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Who is the owner of Avas Flowers?

Avas Flowers has been independently owned and operated for the past 30 years.

People across the internet often ask, who is the owner of Avas flowers and it is an independently owned business that came into existence three decades back. Mahwah-based Avas Flowers sold plenty of roses in 2014 to present to each first-time mother in the United States of America. According to the National Center for Health Statistics claims that's about 3.2 million roses. What a way to pitch an ever-growing business just in the time of Mother's Day, when everyone wants to surprise their mothers with delicate roses and make it worthwhile. 

How did it all begin?

This independently-owned business paved its way to the floristry business in the metropolitan area. We used our contacts within the Hollywood scene to provide them with high-end flower and plant designs for their major social events and extravagant wedding ceremonies. We were previously involved in working with brick-and-mortar retail floristry.

As time progressed, the business switched gears in 2008 to create a completely new and innovative business model. It was aimed at achieving a much bigger growth and larger sustainability and stability in the floral industry. Moreover, they also wanted to compete in the E-commerce space. 

Instead of buying Fresh and scented flowers from a wholesaler- as traditional retail florists normally do. Avas Flowers chose to work directly with the flower and plant growers to supply customers nationwide. They wanted to give away superior quality and farm-fresh flowers to the end consumer at a comparatively lower price. This is done by simply eradicating the middle man that is the wholesalers and the retailer. In such a way, Avas Flowers has been able to successfully compete with other established and renowned online players including 1-800-Flowers and Avas Flowers believes that larger companies always translate their massive overheads into higher prices and a longer supply chain. We are doing exactly the opposite to this, we have altogether eliminated the overheads cost and the costs associated with the supply chain.

The vast majority of the shareholders at those companies have never witnessed the flowers themselves. On the East Coast, almost every flower arrives from South America. They enter Miami, stay there for a week or so, and then they are dispatched to the wholesaler. Wholesalers hold these flowers for up to a week before selling them to brick-and-mortar florists. Brick-and-mortar florists also hold the flowers and plants for as long as another week.

Why only Avas Flowers?

The fact that Avas flowers can secure its flowers and plants within two days has made it a multimillion-dollar company.. An additional office place is reserved at Hackensack, which supports facilities in South America and Asia as well.

We Hand-pick the flowers and plants with utmost care and attention and thus, score our growers. Having massive control over the whole procedure is an add-on for us. From the product to the process, everything is well-managed and well-organized making a whole thing a lot easier. Moreover, the inventory at Avas Flowers turns over within two days, so a lot of fresher flowers are delivered to the end consumer. Nevertheless, this is a reason behind less expensive flowers delivered in comparison to the rest of the competitors.

Avas Flowers operates as a nationwide florist offering premium flowers at discounted prices. We take pride in our unbeatable commitment towards maximum consumer satisfaction. From our family to yours, we extend our special gratitude and thanks for entrusting us to deliver your flowers. We promise to deliver you the best in town flowers at your doorstep.

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