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Two Dozen Red Roses - Only 3 left in Stock

This product is temporarily out of stock.

Sending classic red roses is a choice that never fails. Double the delight by sending two dozen farm-fresh roses as a beautiful bouquet or with a lovely glass vase. Specially priced premium roses arrive in a custom designed floral box to bring to life the beauty of this abundant arrangement. They’re gorgeous from petal to stem!

Item will be shipped via UPS/Fed Ex in a signature gift box only.

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Item pictured is a depiction of an arrangement that we will make as similar as possible with the same look and feel.

Ava's Classics

Delivered via UPS/FEDEX in an award winning gift box. Other Items on the site are available for same day hand delivery by your local florist. Please call us if you need help, we are here to assist you.

Ava's Classics

Add water daily to ensure your rose arrangement stays fresh and display the flowers in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Remove all foliage below the waterline in the vase and recut the stems underwater with a sharp knife then replace them back into the vase with the floral preservative provided with the arrangement. Should the roses wilt, submerge the entire flower and stem in a bowl of warm water and cut two inches off the stem. Leave the roses in the water for about two hours.

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Product Reviews & Rating

08/24/2011 9:30AM 5 stars I was able to make her say yes. Thanks Avas flowers.Sam J

09/14/2011 7:26PM 5 stars I wanted to get something for my girl to make a real good impression and I was looking at buying two doz rozes that would have cost me 150 . I asked them why so much and they said oh they were so fresh. Well I got this deal here and the roses lasted two weeks and I could send them 3 times for that price. Not sure how U do it but this is really an awesome deal-AndyAndy

09/20/2011 10:21AM 5 stars Normally a dozen roses cost a fortune so I was little nervous when I ordered. What a big sigh of relieve when they showed up fresh as if they were just cut. For the quality you cannot beat the price. I will definitely order these again.Keith

09/21/2011 4:19PM 5 stars The roses blew my wife away. The packaging was awsome the roses looked like i just picked them up at the store 5 minutes ago, i will have some fun tonightrich roberts

09/28/2011 8:38PM 4 stars very niceutsab khanal

10/25/2011 2:27PM 5 stars My boyfriend is the best! He sent me this arrangement on my birthday and I fell in love. They were so beautiful and fresh. They lasted a really long time as well.Henrietta G

11/15/2011 10:18PM 5 stars I was so please when my husband sent me these flowers. I love roses they are my favorite and Avas has beautiful roses.Wendy

11/21/2011 7:31PM 4 stars this cant be beat for quality and price..... unbelievablebarry r

11/23/2011 6:37PM 4 stars my girlfriend was very happy. Guess that's the most important thing :)Eva

12/02/2011 5:33PM 5 stars She love them they are so beautiful.tricia

12/02/2011 5:35PM 5 stars She love them they are so beautiful.tricia

12/20/2011 1:52PM 5 stars My girlfriend loved these when I sent them to her. The vase and the roses together was very romantic looking and very elegant as well. The roses looked and smelled great.Hensley

01/03/2012 6:43PM 4 stars What an eloquent arrangement! This looked so great when it was delivered and my girlfriend was extremely happy. Big kudos to the rep who helped me pick this arrangement.Jorge F

01/04/2012 9:49AM 5 stars I always order flowers for my girlfriend every Valentine's Day from Avas flowers. She loves them! So on any occasion I don't hesitate to give Avas a call,Ryan A

01/12/2012 10:17PM 5 stars I got my lady friend these and I'm on a fixed budget, I really got a good deal. Not only where they delivered on time but they lasted a long time. I recommended avas to my friends and always will. You guys are great!!Josh Ward

01/19/2012 8:12AM 5 stars Avas never fails me everytime I order flowers. The price is just right and they deliver on time and the flowers are long lasting. These roses are one of my favorites which I sent to my wife last year on Valentine's Day.ivan r.

01/19/2012 6:38PM 5 stars This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous! The roses where so beautiful and fresh looking. The roses where such a beautiful shade of red and really complimented my home.Daniella

01/26/2012 8:33AM 1 stars The quality of flowers is perfect. They're fresh, arranged beautifully and the price is fair.Len B.

02/11/2012 8:15AM 5 stars Roses are usually expensive during Valentine's and I'm surprised Avas gave me a good deal and the flowers were so fresh.Josh

02/10/2012 7:04PM 5 stars these roses were so beautiful and so inexpensive its unbelievable get thembob rojas

02/15/2012 2:55AM 5 stars AmazingAndy dong

02/17/2012 9:21AM 1 stars Thank you for sending these fresh roses to my girlfriend last Valentine's. She was so happy when she got them.Jason

06/25/2012 8:31PM 4 stars I got a bouquet of this from my suitor and I loved it so much! Really premium ones, and they are even better over the picture! And what amazed me more is the affordable price. Kudos Avas!Rainie

07/25/2012 11:39AM 5 stars No commentJun Wu

08/29/2012 11:27PM 2 stars nice rosesrosy

09/20/2012 2:35PM 4 stars I ordered flowers for my mother's 60th birthday last week from your shop, but the flowers arrived wilted. I was really sad but that was not too long because you have quickly responded on my issue! You offered to send these gorgeous roses to my mom for a re delivery and she was overwhelmed with its beauty! Thank you Avas Flowers for saving the day and for not letting me down. I am a satisfied customer.Hollie P

11/11/2012 8:34PM 5 stars I want to get red roses bc me and my ex broke up and i messed it all up i hope this will make him happy bc i still love himKatye

03/01/2013 11:48AM 5 stars PerfectWalt Secondine

05/12/2013 5:46PM 4 stars i love this flowerkate

10/28/2013 8:57PM 5 stars Dear Loretta and Mike Thanks for a great weekend it was great Love Maryann And JoeJoseph Napoli

12/31/2013 2:30PM 3 stars Sent these to my mom for her birthday! Largest roses she's ever seen!! Delivered next day in the middle of winter & they were stunning. Didn't look like the pic, though. Hers were white on the outside & red on the inside with very little filler. Still beautiful!Tammy

02/10/2014 5:31AM 3 stars very nicecarl willis

02/05/2014 6:58PM 5 stars Customer Service is Great ! Im sending 24 Roses to a man i truly love and care about !!!!! thank you so much will let everyone know Avas is our own EDEN! Will let you guys know what he thinks !!!Marcia

03/02/2014 11:42PM 5 stars You are wonderful.David

02/13/2014 7:18PM 5 stars NiceJohn Swing Jr

02/11/2014 4:21PM 5 stars Fantastic !!!! His words omgggggggggggggggggggggg marciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they are amazing i never gotten roses ! I don't know nobody who ever got 2 dozen Happy Thanks Avas !Marcia

02/11/2014 6:08PM 5 stars goodKevin Huang

03/23/2014 1:59PM 5 stars My daughter sent me 2 dozen red roses for my Birth Day. They are the most beautiful roses I have ever received. They are very special to me, and I love them. I have had them for 2 days now and they are just as beautiful as they were the day I received them.... Should I need to order flowers for anything I will definitely order from this site. Jean Lowden A very satisfied customerJean Lowden

03/20/2014 2:44PM 5 stars Great service and great selectionRobert Federici

03/13/2014 1:57PM 5 stars First time using Ava's and I could not be happier. The flowers were beautiful, fresh and delivered at the perfect time. Will definitely be using Ava's again. Thanks for the great quality and service!Aubree

05/12/2014 9:41PM 4 stars I love their service!!Maria Gonzalez

06/05/2014 11:48AM 5 stars greatGreg Johnson

07/17/2014 10:38AM 5 stars Thanks for the great work.Tom Anfinson

10/13/2014 8:05PM 5 stars ExcellentRachelle Manning

11/12/2014 10:52AM 5 stars ExcellentMersiha Maros

01/13/2015 5:41PM 5 stars GoodRuben

02/24/2015 5:35AM 5 stars Highly customer friendly service--thanks for being here to take care of meSister Mary Armella Pietrowski

06/04/2015 8:07PM 5 stars I researched florists for about a week before I decided on Ava's. It was the best decision I could have made. I ordered two dozen roses for my girlfriend's birthday and she loved them!!!!!!Martika Mitchell

02/01/2016 2:46PM 4 stars This site is great. Good prices and great selections.Christopher Parsons

02/08/2016 5:53PM 5 stars Excellent!Paul Mooney

02/09/2016 2:38PM 5 stars Amazing flowers! They are full size roses and the colors are very, very vibrant - as though it was fresh cut. Also love that I received an email and a text message that the flower's were delivered and identified who has it (ie. dropped off with the mail room). Great prices as well. I've used Ava twice and have not been disappointed yet. Will definitely use them again. Nice job! Quality flowers.Melissa Tam

02/28/2016 7:58AM 5 stars Amazing!Christian Gonzalez

08/28/2016 10:12PM 5 stars Excellent!!!Conor Hogan

09/14/2016 7:29AM 5 stars Great siteanthony caravetta

09/11/2016 7:47PM 5 stars Great!!Elizabeth Macias

09/30/2016 2:21AM 5 stars BeutifulJohnny

10/30/2016 10:11PM 5 stars Good valueNelson ibarra

11/03/2016 10:02AM 5 stars 5 stars Rafael herrera

12/05/2016 11:06PM 4 stars Very easyTim Gray

02/04/2017 3:14PM 5 stars EasyMark

02/08/2017 12:09PM 5 stars great pricemark

01/12/2017 7:39AM 5 stars EasyArlene S Rivera

01/30/2017 11:55AM 5 stars EasyJake Hogan

02/09/2017 8:14PM 5 stars ExcellentDwayne Eaglin

02/10/2017 1:55PM 5 stars EasyStephen

02/10/2017 7:38AM 5 stars ExcellentLester C Williams

02/11/2017 3:34AM 5 stars ExcellentDarwin Suarez

03/02/2017 2:25PM 5 stars Good stuffMike

03/30/2017 7:55PM 5 stars Used before. Great service.Kimayatah Gibbs

03/29/2017 8:32PM 5 stars ExcellentDaniel Mercedes

04/21/2017 1:24AM 5 stars Great ValueKevin Dean

04/18/2017 6:56AM 5 stars Nice priceGabriel Rivera

06/01/2017 4:34PM 5 stars CoolAaron

06/30/2017 9:01PM 5 stars Awesome deal!!!Jessica

06/01/2017 3:13PM 5 stars PerfectAaron Grimmett

07/03/2017 6:41PM 5 stars I think it was easy processArturo Miramontes

07/15/2017 1:14PM 5 stars GreatZacharia Toilolo

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Red Roses - Two Dozen Farm Fresh

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Great service. Everything went well and she received her flowers on time.. - David S