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Eco-Friendly Event Planning Guide

With all the waste in the world today, throwing a green party is a wonderful step in the right direction. Most party decorations are a big list of paper products: lanterns, invitations, plates, cups, streamers and even tablecloths are all made with paper. There always seems to be an excess of food and when the party is over everything is thrown in the garbage and rarely anything is used again or recycled. With a little creativity and precise planning, a beautiful green event can be thrown. The key to a successful eco-friendly party is focusing on reducing waste, using recycled materials, and having simple green entertainment.

Creative Solutions to Reduce Waste
Recycling to Reduce Waste

Guide to Planning a Zero-Waste Event

Ten Ways to Reducing Waste

Five Tips to Reduce Waste at a Wedding

Reduce Food Waste

Ways to Reduce Wedding Waste

Creative 101 Ways to Cut Back on Waste

Plan Ahead to Reduce Waste at Events

Waste Reduction Tips

Green Entertaining
Green Party Entertainment

Green Event Resources

Give Back Party

Eco-Friendly Entertainment

Hosting Eco-Friendly Events

Eco Parties

Eco-friendly Suppliers

Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

Green Party Goods

Green Planet Parties

Environmentally-Smart Supplier

Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Eco-Party Supplies

Congratulatory Flowers

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Place

Green Kid Crafts and Party Favors

Environmental and Green Party Supplies

Eco friendly Party Decor Ideas

Green Party Decor Ideas

Decorate Wisely for a Green Party

Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas for Parties

An Eco-Friendly Party

Ideas to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

Eco-Friendly Wedding Party Decorations

Choosing Green Decorations

Earth-Friendly Decoration Ideas

The Importance of Living a 'Green' Lifestyle

Green Living

Living Green Ideas

Send Birthday Flowers

Think About Going Green

5 Benefits of a Green Lifestyle

Tips on a Green Life

Economical Benefits of a Green Lifestyle

Going Green Benefits

Why Go Green

By: Sophie Pierce

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