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A Guide to Birth Month Flowers

Each birth month throughout the year has a designated flower with its own meaning and tradition. Some months even have more than one representative flower. These flowers celebrate unique attributes of the month, represent exceptional characteristics, and convey messages. Learning about birth month flowers is a wonderful way to imbue your gift-giving, gardening, or decorating with special meaning for yourself and loved ones. Read on to learn more about each birth month flower and its significance:

January: Carnation

January is represented by the carnation. This hardy flower is a sign of love, making it a popular gift. Each carnation color has a unique meaning according to the traditional language of flowers. For example, pink carnations let the recipient know that "I'll never forget you," while white carnations symbolize innocence and pure love.

February: Violet/Primrose

While February typically brings to mind Valentine's Day and its abundant roses, February's actual birth flower is the violet. These gorgeous blue, purple, yellow, and cream flowers are typically a symbol of modesty and faithfulness. February is also the month of the primrose, which, like the violet, also symbolizes modesty and virtue. If gifted, primrose shows that "I can't live without you."

March: Daffodil

Daffodils are the perfect flower to represent the start of spring. This sunny yellow flower is a member of the narcissus family and represents the rebirth of spring and sunshine. Daffodils are a lovely gift to show friendship, special regard, and happiness. Jonquils, a subset of daffodils, can also represent a desire for affection and love.

April: Daisy/Sweet Pea

Cheerful daisies represent April birthdays. There are many types of daisies, ranging from the traditional white and yellow English daisy to the many bright colors of the Gerbera daisy. This innocent flower is a sweet way to tell someone you'll keep a secret or be loyal. April is also the month of the sweet pea. This deliciously fragrant pink flower symbolizes a sweet goodbye or pleasure.

May: Lily of the Valley/Hawthorn

The majestic lily of the valley is May's birth flower. This beautiful but poisonous white flower represents sweetness and romantic love. It shows the recipient that "you complete my life" and conveys a sense of humility. May is also associated with the hopeful Hawthorn plant with its pretty clusters of ornamental flowers.

June: Rose/Honeysuckle

June is represented by the lush rose in its many varieties. Roses come in many colors and just as many meanings. Each unique rose symbolizes a special message of love, regard, and passion. June is also the month of the honeysuckle. This sweet summer flower also symbolizes sweet and lasting love.

July: Larkspur/Water Lily

Like June's rose, July's birth month flower, the larkspur, has a variety of meanings. The flower generally symbolizes attachment and love, but each color has a unique meaning. For example, the pink larkspur shows fickleness, while the purple-blue larkspur is for first loves. July is also represented by the graceful water lily and its message of purity.

August: Gladiolus/Poppy

August is represented by both the gladiolus and the poppy. While the "sword lily" gladiolus represents strength and integrity, the poppy has a wide range of meanings. Poppies traditionally represent imagination and oblivion, but each color also has a unique meaning. Red poppies are a sign of pleasure, while white represents consolation.

September: Aster/Morning Glory

The aster and the morning glory are September's birth month flowers. The star-like aster represents daintiness, wisdom, and love. This daisy-like flower is an attractive addition to any garden, as they also attract butterflies! Morning glories, like asters, come in shades of purple, pink, and white. These colorful blooms convey gentle affection.

October: Marigold/Cosmos

The bold marigold is October's flower. This ruffled orange and yellow flower symbolizes fierce love. It also has several very different meanings around the world. It is considered very good luck in Hindu tradition, while it symbolizes sympathy or sorrow according to the Victorian language of flowers. Cosmos also represent October. This vibrant flower represents calm and serenity.

November: Chrysanthemum

November's birth flower is the soft chrysanthemum. Each color has a distinct meaning, as red chrysanthemums represent cheerfulness and love while yellow represents slighted feelings of love. White chrysanthemums, on the other hand, are a sign of purity. These flowers are also popular for use in feng shui due to their representation of abundance.

December: Narcissus/Holly

December is represented by the narcissus and holly. Despite the myth of the self-absorbed mythological figure, this beautiful white and yellow flower actually represents sweetness. Holly is also the perfect December birth month flower. This flowering plant symbolizes domestic happiness and is also closely associated with winter holidays.

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