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Frisco Flowers for Residents & Visitors

Rather than hopping from one local florist to another, order flowers online through Avas Flowers®. This saves you time and gasoline from having to hop between local florists and comparing their prices. Avas Flowers offer affordable prices if you want flowers delivered within Frisco, Texas.

Frisco is considered as the fastest growing city not just in Texas, but in the United States. It received the nickname of “Tree City” because of the level of tree preservation being implemented within the city.

Company Deliveries Made to Employees

Companies in Frisco include T-Mobile, Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating, Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group, Tenet Texas RBO, IKEA Frisco, CLA USA, and Market Street. Through Avas Flowers, you will be able to have flowers sent to an employee at any time of the business day.

You can compare the prices that Avas Flowers offer to other online florists, but you will find that our prices are affordable and cheaper than many other similar companies.  You can specify which type of flower arrangement you like and what time of the day you want them sent.

Flowers for Students & Teachers

You can have them sent to schools in Frisco including Frisco High, Wakeland High, Liberty High, Centennial High, Lone Star High, Heritage High, Collin College, Dallas Baptist University, Amberton University, and University of Dallas.

Surprise your loved ones by sending a bouquet of roses right to their front door. The best thing is that you can do all these without even going out of the house. With Avas Flowers, you are assured that the recipient will be happy and surprised to receive your gift.

Different Frisco Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Frisco include such places as Crown Ridge, Crestview, Northridge, Preston Gables, Heritage Lakes, Pecan Grove, Smith Estates, Willow Pond, Fairfield, Willow Creek, Hillcrest Estates, and Quail Meadow.

Upon ordering, you need to provide the name of the recipient (or any representative in case the recipient is not around), as well as the complete address, which includes the apartment or unit number, street address and other information.

Comments & Ratings

Avas Reviews - General
11/11/2021 6:32AM
she really liked them
Harrison S
Avas Reviews - General
11/07/2021 5:25PM
Excellent service and beautiful flowers
Helen K
Avas Reviews - General
10/09/2021 11:39AM
The flowers were fresh and excellent! The delivery driver was very courteous. Thanks and I plan to use again in the future!
Robert P
Avas Reviews - General
09/05/2021 9:44PM
Excellent job
Susan B
Avas Reviews - General
06/28/2021 5:35AM
Beautiful arrangement!
Cindy O
Avas Reviews - General
06/20/2021 8:58AM
Amazing work you guys are the best. Thank you
Jorge S
Avas Reviews - General
05/24/2021 11:28PM
Had a great experience ; everything went smooth. Thank you
Nafeeza A
Avas Reviews - General
05/18/2021 8:00AM
I was very pleased with the efficiency and expedited service I received. I will certainly use Avas again.Arrangment was beautiful. Thank you!
Sheila T
Avas Reviews - General
05/03/2021 9:22PM
Great service. Daughter loved it thanks
Amy J
Avas Reviews - General
04/01/2021 6:14AM
Excellent as always.
Mark B
Avas Reviews - General
03/23/2021 8:20PM
It was a totally different tree. It had multiple plant ect...
Sonis H
Avas Reviews - General
03/13/2021 3:45PM
The flowers were nice, but not quite as pretty as the arrangement that was pictured.
Kayla F
Avas Reviews - General
02/18/2021 6:24PM
Great service, delivery was much sooner than expected early in the AM. Thank you.
Rishi P
Avas Reviews - General
01/28/2021 12:07AM
Very satisfied!Thank you for your great customer service
Sylvia H
Avas Reviews - General
11/10/2020 7:31AM
Exceeded expectations.
Laurel M
Avas Reviews - General
10/22/2020 2:27AM
Very pleased with the flowers, delivery service and the salesperson That took my order. Thank You for the beautiful arrangement!!
Barbara S
Avas Reviews - General
10/16/2020 5:23PM
I just ordered flowers for my daughter's birthday. I live in West Virginia and have have always called avas for my daughters flowers for different occasions. They always have been so beautiful and the sales person always so helpful and very personable, which I appreciate so much.
Barbara S
Avas Reviews - General
09/27/2020 10:35AM
The recipient said that these were the most beautiful flowers she has ever received. She sent me a picture and I'm very pleased thank you so much for your professional arrangement
Judith C
Avas Reviews - General
06/26/2020 12:26PM
Delivery person was in contact with me and notified me when delivery was made.
Melissa C
Avas Reviews - General
05/25/2020 4:52PM
Beautiful arrangement n delivered on time
Madhu S
Avas Reviews - General
05/21/2020 7:38AM
Linda said the flowers were beautiful. Thank you so much.
Judi W
Avas Reviews - General
05/18/2020 2:01AM
Having them be delivered on such short notice was awesome and the way they turned out when I got to see them blew my expectations away. Thanks for your wonderful service!
Brendan L
Avas Reviews - General
05/18/2020 1:07AM
Beautiful flowers and quickly thank you
Renee S
Avas Reviews - General
03/27/2020 12:19PM
It was bigger than I thought. Very pleased!
Meredith S
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2020 6:21AM
Flowers were perfect. The delivery person was outstanding! I messed up the order and she went above and beyond to to help mitigate my my error. An overall exceptional experience.
Victoria C
Avas Reviews - General
12/14/2019 3:42PM
My sister said the bouquet of flowers was beautiful. She received them the day after I ordered; very speedy. Thanks!
Judy A
Avas Reviews - General
11/25/2019 12:27PM
excellent service
Marjorie C
Avas Reviews - General
11/23/2019 1:09PM
Our daughter just moved to TX with her husband from OH, so I wasn’t sure where to order flowers from. After reviewing several florists in the area I decided to go with your company. The price was reasonable and flowers were so fresh and pretty. Our daughter live them. Thank you
Jennifer R
Avas Reviews - General
08/19/2019 4:32PM
Flower arrangement was beautiful and delivered the day requested. I am in California and ordered the flowers for someone in Frisco, TX. She called me right way to let me know that she received them and that they were beautiful!!
Marianne L
Avas Reviews - General
07/02/2019 8:17PM
I could not have been happier! The flowers were just like in the photo, and they made my mom’s 90th birthday all the more special! Thank you!
Laura D
Avas Reviews - General
06/24/2019 11:24AM
The flowers were beautiful.
Avas Reviews - General
04/19/2019 12:00PM
The roses were fresh and beautiful. It was a great idea to use you to send this memorial.
Pamela K
Avas Reviews - General
04/03/2019 5:22AM
Excellent product and service
Mark B
Avas Reviews - General
03/08/2019 6:55PM
The entire process went extremely smoothly, and while I didn't see the bouquet that was delivered, my SIL said they were beautiful. Flowers were delivered as promised the day after my order. Thank you.
Linda K
Avas Reviews - General
02/16/2019 1:49PM
The flowers were delivered on time and they were beautiful.
Terry M
Avas Reviews - General
10/22/2018 12:41AM
Very pleased with Ava’s personnel and the quality of your arrangements. Best florist ever!!
Avas Reviews - General
05/29/2018 12:19AM
Placing an order was easy. It was fulfilled quickly and my MIL said the flowers were beautiful.
Breck Y
Avas Reviews - General
04/26/2018 9:02AM
The roses arrived on time and the arrangement was beautiful!!!
Stephen JR P
Avas Reviews - General
01/24/2018 7:44AM
Ordering flowers on line is always a hit or miss. This was a HIT. Lois was so pleased with the flowers and raved about the square vase. I will being using Avas in the future.
Sarah M
Avas Reviews - General
01/12/2018 11:33AM
Thank you so much for such quick, deliverable service. She loved them, and it was so simple to order. I really appreciate it since I was in a pinch to get something quick and pretty!
Kristina S
Avas Reviews - General
12/08/2017 7:35AM
Ordering on line is always a hit and miss, this experience was a big hit. The flowers were delivered on the date stated. Lois called to say the flowers were beautiful. She was very pleased with the arrangement. I would like to thank you for providing the arrangement as described on line. I will keep you in my file for the next time I need flowers in the area. Thank you, Sarah
Sarah M
Avas Reviews - General
10/26/2017 2:24AM
The flower arrangement was timely delivered, welcoming my grand- daughter home from the hospital. Thankyou from Idaho.
Robert L
Avas Reviews - General
10/23/2017 9:23AM
I was very impressed with the service received. The person who took the order was very helpful and accommodating.
Margaret G
Avas Reviews - General
10/19/2017 8:47AM
Great experience as always
Tim B
Avas Reviews - General
09/01/2017 7:11AM
The flowers were perfect! Thank you
Sunnye S
Avas Reviews - General
06/02/2017 11:18AM
I will use your service again for our office needs.
Tony S
Avas Reviews - General
05/09/2017 11:54AM
This site was easy to use, they were prompt with the delivery, and the flowers were beautiful. I will certainly use them again.
Charles J
Avas Reviews - General
04/27/2017 9:18AM
Thank you for quickly getting this done with little notice.
Ken J
Avas Reviews - General
03/31/2017 4:47AM
Excellent service. I ordered the flowers from the UK and it could not have been any simpler. I have used Avas on a number of occasions and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.
Mark B
Avas Reviews - General
03/03/2017 7:42AM
The arrangement is absolutely beautiful. The recipient loved it and even sent me a picture. Thank you very much.
Sonia S
Avas Reviews - General
01/11/2017 3:41AM
Paula's mother was very happy with the flowers and said that they not only looked beautiful but smelled beautiful. Thank you.
Lucretia S
Avas Reviews - General
12/26/2016 12:50AM
Very user friendly website. Customer tracking excellent with immediate notification of delivery. Our daughter loved the arrangement stating that the design and flower quality were excellent. As Australian customers, we greatly appreciate your reliability and product quality. Highly recommend this florist.
Kevin E
Avas Reviews - General
08/11/2016 2:51AM
Very pretty. Made her day special. She wish she had fresh flowers fresh flowers everyday for her Pediatric Dental Office. Thank you for being prompt. Love flowers on Birthdays!
Wyvonne C
Avas Reviews - General
05/24/2016 5:54PM
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. I received many compliments.
Christine E
Avas Reviews - General
05/09/2016 1:19PM
I ordered flowers for my Mom on Mother's Day. They arrived on time and she indicated that the roses were beautiful.
Jimmy J
Avas Reviews - General
05/09/2016 1:15AM
Completely happy with flowers, appreciated that it was delivered on requested date. Thank you!
Villa R
Avas Reviews - General
04/16/2016 8:44AM
Flowers arrived on time, she loved them.
Dotty L M
Avas Reviews - General
02/04/2016 4:37AM
Your customer service couldn't have been better. I called my order in and was greeted w/ a friendly voice that guided me through the order process in minutes, he was kind, patient with my questions, professional & efficient. Instead of flowers for the funeral I was attending I wanted a plant that would live in rememberance of our loved one lost. The plant you sent was just gorgeous, the recipient was delighted & I was very gratified to see how truly lush & beautiful it was. Though it is rare I have to buy flowers/plants in Flagstaff, I will never go anywhere else in the future. Your customer service superb, your prices were more than fair & I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you for going above & beyond during a stressful time. De'ann Pembrook. Phoenix Az.
Deann P
Avas Reviews - General
12/17/2015 10:55AM
Delivered on time and very beautiful arrangement.
Richard A
Avas Reviews - General
11/10/2015 12:06AM
Beautiful, on time, and good price!
Sarah C
Avas Reviews - General
11/02/2015 7:31AM
Very happy with the flowers and the expedition of the order. I'll definitely use the service again.
Colleen D
Avas Reviews - General
09/23/2015 8:35AM
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and delivered on-time. Will definitely use your company again for the next time we need flowers. Thank you!
Amy O
Avas Reviews - General
08/18/2015 7:01PM
Scott called to say he received the flowers. I appreciate the online service, the prices are competitive and I was able to choose flowers that were suitable for the occasion. Thank you. Geri Hagler from Idaho
Geri H
Avas Reviews - General
08/13/2015 6:37PM
Easy service, super cute bouquet that has lasted over a week.
Sina J
Avas Reviews - General
07/20/2015 4:06AM
The delivery time was exceptional and more than I expected. 3 hours from order to delivery. I was very pleased with the service received although the arrangement was much smaller than I thought it would be. I didn't upgrade to premium although I didn't think the flowers were going to be so few... I will order again. Thank you.
Cynthia N
Avas Reviews - General
06/22/2015 12:06AM
My sister was very pleased with the arrangement, chocolates, and card. I was pleased that she was pleased, and that she received them exactly when I requested they be delivered. I will be using your services again.
Kathleen E
Avas Reviews - General
06/16/2015 9:48PM
The flowers were lovely. Kudos to Avas Flowers for making sure they were delivered -- my daughter wasn't home the first time. Good job!!
Frances J
Avas Reviews - General
06/12/2015 3:30PM
The person I talked with was very helpful and efficient, she was able to describe what I was ordering which helped a lot. Thank you as this was very important, I needed to express my hope for a good turn out.
Letitia R
Avas Reviews - General
05/26/2015 1:21PM
We were very happy with everything regarding the handling of this order. The flowers were beautiful and we will recommend Avas Flowers to everyone we know. Thanks.
Jean W
Avas Reviews - General
05/21/2015 3:54AM
The recipient was overwhelmed by the beauty of the bouquet.
Alberta R
Avas Reviews - General
04/25/2015 8:00AM
Everything was good, thank you.
Avas Reviews - General
04/05/2015 5:35PM
My daughter snapped a pix of the arrangement and it was exactly what I had ordered. was beautiful and delivered at the right time. Thank you so much for helping make her day great!!
Sherrie J
Avas Reviews - General
09/16/2014 1:00AM
The rainbow roses are absolutely beautiful. I can't stop staring at them. They brighten up my mood and makes it for a better day. Thank you!
Jeannie T
Avas Reviews - General
09/14/2014 3:47AM
Easy,quick service. I would use Avas again.
John P
Avas Reviews - General
06/26/2013 1:08AM
Delivery was exactly as promised. I was told the flowers were beautiful and exactly as described. Very pleasant experience. Would definitely us florist again.
Glenn T

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