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Beauty and Grace

Product Code: BGB-Y


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10/11/2017 7:01PM
Nick B.
05/30/2017 10:40AM
Great experience.
Greg D.
08/21/2016 8:52PM
Austin S.
10/30/2015 1:37PM
Loved how easy it was to pick out a perfect anniversary bouquet and get it sent to my wife.
Garrett B.
04/15/2013 11:40AM
My girlfriend she was impressed and I am happy, thank you for the bear in white because I dont like the idea in that color and thanks also for delivery in the morning, wow I stay very comfortable with my purchase and I hope to do it next time
Jobnie L.
08/21/2012 7:07PM
Our boss was very pleased. Thank you.
Adrian A.
08/08/2012 10:27PM
Mrs. Briones was very happy with the flowers !!
Terry N.
07/11/2012 7:28PM
I finally found it! I've searched the internet for hours just for this gorgeous arrangement! I've attended my aunt's and uncle's simple yet romantic golden wedding anniversary and I saw this! This nailed the event! This made the whole atmosphere so in love!
Dixi E.
04/02/2012 5:05PM
Nice, big, and classy. The flowers on the arrangement are great, I'm so glad I got it thanks!
Grace B.
01/26/2012 4:12AM
How romantic!
Jena Y.

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