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Category: Flowers Gift Ideas

Administrative Assistant Day

The role of administrative assistants has been recognized since as early as the 50’s, when industry in the United States exploded following the end of the second World War.  Calling upon many women to take on roles as assistants in industries, that until that point, they had virtually been unable to attain. Since then, the…Continue reading

Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

Mother’s Day – the biggest holiday for flowers is right around the corner. This day is the perfect opportunity for anyone to show their mother appreciation for all that she has done for them by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. Start planning today to create a lasting impression no mother will forget. …Continue reading

Easter Lilies

Lilium longiflorum, also referred to as Easter Lilies or “white-robed apostles of hope” are trumpet shaped flowers that are grown primarily in the border between the states of California and Oregon. Easter Lilies are capable of growing up to a meter in height and are typically harvested during the fall months of late September and…Continue reading