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Roses are the epitome of beauty and therefore make an excellent gift for a loved one, friend, or acquaintance. Avas Flowers, a nationwide florist, offers an extensive selection of premium rose arrangements, many available for same-day or next-day flower delivery. Roses are the ultimate choice for a wide range of occasions, including Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and elegant dinner gatherings. In fact, rose bouquets can make any occasion more special.

At Avas Flowers, our rose bouquets consist of fresh-cut flowers purchased at wholesale prices, meaning that we can pass along lower prices for our customers. When you order and send roses online, you’ll have the opportunity to shop from a massive selection of lovely rose arraignments, including long-stemmed red roses and accent flowers, like burgundy carnations or baby’s breath, and arranged in a glass vase.

If you prefer to buy a bouquet of roses in a color other than classic red, we have a large number of options. Red roses are romantic and traditional, but we also carry vibrant rainbow-colored blooms that are sure to make an impression. Pink roses are a thoughtful gift for a friend, co-worker, or neighbor, and we can have them promptly delivered to your recipient’s door in a flower box when you contact us online or by phone. Rose delivery is usually made on the same day or the next day or can be scheduled for an upcoming occasion or event.

Roses delivered to a home or business can be an extra-special gift for that special person in your life. Find a bouquet of roses that expresses what you’re not able to say in words. White roses are a symbol of peace and purity, while our sunny yellow roses are associated with good cheer and a wish for well-being. Roses can also be combined with other beautiful flowers, such as mini calla lilies or purple asters. Each bouquet is lush, filled with a combination of flowers, fillers, and greenery.

Some of our floral arrangements also come with extra gifts for your recipient, so your recipient can get a cute, fuzzy teddy bear and box of delicious chocolates in addition to your fresh-cut roses. Our striking centerpiece flower arrangements also feature candles. To make your arrangement even more festive, choose from optional greeting cards, latex balloons, stuffed animals, Mylar balloons, or boxes of chocolates.

When sending fresh flowers from Avas Flowers, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re sending high-quality, beautiful floral arrangements that are sure to make someone smile. If you’re searching for that perfect gift or token of love and appreciation for that special person in your life, search our wide selection of exquisite roses and other flower options at Avas Flowers today.

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The carnation belongs to a flower species called dianthus, a scientific name that roughly translates to “flower of love” or “flower of the gods.” The carnation has a ruffled appearance that carries a clove-like scent. Unlike other flowers, a single-stemmed carnation can hold the same elegance and beauty as a bouquet of carnations. Some of the oldest cultures in the world have revered and cultivated the carnation for centuries. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans frequently used the carnation in art and décor. Many Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed on Earth when the Virgin Mary wept as Jesus carried his cross. Carnations during this era were predominantly found in various shades of pink and peach. Over time, the palette of available colors increased to include yellow, white, purple, red, and green. Despite the many changes that took place over time, the popularity of the carnation continues to grow.

Carnations carry several meanings: As with many other flowers, the carnation communicates different messages based on its color. For instance, light red carnations convey admiration, whereas dark red communicates deep love and affection. White carnations symbolize purity and luck. People often give pink carnations as a sign of gratitude. In the early part of the 20th century, it became customary to give carnations on Mother's Day. Today, people give carnations for many different occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, funerals, and festivals.

Avas Flowers offers nationwide flower delivery on a wide selection of carnation flower arrangements. We offer an assortment of carnation arrangements in many different colors. Simply click on the color of your choice on the left sidebar to see what we have in stock. We also offer carnation bouquets in an assortment of colors. We offer better carnation arrangements at lower prices than our competitors. In addition, we offer same-day delivery on select carnation arrangements if you buy carnations before 2 p.m. local time. Please note that our same-day delivery policy varies according to your delivery driver’s route and destination. We do our very best to ensure that your carnation bouquets arrive safely at your door in a timely fashion. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will re-deliver carnation bouquets to the specified destination if you contact us within seven days. No other florist offers carnation flower delivery that gets premium flowers to your doorstep faster than you can click a button.

Avas Flowers offers same-day delivery when you order and send select carnation bouquets online. We also offer floral arrangements and gift baskets that convey the message you wish to send to that special someone. Why shop for carnation arrangements at any other florist? We offer everything you need and more at Avas Flowers. Buy your carnation bouquets today! If you need additional information on our floral arrangements, then give us a call at 1-877-638-3303.

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The lily belongs to a genus of herbaceous flowering plants that produce beautiful flowers from large bulbs. Lilies play an integral role in culture and literature throughout the world. Most species grow in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Many other plants have the name “lily” in their name, but none convey the meaning of true lilies.

Lilies have a long and storied history that traces back to Ancient Greece. The Greeks viewed the lily as having directly come from the milk of Hera, wife of Zeus. As a result, the Greeks revered the flower for its association to Hera. According to Roman legend, Venus rose from the water and became envious over the beauty of a lily she saw. In fact, Venus felt threatened by the sheer beauty of the flower insomuch that she gave it a pistil in the hope of making it less attractive than her. In the Catholic tradition, a white lily symbolizes the purity that is commonly associated with the Virgin Mary. Other kinds of lilies developed different associations and meanings over time. For instance, the Peruvian lily developed the meaning of friendship, while white stargazer lilies communicate sympathy. Pink stargazer lilies are associated prosperity and wealth. In addition, lilies of the valley have become a customary gift on the second wedding anniversary of a newlywed couple in order to convey devotion and humility to each other. Lilies are often given at many occasions, including weddings, funerals, and during the birth of a child.

Avas Flowers provides nationwide flower delivery on a wide selection of premium flowers. We boast an assortment of beautiful blooms in every color imaginable. We also supply assorted colors in our bouquet of lilies if you wish to order and send those to your loved ones instead. We have lilies for sale at competitive prices. No other florist compares in their ability to provide better flowers at the lowest price possible. Same-day delivery on select lilies for sale may be available if you place your order before 2 p.m. local time. Our same-day delivery policy varies according to the individual driver’s route and destination. We do our very best to provide exceptional service to our customers when they buy one of our bouquet of lilies. In fact, we are committed to customer satisfaction and promise to re-deliver another bouquet to your doorstep if you are unsatisfied with your product and notify us within seven days. No other florist comes close in providing our level of customer service.

Avas Flowers offers a beautiful selection of lilies. Bouquet arrangements may include any type of flower you wish. Why shop at other florists for lilies? Delivery estimates range according to availability and location. We arrange many lily bouquets that will convey how you feel to that special someone. We also carry floral arrangements and gift baskets that will set the mood for any occasion. Don’t wait any longer to buy lilies online. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-638-3303.

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Calla Lilies

When it Comes to Beautiful Calla Lilies, Bouquets Represent Blossoming and Enduring Love

In the ancient language of flowers, calla lilies represent beauty, purity, and rebirth. Owing to their delicate coloration, combining ivory petals with lush green leaves, calla lilies are highly popular for many romantic occasions. In fact, calla lilies are second only to roses in their deep and lasting association with weddings: They are a great way to say “I love you.”

Calla lilies are also called trumpet lilies, and they start to bloom in the late spring each year. They originate from the southern regions of Africa and are remarkably hardy as well as lovely to look at. Calla lilies have been known to resist frost and to grow in conditions that aren’t quite optimal, such as in water. It’s no surprise they represent love overcoming obstacles!

A Quality Bouquet of Calla Lilies Is Ready for You to Order

When thinking of calla lilies, bouquets are certainly the best way to give your recipient the full effect of their beauty, shape, and fragrance. There is one tricky thing about calla lilies: Flowers like these are not easy to raise and ship. But the team at Avas Flowers brings you the freshest and most beautiful of these distinctive blossoms. Our bouquets arrive at your recipient’s doorstep fresh and ready to be admired.

Avas Flowers Has the Best Selection of Calla Lilies for Sale

When you present a bouquet of calla lilies, you are making a strong statement about just how much you care about someone. As a result, it’s very important that your blossoms have lush color and will be a gorgeous representation of your affection. Avas Flowers specializes in same-day delivery of premium flowers like calla lilies: Other companies may take several days.

Order Premium Flower Delivery: Buy Online and Send Nationwide

Our calla lilies delivery service is second to none in speed, convenience, and customer care. As one of the largest florists nationwide, we can provide a combination of excellent price and fast delivery. Unlike retail florists, whose inventory can be weeks old, we deliver very fresh flowers every time. This adds significantly to your value and to the enjoyment your recipient receives.

Order calla lilies online today to see the great difference that working with Avas Flowers makes for your flower needs. Need more information? Call or email us today to speak to an expert who will help you find the best floral arrangement option. In addition to outstanding calla lilies, flowers of many types for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, graduations, holidays, and more, are available.

Learn More About Calla Lilies from Avas Flowers

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Orchids are members of one of the largest families of flowering plants, the Orchidaceae, which is estimated to be made up of anywhere from 22,000 to 25,000 species. This remarkable flower is a popular choice for ornamental use, and it makes an excellent gift for a variety of occasions. The delicate and exotic style of orchid flowers appeals to many, and allows the flower to be used in a diverse range of arrangements and bouquets.

The Meaning Behind Orchid Bouquets

In Victorian England, the orchid was well-known for representing wealth and luxury. Today, its magnificent beauty makes it a top choice for weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations of love and romance. The orchid is available in traditional shades of pink as well as yellow, red, and tiger-striped varieties. There are also hybrid orchids available, which ultimately make the color choices for this type of flower truly endless.

Order Orchids Online from Avas Flowers

If you want to make a long-lasting impression or commemorate a special day, the gift of fresh orchids delivered by Avas Flowers is an ideal choice. We offer nationwide delivery services for our customers, with same day flower delivery options available. Our online catalog features a large selection of bold and beautiful floral arrangements that are filled with premium quality flowers, all at an affordable price that works with any budget.

Our orchid flowers are offered in a rainbow of colors with exotic and tropical designs available to suit your own unique occasion. Now you can order and send breathtaking orchid bouquets to friends and loved ones located across town, or across the country, and be assured that your gift will always arrive on time. Avas Flowers makes it easy for you to buy orchids online with an inventory of floral arrangement designs available for you to browse through and customize as you wish.

Unique Gifts and Premium Bouquets Delivered from Avas Flowers

At Avas Flowers, we understand the importance of sending the gift of flowers to those you love. Whether you want to send a sympathetic gift to a friend in need, a beautiful bouquet to a family member who is ill, or simply want to surprise your sweetheart with a romantic gesture, you are sure to find the right flower arrangement on our website for any life event. Along with our assortment of colorful orchids, we also have a variety of other flower species available including traditional favorites such as roses, carnations, lilies, and daisies for you to buy online.

Contact the friendly representatives at Avas Flowers today and order an arrangement of fresh orchids for delivery to any address in the United States. Create an account when you place your order and enjoy the convenience of tracking your orchid delivery so that you will know exactly when your gift will arrive. Our staff is available to help you at any time if you have questions or concerns about your order. The next time you need to send a thoughtful gift to someone special, consider sending an uplifting flower arrangement designed and delivered by the floral experts here at Avas Flowers.

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At Avas Flowers, we are proud to offer an online selection of daisy bouquets that can add beauty to the tone of any occasion. Our experienced staff has a talent for combining various types of daisies, greenery and other flowers to make uniquely colorful creations. We make it easy for our customers to order a bouquet of daisies that helps them to express their feelings to someone close to them. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or a more solemn occasion, a gathering of daisies can bring a smile to the face of a loved one. Check out some other reasons why so many customers turn to Avas Flowers when they want to send an appealing gathering of daisies to someone they care for.

Unique Daisy Floral Arrangements

Yellow, pink, white, and red gerberas are just a few of the flowers found in our lovely daisy bouquets. We have bouquets that are bursting with large daisies surrounded by greenery and other complementary flowers. Also, we offer arrangements that feature a colorful variety of daisies that are smaller in size. Of course, we have bouquets that include daisies both large and small. Each of our creations is nestled in an appealing basket, a modern vase, or another attractive receptacle that serves as a keepsake after the daisies are gone.

Fast Flower Delivery

Anyone who contacts us with an order for a bouquet of daisies can rest assured that their flowers will be delivered in speedy fashion. In fact, we offer next-day delivery nationwide with many of our bouquets. At Avas Flowers, we’ve built a reputation on the quality of our flowers as well as our fast daisy delivery service!

A Choice of Arrangements

A customer who wants to buy a beautiful daisy bouquet from us has a choice of arrangements. We offer standard, deluxe, and premium options. Each of these arrangements differs in size, volume and price. Someone who orders a premium arrangement will get a large bouquet bursting with colorful daisies. Alternatively, a customer who buys a standard bouquet will receive a smaller, but equally beautiful, gathering of daisies. In short, customers have options when it comes to the size and appearance of their floral gift.

Reasonable Prices

Ordering online with Avas Flowers means that you can find an imaginative daisy flower bouquet for a reasonable price. Visitors browsing our selection can narrow their search to daisy arrangements in a particular price range. This makes it simple to find the perfect arrangement for the right price.

Our knowledgeable staff members are glad to answer customer questions. Visitors can make inquiries via email by filling out our simple online form. We are pleased to answer any questions about our special bouquets of daisies. Contact us for a beautiful daisy bouquet today!

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Take one look at a gathering of sunflowers and it’s not hard to see why these flowers attract so much attention. The history behind the sunflower along with its stunning color make these blooms a very popular gift for practically any occasion. We are proud to offer a selection of unique sunflower bouquets online at Avas Flowers. Some of our customers want to buy a sunflower bouquet for a loved one who is celebrating a birthday, graduation, birth of a child, or anniversary. They also make perfect housewarming gifts. Consider a few other reasons why our customers appreciate the sunflower arrangements we create at Avas Flowers.

Creative Floral Designers

Our skillful floral designers know how to create sunflower bouquets that can’t help but bring a smile to a recipient’s face. We offer bouquets that contain sunflowers alongside other appealing blooms such as carnations, gerbera daisies, or roses. Also, we have bouquets made with a simple gathering of sunflowers and a scattering of greenery. Either way, our floral designers have a talent for displaying sunflowers in their very best light. In addition, we send out each of our bouquets in a beautiful container such as a vase or a colorful pot. The recipient of a sunflower delivery gets to enjoy a decorative container long after the sunflowers have gone.

Fast Delivery to Customers Nationwide

Customers who make a purchase from our online selection of sunflower arrangements will appreciate our fast flower delivery service. Individuals can send sunflowers to recipients in locations nationwide. We take pride in providing fast delivery of our fresh, beautiful bouquets of sunflowers. In fact, we provide fast delivery for all of our bouquets as well as our enticing gift baskets. Not surprisingly, we want recipients to start enjoying their beautiful sunflowers and other gifts as soon as possible!

A Variety of Arrangement Options

When a customer places an order for an arrangement of sunflowers, they get the choice of a standard, deluxe, or premium arrangement. These options differ in size as well as price. For example, someone who orders a premium arrangement of sunflowers will receive a large, full bunch of blooms. Alternatively, a person who purchases a standard arrangement of sunflowers will get an appealing gathering of blooms that is smaller in size than either the deluxe or the premium option. Regardless of what option a customer chooses, each arrangement makes a memorable impression upon arrival.

Finally, customers who have questions about the details of a particular sunflower bouquet, delivery services, or any other issue are welcome to contact our knowledgeable staff. We have a simple online form for customers to fill out in order to submit a question. Also, we provide a page of answers to frequently asked questions for customers who have basic questions about orders, delivery, etc. Contact Avas Flowers and let us brighten a loved one’s day with a brilliant bouquet of sunflowers.

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Birds of Paradise

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Tulips are striking perennial flowers that are the third most popular blooms in the world. They are frequently included in many floral arrangements and in bouquets of their own. At Avas Flowers, you can buy tulips that are in multi-flower arrangements, and you can also find tulip bouquets as you browse our selection of flowers that are featured here on our tulips page. Tulips make a colorful splash that can fill a room with good cheer. People who order tulip arrangements from our website can arrange for flower delivery to nearly any location nationwide.

Tulip bouquets make for drastically stunning displays. When your loved one or friend receives their tulips delivery, they’ll want to place them in a highly visible location for everyone to see. They are an elegant flower that comes in a host of colors from orange to purple, making them suitable for most occasions. When choosing the right tulips for an arrangement, it is important to understand the meaning and symbolism that is associated with the flower and its various colors. As a flower, it represents passion and romance and can generally be seen as a declaration of love. Tulips may also indicate charity. As for specific colors, when seeking forgiveness, one might send a bouquet of tulips that are white. Cheerful thoughts are represented by yellow tulips. By giving someone a bouquet of red tulips, you’re expressing perfect love. Tulip arrangements are also a good floral choice when sending flowers to your spouse to celebrate your anniversary. Not only are tulips a representation of love, but they are particularly meaningful for couples who are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, as the tulip is considered the occasion’s official flower. Tulips from Avas Flowers also come in decorative vases. These vases can be kept as a sort of keepsake after the flowers are gone. For that reason, the vase should play a role in the decision that is made when selecting the tulips. Often, the vase complements the flowers that it holds, either in terms of color or style.

In general, you’ll be making the right choice when you buy your loved one tulips. Flowers, delivery of other great gifts, and excellent customer service are what you can expect from us, and your tulip gift can be arranged so that it is received on the same day that it is ordered online provided that the order meets all eligibility requirements. Our ability to deliver flowers to most places across the country is due to our relationship with local florists who have partnered with us to ensure that you receive the freshest flowers, including our arrangements that use tulips. We are a family-owned company that has been in the business for more than 30 years. Considering our company’s history and our company’s satisfaction commitment policy, you can trust Avas Flowers to deliver only fresh, premium tulips in a timely manner.

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