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All About Wildflowers!

What Are Wildflowers?

A wildflower is a flower that grows naturally in the environment - it is not purposely planted or seeded. Wildflowers are not hybrid plants. Hybrid plants are plants that are formed by combining two different varieties of plants to form a new one.

Wildflowers and native plants: What's the difference?

Directory of Wildflowers

Wildflowers in the Home Landscape

Wild About Wildflowers (PDF)

Wildflowers: A Small-Scale Agricuture Alternative

Wildflowers in the Garden

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Wildflowers

Interesting facts about wildflowers

12 Types of Wildflowers for Summer Gardens

Why wildflowers matter

Wildflowers Benefit Agricultural Operations, Ecosystems

Wildflower Ethics and Native Plants

Wildflower Fun Facts

Wildflowers: Learn How To

Wildflowers can be found anywhere in nature! Whether you're in a dark forest, in the middle of a desert, near a stream or river or in the middle of a meadow, there is sure to be wildflowers around!

Wildflowers are the original source of many cultivated flowers you will find in your garden.

Wildflowers are easily adaptable to different soils and weather conditions, which makes them hearty and allows them to thrive in the wild.

Many wildflowers are native plants that provide food (nectar, leaves, seeds and pollen) to the local birds, bees, butterflies and other insects/animals.

While most wildflowers are native plants (see below to read about native plants!)

Here are some additional flower terms you should learn about if you're studying wildflowers:

Benefits of Wildflowers

If you are looking for information for wildflowers in your area, you can find specific locations below:

Alabama - Alabama Wildflower Gallery

Alaska - Wildflowers of the National Forests in Alaska (PDF)

Arizona - Wildflowers of Arizona

Arkansas - Arkansas Wildflowers

California - California Native Flowering Plants and Wildflowers

Colorado - A Guide to Colorado's Wildflowers

Connecticut - Connecticut Botanical Society - Wildflowers

Delaware - Delaware Wildflowers

Florida - The Florida Wildflower Foundation

Georgia - US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Georgia

Hawaii - The Flowers of Hawaii

Idaho - Wildflowers of North Idaho

Illinois - Illinois Wildflowers

Indiana - Common Spring Wildflowers of Indiana

Iowa - Iowa's Roadside Wildflowers and Plants

Kansas - Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Kentucky - Pocket Field Guide to Kentucky's Wildflowers and Native Grasses

Louisiana - Reference List for Louisiana Wildflower Identification

Maine - Maine Wildflowers

Maryland - Maryland Wildflowers

Massachusetts - Massachusetts Wildflowers

Michigan - 18 beautiful wildflowers native to Michigan

Minnesota - Minnesota Wildflowers

Mississippi - Mississippi's Wildflowers

Missouri - Missouri Wildflower Favorites

Montana - Montana Wildflower Pictures

Nebraska - 10 of The Most Stunning Nebraska Wildflowers

Nevada - Wildflowers of Nevada

New Hampshire - Gallery & Guide to NH Wildflowers

New Jersey - New Jersey Wildflowers and Plants

New Mexico - Wildflowers of New Mexico


North Carolina - North Carolina Native Plant Society

North Dakota - Prairie Wildflowers and Grasses of North Dakota

Ohio - Ohio Summer Wildflowers

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Wildflowers

Oregon - Wildflowers of Oregon

Pennsylvania - Wildflowers of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island - Among Rhode Island Wildflowers

South Carolina - A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina

South Dakota - South Dakota Recommended Wildflowers

Tennessee - Tennessee Native Plant Society

Texas - Wildflowers of Texas

Utah - Utah Wildflowers

Vermont - Vermont Land Trust: Wildflowers

Virginia - Virginia Wildflowers

Washington - Wildflower Viewing in Washington State

West Virginia - West Virginia's native plant society

Wisconsin - Wildflowers of Wisconsin

Wyoming - Wyoming Wildflowers

England/Britain - A simple guide to the wildflowers of Britain and A beginner's guide to native British wildflowers and England's Blooming Plants

Additional Information on Wildflowers:

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