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Kids Guide To Planting A Flower Garden

Planting a flower garden can be fun and rewarding. When you see those buds start to open up, it can be a great feeling. If you plan your garden right, then you can use your different colored flowers to make patterns and create something original. You can also ask your parents to help you install benches in your garden so that you can sit in your garden and enjoy it. Creating your own garden can be just like creating your own special world where all of your troubles disappear. The sooner you get started, the sooner your plants will start to grow and create the world you had in your mind.

You will need some basic tools to plant your garden and you will need your parents' help to use these tools. You will need a small shovel to dig into the ground, a large rake to move the ground around, a small rake to fill in the holes after you plant the seeds, a water hose connected to the water supply of your house, and some buckets to help carry materials around. Remember to ask your parents for help with using these tools and never work on your garden unless your parents are around to supervise.

The supplies you will need for your garden depend on what you want it to look like. You will need the seeds for your flowers and topsoil to help feed your seeds. If you don't want to use topsoil, then there are special plant foods you can use to help your flowers grow big and strong. If you want to protect your garden from animals, then you will need to put a fence around it. Mulch is a dirt-like material that you can use to fill in around your flowers and help them to grow stronger. You may want to add some color to your garden by lining it with stones or some other kind of border. Many of these materials are chemicals and you should never use them without an adult being around. Ask your parents to help you plant your garden and explain to you how to properly use your materials.

The best way to start is to pick out a piece of your yard and get your parents' approval to plant your garden there. It should be a patch of ground that is shaded by trees, but still allows sunlight to get through. Keep in mind where you live: If you're hoping to grow enough flowers to open a Phoenix flower shop, you'll need to consider that you'll have a different amount of sunlight than if you were growing flowers in Baton Rouge. Your garden may attract flying insects, so it is best to keep it away from the house. Once you have your plot of land picked out, you need to get a piece of paper and draw what your garden will look like. Ask your parents to help you find the flowers that will give you the colors and look that you want.

Once you have purchased all of your materials, it is time to get dirty and dig up your plot of land. You need to dig under the dirt and turn it over to get to the dirt that can help your plants to grow strong. Once you have dug up your entire plot, you would take the big rake and break up the dirt and smooth the area out. You want the dirt in your garden to be loose so that your plants can grow. Once your plants start growing, they will make the ground stable and strong.

After you have raked over your plot of land, you need to make holes where your flowers will go. Place your seeds into the holes one at a time and then use the small rake to fill in the holes. If you are using topsoil, spread that over the top of the dirt before you make the seed holes. If you are using plant food, put your seeds in the holes and feed them when you water them for the first time.

Your parents will help you to water your garden to get it started. You just want the ground to be wet and not sloppy. If you put too much water on your garden, then you may drown your seeds and they will never grow. If you have problems with birds stealing your seeds, then cover your garden with hay until the flowers start to grow. Have fun!

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