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Learn about the Bugs in Your Garden!

Gardens are home to pretty flowers and healthy plants. They're also home to bugs, some good and some bad. Good bugs pollinate plants to help them make new plants, and they also eat bad bugs. Bad bugs hurt plants by eating parts of them or by spreading diseases to them. For instance, caterpillars eat plant leaves, which hurts the plants. To keep plants healthy, gardeners need to make sure that only good bugs are in their gardens.

Bugs We Like!

Many types of bugs, such as flies, are helpful in your garden. For example, the larvae of syrphid flies eat hundreds of aphids, protecting plants from the damage aphids do. Beetles are also important in your garden. Ground beetles eat moths, slugs, and snails at night, keeping them from eating plant leaves. Ladybugs eat mites and mealybugs, while the larvae of lacewings eat aphids.


Pollination allows flowers to make fruit and seeds that can become new plants. Many bugs help to pollinate plants. When a bee flies onto a flower to eat nectar, it picks up pollen from the anther of a flower on its body, and some of the pollen it's already carrying falls off onto the stigma. The pollen helps the flower to make fruit and seeds. Bees, wasps, ants, and flies all help flowers to pollinate.

Bugs We Don't Like

Some types of bugs are harmful for plants. Aphids drink plant sap, while caterpillars and slugs eat the leaves and stems of plants, killing the plants. Also, some types of bugs can harm pollinators, which keeps plants from making fruit and seeds.

Fun Bug Facts

  • Ladybugs can eat thousands of pests, such as aphids.

  • Caterpillars can have more than ten eyes.

  • Insects have a three-part body: a head, a thorax, and an abdomen.

  • Some types of ants can jump seven times the length of their bodies.

  • There are more than 8,000 types of ants.

  • Hornets can eat bees.

  • Honeybees need to take more than ten million trips to flowers to collect enough nectar to make just one pound of honey.

  • Cockroaches are known for being able to live through just about anything. They can live for up to a month without food. And they can even live for a week or more without their heads!

  • Crickets have ears located below the knees of their front legs.

Bug Games and Activities

Games are a fun way to learn about bugs in the garden. Whether you're playing gardening games or building paper bugs, you can learn about different bugs and how to protect your garden from pests and keep your plants safe with fun activities.

Bug Videos

You can also learn more about bugs by watching videos. Discover insects by making an outdoor insect trap, or listen to a poem to learn about the life of a bug. Have fun while learning natural ways to remove pests and protect endangered species of insects!

Written By Ava Rose.

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