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11 Fall Superfoods You Should Be Eating

11 Fall Superfoods You Should Be Eating


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Chances are good that you’ve been hearing a lot about fall superfoods lately. These are seasonal foods packed with vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. Each fall, I choose three or four superfoods and try them in new recipes. This year, I’ve been experimenting with recipes featuring sweet potatoes. So far, I’ve made a creamy sweet potato soup, sweet potato fries, and sweet potato and apple muffins. I love combining this vegetable with other ingredients and spices. Plus, it is nice to know that I’m eating something that is especially good for me. This week, I thought I’d make a list of superfoods and highlight the benefits of each one.

11 Fall Superfoods You Should Be Eating

1.) Pears: The fiber in pears helps maintain the health of your skin as well as your heart. Plus, the vitamin C in pears is an antioxidant that can strengthen your immune system. To give your pear slices an extra kick, try dipping them in apple butter.

2.) Apples: Whether it’s a Gala, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith, apples provide you with four grams of fiber per serving. Plus, apples contain antioxidants that protect you against seasonal allergies and colds. Most importantly, they taste great in a salad or a delicious pie or dipped right into the peanut butter jar.

3.) Brussels Sprouts: This superfood is loaded with protein. A single serving of Brussels sprouts provides you with the vitamin C and K you need for the day. A dish of sautéed Brussels sprouts can be a tasty side dish at lunch or dinner.

4.) Winter Squash: The potassium in this superfood helps to prevent high blood pressure. Also, the magnesium in squash can reduce a person’s risk of gallstones. Is there anything more soothing than a bowl of hot butternut squash soup on a blustery winter’s day?

5.) Sweet Potatoes: These delicious potatoes contain several vitamins, including B6, D, and C. The iron in this superfood helps with the development of blood cells and strengthens the immune system. Aside from being good for you, this superfood fits nicely into many dishes for the holidays.

6.) Pomegranates: The pomegranate is a familiar sight on any list of superfoods. These fruits contain antioxidants that help fight cancer and boost the immune system. Also, pomegranates lower cholesterol and can reduce your blood pressure. Pomegranates add flavor to smoothies and plain yogurt. I think pomegranates are a colorful addition to any meal, don’t you?

7.) Kiwi: Pick up a kiwi at your local grocery store and you see a cute little fruit with a fuzzy peel. But these tiny fruits are packed with fiber as well as vitamins C and E. Kiwi also has a high level of potassium, which helps us to maintain our electrolyte levels. If you want to experience a new take on kiwi, try making chocolate-covered kiwi pops.

8.) Cauliflower: This unique vegetable is a superfood that contains antioxidants that can help prevent certain types of cancer. It’s also high in fiber and water, which helps with digestion. People who consume cauliflower sometimes sleep better due to the choline in this superfood. Have you ever tried curried cauliflower as an alternative to French fries? Yum!

9.) Tangerines: Peeling a tangerine and eating it is an easy way to get your vitamin C. These delectable fruits also provide you with vitamin A that boosts your vision and helps with healthy cell development. Fiber is another important ingredient in tangerines. Eating fiber helps with digestion and can lower cholesterol levels. Tangerines are great on salads and are perfect when mixed with plain yogurt.

10.) Parsnips: If you can’t quite picture a parsnip, it looks like a carrot but is light tan or white in color. It’s also sweeter than a carrot. The fiber in this superfood can reduce your cholesterol and help to maintain consistent blood sugar levels. Parsnips also have a high level of folic acid, which can reduce the risk of heart disease.

11.) Grapefruit: This traditional breakfast-time favorite definitely qualifies as a superfood. Of course, grapefruits provide you with plenty of vitamin C for your immune system, but they can also lower levels of bad cholesterol and improve skin health. Red and pink grapefruit also have lycopene, which is an antioxidant. Grapefruit is tasty on its own or sliced up and mixed into a salad.


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So make time to try some of these recipes this fall. I hope you end up with one or two new fall favorites!

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