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Wreaths and Other Fun Holiday Crafts for All Seasons

Wreaths and Other Fun Holiday Crafts for All Seasons

Seasonal decorations are a great way to inject some color and holiday cheer into your home! Instead of buying new wreaths, pictures, and decorations for every holiday and dealing with having similar things to people you know, you could make your own decorations that are unique to your home and style. Flexing your creative muscles isn't just an activity for kids; there are plenty of creations that you can make at any age whether you do it by yourself or as a family.

DIY Front Door Fall Wreath

Celebrate fall by using bendable faux yellow flowers and twigs to create a wreath that you can have finished in 30 minutes from setting up your materials to hanging it on your front door.

Mason Jar Lid Snowman

This snowman made out of a mason jar will be your new favorite piece of winter dcor. Not only is it easy to make, but these snowmen always turn out so cute no matter how you design them.

How to Make Yarn Pumpkins

If you've ever made pom-poms before, the process of making a yarn pumpkin is really similar! Just add a green pipe cleaner to make a stem to finish off the look.

DIY Modern Bunny Decor Made from Popsicle Sticks

If you have a collection of Popsicle sticks you've been dying to use, now may be the time! This DIY bunny project may look difficult, but as long as you can print out a template and glue pieces together, you'll have no problem with this piece of dcor!

DIY Macram Rainbow

Macram rainbows to hang on the wall are really trendy, and instead of buying one for your home, you can make this project for yourself to brighten up your home!

A Simple Pine Tree Nature Wreath

Whether you're a child or an adult, this simple holiday wreath is a great eco-friendly Christmas craft to hang on your front door for the holidays.

Glowing Jack-o-Lantern Craft

Making your own glowing jack-o-lantern is simple! In fact, you won't even need a pumpkin for this fun craft.

Paper Hyacinth Flowers

Enjoy spring with paper hyacinth flowers! It only takes a few minutes to create each flower and you can brighten up your home as the weather warms up.

Christmas Reed Diffusers

Make your home smell like Christmas with these reed diffusers. You won't need any batteries or electricity, just holiday-inspired herbs and reeds to get the scents out. For extra holiday cheer, tie on a Christmas ribbon!

Fleece Hand Warmers

Not only will these hand warmers keep you warm on those cold winter nights, but they are perfect for large group gifts, perfect if you're on a budget, and easy to make if you have a basic knowledge of sewing.

Patriotic Bandana Wreath

Celebrate the summer in style by tying these red, white, and blue bandanas in a circle to make your own patriotic wreath to display for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Veterans Day.

Washi Tape Easter Egg Picture Frame

Washi Tape is great for every holiday, and Easter is no different! With a couple of brightly colored tape designs cut just right, you can have Easter-inspired dcor all over your home!

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

This wooden Christmas tree would be a great addition to your Christmas decorations in your front yard and only requires a few things to make! You'll be the talk of the neighborhood with these decorations.

DIY Halloween Candy Jar

Decorate your own candy jar and fill it up with your Halloween candy. It can be a great way to get a clear view of what candy you still have left to eat!

3D Easter Egg Name Tags

If you're having a dinner party for Easter, you can add some extra holiday cheer to the table by creating 3D name tags for the table designed to look like eggs.

Easy Easter Wreath

This Easter wreath is not just pretty to display for a pop of color during the Easter season, but it's also a great budget craft.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are a holiday tradition that families have been making for years! These ornaments can be as simple or as elaborate as you want and different holiday-inspired decorations could be included to add a bit of texture to your salt dough.

DIY Jack-o-Lantern String Art

This Jack-o-Lantern string art piece makes great wall art and Halloween decorations for your home. It's easy to get started and it's something that's so unique that people will be pointing it out whenever they see it.

Greenery Easter Basket

There's nothing that says Spring quite like an Easter basket and it adds a touch of greenery when Easter takes place so early in the spring that most of the flowers haven't bloomed yet.

Make a Snow Globe Soap Pump

Even your bathroom or kitchen can have a touch of holiday cheer if you add a snow globe soap pump to your sinks. The best part of this soap pump is that you don't even need crafting skills to pull this off and it adds so much holiday cheer every time you go to the sink.

Summer Wreath DIY

Who says wreaths are only for the fall and winter holidays? You can weave greenery and twigs into a wreath and display it on your door all summer long!

Easter Bunny Peeps Catnip Toys

Your cats can get in on the Easter fun too with these simple felt Peep catnip toys!

Haunted Figurines

Thrift shops always have figurines and while they may not be your cup of tea, with a lot of black paint, even the most flawed figurines can be turned into creepy Halloween dcor.

Flower Stained Glass Door

You can use the flowers you find in your community to be pressed inside contact paper to create a stained glass decoration that you can display on your doors or windows.

DIY Halloween Village

Similar to the haunted figurines, you can use Christmas village houses you find at thrift stores and paint them black to create a creepy haunted village to display every Halloween.

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