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The Best Plants For Apartment-Dwellers

Apartment living has its fair share of benefits. From not having to fix broken appliances and fixtures to avoiding the energy-draining task of mowing the lawn in the dog days of summer, it is an ideal option for some individuals. Although the benefits of apartment living extend far beyond these factors, there are some desires that apartment-dwellers may feel as if they have to live without fulfilling. For those with a love of gardening and the outdoors, this may include the ability to exercise their green thumb. While apartments are not generally known as the best environments for gardening, fortunately, there are multiple varieties of plants that can be grown in an apartment. Whether apartment-dwellers have skipped house plants because of a busy schedule, a lack of space, or little access to natural light, there are both flowering plants and leafy green plants that can thrive despite these issues.

Flowering Plants

  • African Violet: African violets are a great addition to any apartment setting. With lively green leaves and bright purple flowers, they deliver a splash of color while remaining fit for an apartment-dweller's lifestyle. They are small plants, generally measuring around 12 inches in size, which means that they will not take up much valuable apartment space. While African violets require a moderate amount of light, this can be achieved by placing the plant near a window or through the use of indirect artificial light. As an added bonus, African violets need at least eight hours of darkness each night in order to thrive. This means that an African violet can be left by the windowsill during the day and then all lights can safely be turned off as an apartment-dweller settles in for the night.
  • Peace Lily: Peace lilies are one of the most popular indoor house plants. Although the white flower the plant produces is aesthetically pleasing, the plant is also known to increase the quality of indoor air. This may prove especially beneficial for apartment-dwellers who live in large, polluted cities. The peace lily is also able to withstand occasional under-watering and only requires a small amount of light each day. Because of this, it is fit for those with busy lives who live in apartments with little natural light available.
  • Orchid: The orchid is one of nature's finest creations. With beautiful flowers in a range of colors and a delightful fragrance, they are highly desirable plants for any nature-lover. Some varieties of orchids require more sunlight than others, although all varieties do well as indoor plants. Most varieties of orchids, however, are low-maintenance and only require watering once every four days or as little as once a week. The plant size is relatively small for most indoor varieties, generally between eight to 12 inches in height and three to five inches in width. Buy Orchids
  • Begonia: Begonias are exquisite plants that feature decorative leaves and colorful blossoms. Generally, the indoor plant varieties are between six and 12 inches in size, which make them the perfect option for those with only a small area to devote to indoor house plants. They require limited watering and frequent exposure to bright light. Although begonias are best in areas filled with sunlight, they also thrive when direct artificial lighting is used, which makes them suitable for apartments with small amounts of sunlight.
  • Christmas Cactus: With bright green leaves and exotic red flowers, it is not surprising that this plant goes by the name of the Christmas cactus. Although the Christmas cactus blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the blooms can last much longer when the plant is grown as a house plant. The plant requires darkness for a large majority of each day, so it is the perfect option for those with little or no access to direct sunlight. As it is of the cactus variety, it also only requires watering fairly infrequently, which makes it a great option for those apartment-dwellers who travel frequently.

Leafy Plants

  • Chinese Evergreen: A Chinese evergreen plant is a great, low-maintenance way to bring a bit of the outdoors into an apartment. With leaves that showcase a mixture of dark and light green as well as stripes, the plant has an exotic appeal. It requires low light exposure, which can be achieved through natural or artificial light, and does not need to be watered on a daily basis. Because of this, it is ideal for apartment areas with little light and for those who do not have the time to dedicate to high-maintenance plants.
  • Lucky Bamboo: For those apartment tenants seeking an exotic twist on house plants, a lucky bamboo plant is a dream come true. With its woody, winding appearance and green leaves, lucky bamboo is simply fun to look at. The plant requires a minimal amount of light and can be grown directly in water, which only requires changing every two to four weeks. Lucky bamboo plants are generally only a few inches tall and require containers a few inches wide. Because they are low maintenance and take up a small space, they are perfect plants for any apartment.
  • Bonsai Tree: Bonsai trees are some of the most whimsical-looking plants that can be grown indoors. The plant itself looks like a very small, leafy tree. For best results, they should be purchased as a plant instead of a seed, as it can be difficult to grow the plants directly from seeds in an indoor setting. They do best when they receive an adequate amount of water and are exposed to frequent light. A lot of indoor varieties range only between four and 12 inches, which makes them ideal for windowsills in small apartments.
  • Herbs: Although herbs are probably not the first thought that comes to mind when considering house plants, they are an excellent choice for apartment-dwellers. Most herbs can be grown under artificial light and do not require much maintenance or space. Herbs such as basil, mint, parsley, and chives do especially well when grown under artificial light or in windowsills. As an added benefit, growing herbs can also help apartment-dwellers save at the grocery store.
  • Spider Plant: With long, flowing green-and-yellow-striped leaves, spider plants are a unique-looking plant. They can be placed in plant hangers or decorative pots to further enhance the appearance of the plant. Apartment-dwellers will find that these plants increase air quality while remaining relatively low-maintenance. They do not require daily watering, which makes them ideal for apartment-dwellers who live fast-paced lifestyles.

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