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How To Make Potpourri from Dried Flowers

Potpourri has a wide array of uses and is a great way to create something beautiful and practical from dried herbs and flowers. You can make potpourri in a variety of scents ranging from floral and fruity to spicy. You can make potpourri according to the season and ensure you always have a pleasing aroma in your home or place of business. While you can use essential oils as a base for homemade potpourri, you can also press and dry your own flowers and herbs. You can create potpourri from herbs and flowers that you grew in a garden, as well as those from bouquets and other cuttings. Not only is potpourri a great way to add fragrance to your own living space, it also makes a wonderful gift.

Techniques for Drying Flowers

  • Determine which method you will use to dry flowers. Choose from air drying or using a medium to absorb moisture.
  • Choose between silica gel, sand, or oolitic sand as a drying medium.
  • Dry flowers by hanging them upside down in a dark, cool room. Allow between one and three weeks for flowers and other plant materials to fully dry.
  • Remove stems, leaves, and any material from plants before air-drying them.
  • Keep flowers, leaves, and other materials away from humidity to ensure they dry.
  • Pick flowers when they are closest to their full bloom, but have not yet reached that state for best success.
  • Gather more flowers and herbs than you think you will need to ensure plenty of materials for your potpourri.
  • Use borax and sand for a low-cost drying solution that is effective and efficient.
  • Only place flowers and herbs that are in good condition in your drying mix or to hang dry.
  • Never place wilted or discolored flowers in your drying mix.
  • Select silica gel for a fast method that will dry your flowers.
  • Reuse silica gel repeatedly by heating it to 250 degrees for 60 minutes to allow it to dry thoroughly.
  • Always cut plants, herbs, and other materials with sharp scissors or a sharp knife.
  • Dry flowers and herbs with intricate details and many parts in a microwave to speed up drying times.
  • Choose vibrant, dark colored flowers as these retain their hues longer than pastel blooms after the drying process is complete.
  • Arrange materials in a shallow box and stir them daily to ensure they thoroughly dry.

Choosing Ingredients

Potpourri Display and Decorating Ideas

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