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Medical facilities are serviced by local South Carolina florists. These locations include both nursing and assisted living homes. Many of the hospitals are also within the available delivery range.

There are two official symbols, the goldenrod and yellow jessamine. Goldenrod is considered both ornamental and a weed in some areas. The jessamine is a climbing vine found sprawling through the South.

South Carolina Florists

Part of the Deep South, this state was one of the original colonies. It was originally named by King Charles II of England for his father. It was first to secede from the Union and first Confederate State.

Columbia, the capital, is also the largest city with 129,000 people. The metro area is much larger with an estimated 760,000 residents. This has created a large and growing demand for access to health care.

Flower delivery services for hospitals are provided by local florists. Blooms can be delivered to a patient's room or to the nurse station. Orders can be taken from other areas and fulfilled by a local florist.

Assisted living homes are another top source for senior healthcare. Many neighborhoods feature at least one nursing or assistance home. These provide treatments and monitoring for many senior conditions.

South Carolina State Flowers

There are many salty marshlands and estuaries within the state. This creates many types of wetland places for wildlife to flourish. Plant life also grows in abundance in many cities and outlying areas.

As the official wildflower, the goldenrod has many gardening uses. It is often planted to create landscaping or in a container garden. Its vibrant yellow flowers are plentiful and have a buttery color.

The most common species can grow several feet tall at its maturity. Leaves are along the stem instead of closer to the ground in rosettes. It can spread rapidly in any setting, making it a weed for some.

The yellow jessamine is often mistaken for the common honeysuckle. It is often used as a ground cover or to cover a wall or patio. South Carolina florists often prefer to use the goldenrod in bouquets.


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