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Holiday Calendar Around The World

The smell of a turkey cooking in the oven and pies, potatoes, corn, and rolls across the dining table can only mean one thing, it's Thanksgiving Day! Across the country people sit down with their families to celebrate Thanksgiving and continue a tradition the pilgrims started many years ago when they feasted on the last day of the harvest year. Christmas, Valentines and Halloween all have a story that people continue to celebrate year after year. Maybe your family has their own traditions they participate in on certain holidays. Some families open all of their presents on Christmas Eve, while others cut down a tree the day after Thanksgiving. Just like you may have unique traditions, countries around the world celebrate similar holidays in many different ways and most countries have a special few holidays that only they do.

What is your favorite holiday? Maybe it is Christmas or perhaps you prefer dressing up on Halloween for free candy. When you think of holidays, you think of the major ones celebrated in the U.S and Canada. The first major holiday begins on the very first day of every year. New Year's Eve is celebrated at midnight and starts the year off with a hope of change, good fortune, and a whole lot of partying. Maybe you throw confetti and watch the ball drop and cheer on the New Year. Valentine's is a fun holiday for kids and couples to share small gifts, decorate cookies, and express love for those closest to them. The next big holiday is Easter. This is a Christian holiday. Many people, whether religious or not, celebrate spring with an Easter bunny bringing baskets and treats. Independence Day, although different days, is a huge celebration in most countries around the world. The US shoots thousands of fireworks into the sky, sings the national anthem, and remembers the history of their independence and freedom from Britain. As the winter months approach, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas make their appearance with many decorations and weeks of celebrating and preparing.

Many holidays started off in other countries but the fun and excitement made its way overseas to other countries. One of these holidays is St. Patrick's Day. It began in Ireland to celebrate the anniversary of the death of a saint. Parades, festivals, and food were all a part of the celebration in Ireland. You probably celebrate on a simpler level by wearing green and pinching friends. Another holiday some people in the US and Canada celebrate, is Cinco de Mayo. This day is a very big day for Mexico and is a celebration of winning a war and keeping their land. Most people celebrate this day by eating lots of tasty Mexican food.

Canada and America aren't the only countries baking goodies, singing songs, and shooting off fireworks. All around the world countries have special days where they celebrate traditions, events and people. Lunar New Year is a China holiday and is considered the biggest celebration of the year. Just like many people have Christmas off, many workers take this special day off too. All day is spent cooking and preparing for the big celebration spent with friends and family. Japanese New Year is very similar and is also one of the major holidays for the entire year. Fireworks are shot into the sky to celebrate. Japan has two very unique holidays called Boy's Day and Girl's Day. These days represent becoming a man or woman and are celebrated with items that represent this. Girl's will receive a special doll and display it for good luck and purification. India celebrates a day called Diwali, which happens to be the same night as Halloween but unlike Halloween it is a day to remember their Gods' conquering evil. They celebrate by dressing in new clothes, placing good-luck items around their home, and bringing gifts to the temple. The streets are decorated with lights and flowers. There are so many fun, beautiful, and exciting holidays and traditions around the world that reflect the culture of a country.

Learn more about holidays in the US/Canada and other fun ones around the world by visiting these links.

Written By Sophie Pierce.

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