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All About Winter Flowers Gardening

Maintaining a colorful flower garden can be challenging during the winter and, in some places, nearly impossible to do outdoors. However, you can still find ways to surround yourself with flowers during the bleaker months of the year, wherever you live. In warmer climates, you may be able to grow flowering plants outdoors in the winter. During milder years, flowering plants may also bloom earlier in the spring or later in the fall. If you live in a cooler climate but want some outdoor color, consider planting blooming trees, shrubs or even "weeds." While winter-blooming flowers may be less colorful than summer-flowering species, they can still add interest to your landscaping. In cooler climates, the easiest way to grow flowers in the winter is to tend to them indoors. Another option for indoor gardening is to force bulbs to bloom indoors, coaxing beautiful and exotic varieties to blossom in the dead of winter.

  • Monthly Gardening Checklists - This general resource for gardeners includes checklists for maintaining your garden year-round.
  • Winter Gardening: A Guide to Selected Resources - The Library of Congress offers an overview of books and publications about gardening in winter.
  • Winter Blooming Shrubs - This thorough essay on flowering shrubs explains which varieties will fare winter best in colder regions.
  • Winter Delights in the Garden: Flowers - This short article offers information on the flowering plants that bloom during winter in Pacific states.
  • Brighten Fall and Winter Landscapes with Eye-Catching Plants - This article explains which trees and shrubs bloom in winter in southern California.
  • Winter Annuals - This guide explains how to grow flowering plants through the winter in mild climates.
  • Winter Annuals for Warmer Climates - This article explains which flowers grow through the winter in Florida and other places with semi-tropical climates.
  • Bedding Plants for Louisiana Landscapes - This lengthy guide outlines the best bedding plants for Louisiana and warm climate gardeners.
  • Bloom Calendar - A calendar of the flowering plants at the Garvan Woodland Gardens offers examples of blossoming plants year-round.
  • Fall & Winter Care - This site offers general advice on key gardening tasks for the winter months.
  • Gardener's Checklist for Winter - This calendar outlines the gardener's principal wintertime tasks.
  • Frostweeds "Bloom" Frost Flowers - The Arkansas Native Plant Society offers advice on a native blooming winter plant, the "Frostweed."
  • Mild Winter, Early Spring Bring Talk of Climate Change - This article addresses which plants began blooming earlier due to climate change.
  • How to Turn Your Garden into a Winter Wonderland - This magazine article offers tips on colorful plants that grow outdoors in winter.
  • Winter Blooming Plants Guide - This illustrated guide introduces several good year-round blooming plants.
  • Winter Blooming Plants - This guide focuses on shrubs that bloom through winter months.
  • Winter Jasmine: Jasminum nudiflorum - This entry in a plant information database offers information on "Winter-Flowering Jasmine."
  • Four Fragrant, Winter-blooming Woodland Shrubs - This article covers four winter-blooming shrubs with fragrant flowers.
  • Winter Annual Weeds - This feature explains which "weeds" flower during the winter.
  • Winter Flowers to Plant - This article covers the trees, shrubs and perennials that bloom through winter.
  • Forcing Branches for Winter Color - This article explains how you can provoke cut branches of flowering trees to bloom in mid-winter.
  • Flower Bulb Basics - A guide to flowering bulbs offers information for beginners.
  • Force Bulbs for a Winter Bloom - A short article gives a simple overview of how to force flowering bulbs.
  • Growing Indoor Plants with Success - This downloadable guide covers all the FAQs about growing flowers indoors.
  • Growing Guide: Gazania - A plant information guide features a listing on a popular winter-flowering houseplant.
  • Guidelines for Watering Indoor Plants - A general set of rules explains how often and how much to water indoor plants.
  • Growing Healthy Orchids Indoors - This guide teaches you how to grow exotic orchids indoors.
  • Flowers and Houseplants: Articles - A directory of expert articles addresses common challenges to growing indoor flowers and houseplants.
  • Growing Begonias Indoors - This detailed article explains how to grow a popular blooming plant inside.
  • Sales on Flowers - Find affordable flowers for any season.
  • Grow Cacti Indoors - This guide explains how to grow cacti, including flowering cacti varieties, indoors throughout the winter.
  • Overwinter Your Flowering Annuals - This guide explains how to "save" annuals from your garden, to grow indoors through the winter.
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