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Online Flower Activities and Games

Flowers and plants are great things to learn about. You can learn about flower types and colors at school or from your parents, and you can also play fun games and make crafts about flowers or gardens. A flower craft can also make a great present for Mother's Day or Grandparents' Day. Check out these links to find some neat activities about flowers and plants.

Online Games?

  • Bloomin' Gardens: This garden game asks you to clear out the garden by matching plants to make room for new plants.
  • Flower Shop: Fill the person's order and earn money in the game as you go.
  • Dora's Magical Gardening Game: This game lets you to plant flowers, water them, and harvest them. It is a great game for young children.
  • Amazing Flower Shop: Create a garden and then harvest the flowers to sell in your flower shop.
  • Growing for Life: Care for your garden by watering and harvesting your plants. Try to see how much you can grow.
  • Flora's Flower Shop: Race to fill people's orders and match the right number and type of flowers for each order.
  • Flower Power: This game takes watering to the extreme. You can use a hose to water each of the flowers.
  • Flower Surprises: Help Polly plant seeds and water the plants. Each flower grows into a surprise.

Online Activities?

  • Flower Word Search: Search for the different flower names in this online word search.
  • Pollinator Activity Book: This PDF file is an activity book with a lot of activities and coloring pages about flowers and growing.
  • Flower Coloring Pages: Choose from coloring pages ranging from easy to more detailed pictures.
  • Twisty Noodle Flower Coloring Pages: These printable pages let you pick from lots of different flowers.
  • Photosynthesis: Scholastic explains how plants feed themselves in this online activity.
  • From Seed to Flower: Watch this video of a flower growing. The process is sped up, and it shows a lot of different flowers.
  • Flower Puzzles: This online puzzle site offers a variety of flower puzzles. You can choose how hard you want the puzzle to be.
  • Preschool Printable Flower Puzzles: Print out one of these puzzles, cut out the pieces with help from a grown-up, then see if you can put the pieces together.

Art Projects

  • Box Bouquet: Crayola explains how to make a flower box with tissue flowers. This project uses chalk, paper, tissue paper, and glue.
  • Handprint Photo Blossom Craft: This craft makes a great Mother's Day present. It uses tempera paint, construction paper, and a photo of each child.
  • Daffodil Egg Carton Craft: Create a daffodil using construction paper, paint, egg cartons, glue, and scissors.
  • Tissue Cherry Blossom Tree: Use tissues to create cherry blossoms and glue them to a branch to display in your home. You will need a vase or a cup to put the branch in to display it.
  • Mother's Day Flower Hanger: Make a vase to hang flowers in with this easy craft from Highlights. You will need a paper towel tube, paint, and yarn.
  • Flower Deals: Discover great deals on flowers.
  • Flower Power: Turn a clear umbrella into a beautiful landscape with this fun flower craft. You will need a clear umbrella, tape, and paper to create this craft.
  • Mexican Paper Flower: Create a beautiful tissue flower with these easy directions. These flowers use tissue paper and pipe cleaners.

Written By Ava Rose.

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