as expected. Thank you for your service I greatly appreciate it.
Mae C
Avas Reviews - General
11/19/2018 9:48AM
Thank you, I was not attending the service but was told by many family members the flowers were awesome. Only ones, so I’m told. Thank you again for all your help. r
Rosemary D
Avas Reviews - General
06/18/2018 11:52AM
Order delivered next day on time. Arrangement liked by recipient. Quality of flowers fresh, continued to open after delivery.
Charlotte F
Avas Reviews - General
03/30/2018 8:12AM
The orchid is beautiful and was delivered quickly! Thank you.
Debra D
Avas Reviews - General
03/19/2018 8:04AM
Heart wreath was absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
Christopher B
Avas Reviews - General
03/14/2018 9:51AM
This order was for my granddaughter, who is 28; she lost her husband 2 years ago April 1st and just moved into the first home since then. She is in WP as a travel nurse, and her willingness to commit to being there for the upcoming year is huge! I wanted to encourage and love on her... And chose you to do that. Thank you for the quick service and lovely flowers. Anita
Anita O
Avas Reviews - General
01/31/2018 9:20AM
It was really easy and efficient, no problems at all. Would use this florist again!
Debra S
Avas Reviews - General
01/24/2018 10:40AM
The flowers were perfect!
Lesley M
Avas Reviews - General
12/15/2017 6:36AM
Easiest purchase ever made online, same day delivery within hours of buying. Great company, will Oder again! Thanks
Jeanne S
Avas Reviews - General
11/06/2017 6:49AM
Order service was Wonderful. I wish I could see the pictures.
Kathryn B
Avas Reviews - General
11/01/2017 6:07AM
A Plus service, excellent quality of fruit basket and great delivery time- I placed an order about 10 pm and it was delivered next day !! I live several states away-I was impressed with the remote service
Bonnie D
Avas Reviews - General
09/18/2017 8:26AM
My mother said the flowers are beautiful! Thank you.
Cynthia P
Avas Reviews - General
07/26/2017 11:19AM
I thought your service was great the girl I work with was amazing I appreciate your help and if I ever have any business down there again it will be with you
John C
Avas Reviews - General
07/20/2017 6:00AM
best service ever and thank you to your staff. best regards, mr. yvon cedrac
Yvon C
Avas Reviews - General
04/07/2017 2:00AM
Everything perfectly..:-)
Bavarian Motor Cars G
Avas Reviews - General
02/01/2017 9:00AM
Beautiful flowers and recipient was pleased-thanks!
Lou Anne E
Avas Reviews - General
01/09/2017 10:02AM
I ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter in West Palm Beach, Florida. I selected the picture from your website and ordered them and once they were delivered my daughter sent me a picture. They were gorgeous...they looked exactly like the picture on the website which really made me happy. I ordered flowers twice last week from Avas Flowers and my experience from start to finish was great and the product was exactly what i ordered. I will continue to use Avas Flowers in the future!
Janet B
Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2016 11:50AM
Loved it!
Juan A
Avas Reviews - General
10/19/2016 11:14PM
excellent service, beautiful bouquet. Thanks.
Elke L
Avas Reviews - General
10/11/2016 3:01AM
She loved the flowers. Timely delivery and s beautiful arrangement.
Thomas G
Avas Reviews - General
10/10/2016 9:09AM
Great customer service and super easy website to use. Thanks again.
Ana T
Avas Reviews - General
08/11/2016 8:31AM
I was a bit disappointed as the flowers could not be delivered the day I requested. However, communication was great in letting me know. I was called, sent emails and texts. The flowers were delivered the next day and I will say they were EXACLTY as what I ordered. Thank you for you great service.
Marisela T
Avas Reviews - General
07/11/2016 6:42AM
Another great purchase from Avas. Flowers were delivered on time and my friend said they were beautiful. Thanks, Bart
Bart H
Avas Reviews - General
06/30/2016 9:11AM
very pleased with your service, I will use and recommend you again
Joanne B
Avas Reviews - General
05/07/2016 4:24AM
Very happy with the flowers and service
Kyle M
Avas Reviews - General
03/18/2016 7:38AM
Nice experience. Flowers were delivered on time and were fresh and beautiful.
Joy G
Avas Reviews - General
02/18/2016 2:38PM
Flowers looked great and were delivered on time.
Ross M
Avas Reviews - General
10/23/2015 8:52AM
Customer service was most helpful with the selection of the floral arrangement. Ms. Gray received her flowers and was most pleased.
Elyse C
Avas Reviews - General
10/12/2015 3:01AM
They turned out beautiful. They were there in time too.
Jessica F
Avas Reviews - General
10/04/2015 3:32PM
Great service -- prompt delivery of a beautiful arrangement!
Linda R
Avas Reviews - General
10/03/2015 9:32AM
Delivered on time. A beautiful arrangement. Thank you.
Gloria H
Avas Reviews - General
09/24/2015 10:12PM
The flowers were beautiful, our granddaughter was so excited! Taylor was very helpful
Avas Reviews - General
09/02/2015 3:29AM
The order was delivered on time and the flowers were fresh and very attractive. Thank you!
Lori S
Avas Reviews - General
07/07/2015 8:24AM
Delivered on time and they looked great. Thanks!
Brian B
Avas Reviews - General
05/12/2015 12:21PM
Thanks, my Mother in Law loves the flowers
Steve S
Avas Reviews - General
05/04/2015 5:39PM
Excellent service. Beautiful poinsettia plant. Recipient very pleased. Thank you.
Joanne M
Avas Reviews - General
04/19/2015 11:17AM
Very impressed with the service. Especially as we were booking from the UK. Kind regards,
Teja P
Avas Reviews - General
04/19/2015 1:16AM
This was a great experience. Thank you.
Robert M
Avas Reviews - General
09/18/2014 4:01PM
Avas Flowers delivered excellent service and followup!
Jon W
Avas Reviews - General
09/16/2014 8:12AM
Betty J
Avas Reviews - General
07/23/2013 2:25AM
This was the first time I had ordered flowers on line and everything went very well. The web-site was very easy to use and with the prices prominently posted it was easy to make a selection. Also the feed back that the purchas was complete and then that the flowers were delivered was very reassuring from such a distance.
Karen H

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