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Christmas Treasure Bouquet
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Holiday Celebrations Centerpiece
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Holiday Flower Tree
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Season's Greetings Bouquet
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Red Poinsettia Plant
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Utah florists often provide services to the many weddings at churches. Same and next day services are also used to bring flowers to brides. More unique or traditional blooms may also be requested and fulfilled.

The sego lily is endemic to Western parts of the United States. It was declared the official floral emblem in 1911 by legislature. Its long history with the area dates back to the year 1840-1851.

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Over 2.7 million inhabitants make this northwester area their home. Annual tourism and metal ore mining make up much of the economy. There are also many new assisted living homes in the major cities.

Salt Lake City, the capital, is known for its famous salt lake. The valley floor is the lake bed of the ancient lake Bonneville. Its former shorelines can still be seen in many parts around the area.

Weddings are a joyous occasion that often take a lot of planning. Many brides spend months or years planning the perfect wedding. This includes the use of a florist for bridal flower arrangements.

Florists can also create bouquets for bridesmaids and flower girls. Petals thrown after the ceremony may also be arranged when needed. This gives brides easy access to meet any floral needs for weddings.

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This state is most often thought as having many wide open spaces. The unusual appearance of the old lakes give it a unique skyline. There are many areas that are still undeveloped or feature farms.

The sego lily is known by the name calochortus nuttallii, a perennial. Between 1840-1851 is it thought to have been vital to residents. It is thought that during a period of famine, the roots were eaten.

Each lily has several flowers, each with several distinct petals. The petals are often white though some may have a lilac tinting. A creamy yellow and vibrant red center is also seen in some blooms.

It is often grown as an ornamental plant or in container gardens. The use of this plant is not widespread in all areas, however. Utah florists may use the similarly shaped tulip for bouquets.


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Down to Earth Peace Lily Plant
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Beautiful Blooms Bouquet
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Dieffenbachia Plant
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Pastel Sympathy Floor Basket
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Divine Lily and Iris Bouquet
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$69.99 $37.99
Christmas Wreath
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White Carnation Bouquet
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Dozen Yellow Roses & Bear
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$81.99 $49.99

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