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Garden Pleasures Basket

Garden Pleasures Basket

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21 reviews

4.5 stars

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Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden that is blooming and vibrant. That is how your recipient will feel when they receive the Garden Pleasures Basket. Bursting with bright colors and bountiful greenery, they are sure to be charmed.

*Plant color may vary depending on availability. Deluxe Arrangement depicted in photo above.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

When available this item is hand delivered by your top ranked local florist. Based on the current time the quickest your flower delivery can be scheduled for depending upon the area is:

After receiving the plant, water it to settle any soil made loose on the trip. Place the plant in direct sunlight. Plants should be kept in environments in which temperatures are kept between 65-75 degrees in order for them to thrive.

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Customer Reviews

easy online and flower beautiful

5 stars
- AmCan Transport 07/31/2017 10:23AM


5 stars
- Crystal 07/20/2017 9:21AM

Looks good

5 stars
- Rose cusack 02/05/2017 6:53PM

Flowers r just beautiful

5 stars
- Lawrence Vitelli 02/01/2017 1:20PM

Flowers r just beautiful

5 stars
- Lawrence Vitelli 02/01/2017 1:16PM

Their great

5 stars
- Linda Wilson 01/23/2017 10:33AM

Love the flowers in this plant

5 stars
- Robert F Lux 06/27/2016 1:20PM

Very beautiful, exactly as pictured.

5 stars
- Elaine Cromer 01/30/2016 9:43PM

Very pretty!!

5 stars
- Nancy McPherson 10/29/2015 11:53AM

looks amazing !

5 stars
- Viji and Raj 04/30/2015 7:28AM


5 stars
- Roger W 04/25/2015 9:50AM

Looks nice

5 stars
- Ruth Scott 04/05/2015 10:28PM

Nice basket

5 stars
- Pat Roundy 06/30/2014 12:44PM

Excellent gift for a house warming

5 stars
- Jane Albers 02/17/2014 1:37PM

Our teacher was retiring just last week and she loves to garden on her spare time. This basket seemed like the perfect gift to send her. She called me told me how much she loved the flowers. The quality was good and the bright colors were really what we were was looking for. A+

4 stars
- Lisa M. 02/29/2012 7:04PM

Nice basket. This is for my mom who loves plants and gardening. I hope she'll love it.

4 stars
- Daniel Steves 02/17/2012 9:13AM

Everyone knew that gardening is my passion. I love everything about plants and flowers and my friends would always give my anything that's related to gardening as their gift for me, but what I really loved most is this garden basket. It was my first time to receive this kind of basket. It's so unique and has everything I want for a plant. It has flowers and green plants and the package is so wonderful. I'm so happy my friend gave this to me. I truly appreciate and loved it.

4 stars
- Isaac, Ellen 01/16/2012 12:31AM

When I broke my hip, I was certainly surprised when my grandchildren sent me this wonderful planter! It's lasted so long and the plants have grown so big I'm going to replant them.

2 stars
- Edna Siganek 12/08/2011 7:40PM

This is such a wonderful plant assortment, I sent one to my co-worker and it's been on her desk for months, it still looks beautiful.

5 stars
- G. Stephens 10/10/2011 7:55PM

I received this plant at work and it's been such a nice addition to my office, the bright blooms and the hearty green plants brighten up the room. It's real easy to care for.

5 stars
- Jeff D. 10/04/2011 6:15PM

This is a wonderful planter the pink blooms really added an extra spark to the look! It's been really easy to care for and makes great centerpiece on my table.

5 stars
- Tony A. 09/22/2011 6:49PM
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