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Are you interested in getting someone a bonsai plant as a gift? The art of bonsai cultivation has been associated with traditional Japanese gardening for more than one thousand years. Before the sixth century, the idea of the bonsai and even the bonsai tree gift already existed in China. In both these cultures, the bonsai tree represents harmony and is a way to commune with nature.

A Quick Introduction to the Subtle Art of the Bonsai Tree

The bon in "bonsai plant" refers to the tray-like pot the tree usually inhabits. This pot is usually made out of clay. Many different types of trees can be bonsai trees: Rock juniper, Chinese elm, and Satsuki azalea are popular both in Asia and in the west. It is not the specific type of tree that makes a plant a bonsai, however: It is the method of cultivation.

A bonsai tree might grow from a very tiny cutting of a great tree. That cutting might grow to be only a few inches high. However, it is up to the recipient of your bonsai tree gift to shape the tree using special pruning techniques. A properly cultivated flowering bonsai tree will have a beautiful symmetry of form so that it resembles its much larger counterparts.

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When cultivating a flowering bonsai tree, it is important to be very careful in pruning and to use only the best shears. Because of the small size of the bonsai tree, each cut can have a very dramatic effect on its final form. Over time, traditional bonsai gardeners say, the shape of the tree becomes a reflection of the inner thoughts and state of mind of the person who cares for it.

In the past, it may have been difficult to find the perfect bonsai tree for starting this fascinating hobby. Avas Flowers makes it easy thanks to our commitment to quality. You may know Avas as the nationwide brand that delivers fresh flowers, but we also have a wide selection of amazing gifts, such as our cheap, lovely bonsai.

Would you like to introduce someone you know to this fascinating and relaxing hobby? If so, it's time for a bonsai tree gift. Place your order online or contact us to find out more. A bonsai tree makes a terrific gift that can be part of someone's home, office, or garden for many years to come, so they are sure to think of you!

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