Rose flowers are almost synonymous with love and affairs of the heart. Red roses are commonly used for many types of romantic occasions. Other colors have been cultivated to suit many other occasions and express a multitude of emotions. Whether it's to celebrate the anniversary of an ongoing relationship, to apologize for something or to simply to express happiness or gratitude, roses can make the perfect choice in flowers!

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Carnations are one of the most popular flowers to place in an arrangement, and for many good reasons. Not only is it a durable flower that lasts much longer than other, more fragile types, but they are also very fragrant and colorful. Their wavey and tousled appearance makes it a piece that compliments the wavey petals of a rose or the small collective appearance of lilacs. Carnations make for great gifts on their own; their lastability makes them ideal for something that won't wilt as easily. With other flowers, they can support an arrangement much more beautiful.

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Lilies are one of the most popular flowers available. They are easily recognizable in any arrangement and their distinct look and elegant beauty is breathtaking. While almost all lilies retain a similar shape, they vary greatly in color and design. Adding a splash of these lilies into a mixed arrangement can really make the whole picture blossom!

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Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are soft and elegant flowers with a very distinguishable look and feel. While they share a similar elegance with regular lilies, Calla liles are technically not part of the lily family at all. The traditional calla lily only contains one petal and are usually accompanied with sympathy arrangements, weddings or for Easter. These beautiful flowers also make very breathtaking accents to arrangements of many other types and occasions. While they are popularly requested in white, they can also be in an assortment of cold and warm colors to best suit anyone's preferences!

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The Orchid is one of the most popular exotic flowers available. It is one of the most diverse flowers as it has thousands of different variations in size, type and color. Orchids are commonly sold as plants as they can easily be grown and maintained indoors, despite their apparent delicacy. The beauty that orchid plants have is unique and grants the ability to give a beautiful flower as a gift and have it last for years to come!

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The daisy is a flower that is as popular as it is simple. Their long, thin petals and apparently round center are the classical depiction of what a flower is imagined to be. This flower can be used in an arrangement mixed with other flowers to create a modest yet attractive design or in a large bunch to represent innocence, purity and simplicity. The different colors of daisies will ensure that whatever arrangement is made, daisies can bring happiness to whomever receives it!

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Sunflowers are easily the most distinguishable of all the flowers; their large, yellow petals and deep brown center can be seen from fields away. Their unique look immediately brings thoughts of the sun to mind, as the most remarkable thing about a sunflower is that it naturally faces the sun to gather sunlight efficiently. That accompanied with its festive autumn look and feel makes this a desireable focus piece for any festive arrangement!

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Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is an exotic flower most notable for its unique petal formation that strangely resembles that of a crane's beak. Its vibrant orange colors and majestic stature makes this flower as exotic as it is impressive. While a perfectly beautiful arrangement in a bouquet on its own, Birds of Paradise can also be used with other exotic flowers to create something truly unique.

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There's no mistaking the bright, upright petals of a tulip. These flowers are used in a variety of cheerful arrangements and takes advantage of their variety of colors to strike meaningful emotions in the vase that they are placed in. Whether for a special event, to celebrate the spring, or 'just because' tulips are definitely a well favored gift.

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