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Author: Ava Rose

37 Fascinating Facts About Flowers

Photo via I love learning new facts about my favorite blooms. The other day, I learned that roses have perfume glands on their petals. I always wondered what made the lovely pink roses in my garden smell so sweet! This week, I dug up some more fun facts about flowers that I know you’ll…Continue reading

August’s Birthflower: The Glamorous Gladiolus

Photo via It’s very hard to overlook the stunning beauty of the gladiolus. This flower’s sword-shaped leaves and brilliant color make it the perfect choice for the official bloom of August. The gladiolus is an ideal selection if you’re looking to add large splashes of color to your garden. My post this week is…Continue reading

What’s The Difference Between Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials?

Forget-Me-Nots are biennials, photo via I’ve noticed that most people have certain ways they choose flowers for their gardens. Some look for fragrant flowers or blooms in their favorite colors. Other people select flowers that are known to attract butterflies. There are also people who select flowers based on their life cycle: When will…Continue reading

July’s Birthflower: The Lavish Larkspur

Photo via All of my friends know that I love weddings and the whole wedding planning process, so when it was time for my girlfriend (and one of my bridesmaids) to get married herself, she asked for my help. I assured her that we would plan the most beautiful wedding she could imagine. She…Continue reading

The History Of Gardening

Photo via People have a variety of reasons for working in their gardens. Some do it to relieve stress, while others get satisfaction from growing and eating their own vegetables. Working in my garden allows me quiet time to collect my thoughts after a busy week. Did you know that the practice of gardening…Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Wetlands

Photo via During the month of May, we see flowers, plants and other elements of nature blooming all around us. What better month to celebrate our American wetlands? Did you know that wetlands play a very important role in the health of our environment? This week’s post is all about wetlands and the ways…Continue reading