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All About Military Wreaths and Veteran Support

All About Military Wreaths and Veteran Support

Veterans face a unique set of challenges because the military is more than a job. It's very much a way of life, and many members of the armed forces and their families have serious struggles to contend with as a result. Those whose lives are affected by the military can face financial problems, substance abuse or addiction, or even untimely deaths. Fortunately, there are many resources available to veterans and their families. Some programs help veterans and their spouses train for financially rewarding civilian careers. Others assist veterans struggling with physical or mental health issues. And, should the worst occur, there are also military wreaths and support groups available to show how much they were loved and appreciated. These programs strive to provide the support veterans deserve and are available throughout the country.

Can I Get Free Health Care and Prescriptions as a Veteran?

The Department of Veterans Affairs explains which veterans are eligible for free medical care.

Lifeline for Vets

Veterans often find comfort in talking to other veterans about their combat experiences.

Civilian Transition

The Women's Veterans Network has resources for vets looking to transition successfully into a civilian career.

The Catalyst

The Pink Berets operate this program which focuses on female veterans.

Operation Purple Programs

Veterans who were injured in the line of duty are the focus of this supportive program.


The first coordinated network in America dedicated to helping veterans locate support services.

Military Separation

People preparing to leave the military often need specific support.

Requirements for Burial

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs requires specific paperwork for a deceased veteran to receive a military funeral and burial.

DOD SkillBridge

The Department of Defense designed this program to help veterans who recently left the military retrain for well-paying civilian careers.

Homeless Services

Veterans with insecure housing can reach out for help.

Cohen Clinics

These health facilities are focused on helping veterans find trauma-informed mental health care.

Burial Benefits - Headstones, Markers, and Medallions for Placement in Private Cemeteries

Veterans buried in private cemeteries are still eligible for a headstone or grave marker.

Burial and Survivor Benefits for Veterans

Veterans are eligible for a range of benefits both in life and death.

NEADS Service Dogs for Veterans

Veterans with permanent physical disabilities or significant hearing loss could benefit from a well-trained service dog.

Project Odyssey

The Wounded Warrior Network operates this 12-week program for veterans dealing with PTSD.

Adaptive Sports

Veterans who sustain life-altering injuries often struggle in part because they were very active people before their injury. Adaptive sports help them maintain physical strength and improve their mental health by staying physically active.

Operation First Response

Veterans who need financial assistance can reach out to this organization for help and resources.

Dental Care Resources For Veterans

Veterans who develop dental issues can find help through these resources.

Patriot Project Chiropractic Care

Veterans with pain or injuries who want to try chiropractic care can find informed practitioners on this website.

Military, Veterans and Loved Ones

Give an Hour has a wealth of mental health resources for veterans, their families, and healthcare professionals.

Building Homes for Heroes

Needy veterans can receive homes from this nonprofit.

Operation Finally Home

Veterans in California can apply for a new home through this program.

Tunnels to Towers

Veterans who sustained significant injuries can receive a house built to their specific physical needs.

Empowering Our Veterans

AMVETS runs many programs to help veterans get all the support they need in all parts of their lives.

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

HUD operates this program that attempts to reduce the number of homeless veterans.

Prioritize Your Health

NAMI provides mental health care resources for veterans and their families.

Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence

TBICoE helps veterans and their families by assisting them to understand and find providers who understand how to support and treat those impacted by traumatic brain injuries.

Guitars for Veterans

Music is one-way veterans can learn to cope with the traumas they endured while serving.

Critical Financial Assistance

Operation Home Front operates this program that offers financial assistance to veterans.

Service Member & Family Support

The Semper Fi Fund is behind this program for military members and their families.

The Dog Tag Fellowship Program

Military veterans and their spouses often need support in forging a supportive community for their post-military lives.

Able Flight

Injured veterans can still learn to fly plans thanks to this program.

Veterans and Addiction

Many veterans struggle with addiction issues, but help is available.

PTSD Service Dogs for Veterans - America's VetDogs

Specially trained dogs can provide life-changing support to veterans living with PTSD.

Wreaths Across America

People can sponsor wreaths to decorate the graves of veterans from the Revolutionary War up to veterans of the post-9/11 conflicts.

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