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Alaska Florists & State Flower

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Many Alaska florists cherish their state flower, the forget-me-not. This bloom is often used in many types of bouquets and arrangements. Florists are fond of it for its delicate color and strong symbolism.

Alaska is the largest of the states in the entire United States. It is best known for its wide expanses of unspoiled land and beauty. It is one of the least densely populated areas of the United States.

Alaska Florists

This enormous state is in the far north west area of North America. It was purchased in 1867 from the Russian Empire and became a state. The capital city is Juneau, though more than half live in Anchorage.

The capital Juneau sits at sea level below steep mountain ranges. The Juneau Icefield, a large mass of ice, sits atop these mounts. There are over 30 known glaciers in this moving ice mass by Juneau.

The climate is subarctic, with a frost free growing season for plants. This makes it possible to grow many flowers during the warm season. Some floral distributors however, may prefer to grow blooms indoors.

Anchorage is home to many businesses, including florists and shops. Despite the cold weather, the floral business is widely popular. As with warmer areas, arrangements are used for gifts and sympathies.

A florist may also choose to import some of the more exotic flowers. This is often the case for tropical plants that do not grow in cold. Care must be taken when transporting them to avoid temperature shock.

Alaska State Flower

The Forget-me-not is an iconic bloom that has many uses in bouquets. Myosotis alpestris, as it is also known, is a delicate blue flower. Some species also produce other colors of blooms, such as bright pink.

These typically grow in the wild in rocky mountain areas in Alaska. They may also be grown in gardens or florist gardens for harvesting. Florists may prefer to grow more than just the native state flower.

The cultivated white and pink species provide more color for bouquets. This provides them with more options when creating spring bouquets. Alaska florists may combine them with tulips or other spring blooms.


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