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Fruit and Chocolate Sympathy Basket

Fruit and Chocolate Sympathy Basket

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Sympathy Card

$3.99 each

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Delicious chocolates, fresh fruits and other treats come together to make a lovely gift basket during a time of loss. It is a thoughtful way to offer your condolences. Your kindness will be remembered and appreciated. Assortment may vary depending on availability.

*Fruit Baskets may require 24 hour notice for delivery in some areas.

Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

When available this item is hand delivered by your top ranked local florist. Based on the current time the quickest your flower delivery can be scheduled for depending upon the area is:

Remove the cellophane or clear wrap upon receiving the basket. If soft skinned fruits such as peaches feel hard to the touch, keep them at room temperature until they are ready to eat. If they feel soft, store them in the refrigerator to preserve the freshness of the fruit. Citrus fruits and bananas are among the most perishable of fruits and should be enjoyed soon in order to get the most out of your fruit basket.

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Customer Reviews

Looks Good

5 stars
- Lisa Alves 03/24/2016 7:23PM

Great looking basket

5 stars
- Carlos Hampton 03/23/2016 3:36PM

The gift basket was filled with fresh fruit and good chocolate. My Granddaughter ate the chocolate first and then started on the delicious fruit. Adeline A

5 stars
- adeline a 11/02/2014 1:53PM


5 stars
- Lori Eldridge 08/04/2014 10:12AM

My uncle loves chocolate and sending that with fruit was a great birthday gift when I was across the country for his birthday. I know he really appreciated it and ate the whole thing.

5 stars
- Christian B 01/11/2012 1:23PM

I received this fruit basket from my niece when I was in this hospital. It looked so delightful and the fruits and goodies were tasty.

3 stars
- David Andrews 01/06/2012 4:11AM

at first i wasnt sure about this basket but when i arrived the fruit was great and it was a massive basket well worth the money

5 stars
- sandy b 11/22/2011 7:59PM

It really is a blessing to receive a basket during such a hard time. It made things so much easier and it was much appreciated. Thanks again John and Lisa for sending us the basket. The chocolate was delicious.

5 stars
- Frank Dramnoff 09/27/2011 10:28AM

My father was just promoted at his job and I wanted to send him something nice for work. When he received the fruit basket he was really happy. He loves to eat so getting him this was perfect. He ate everything and said everything was so fresh.

5 stars
- Linda M 09/21/2011 12:52PM
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