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Colorado florists cater to many events, such as weddings or hospitals. They offer many choices when it comes to finding the perfect bouquet. These may include live flowers, balloons or child themed arrangements.

The state flower is the white and lavender Rocky Mountain Columbine. The common name for this flower is the Colorado Blue Columbine. Cultivation has allowed for more color variations such as pink.

Colorado Florists

Many mountains and plateaus make up the terrain of much of Colorado. High plains, desert land and forests are all present in this state. For this reason, the climate varies between major cities there.

The capital, Denver, is home to many top hospitals and care centers. These hospitals treat a range of serious conditions, such as cancer. Specialty hospitals are also available for those who need more care.

Assisted living homes are also available in Denver and Colorado. These homes are often used by those who need help with daily life. This may include help due to old age or an injury or complication.

Colorado florists frequently deliver bouquets to these locations. They may also deliver for other events, such as weddings or funerals. This gives residents more options when choosing to send floral gifts.

In Denver, florist shops can be found both in the city and online. This opens up more chances to find the right flower for the event. Florists may also be able to recommend the right bouquet or basket.

Colorado State Flower

The Rocky Mountain Columbine is considered protected in the wild. The law prohibits this wild flower from being dug up or harmed. Harvesting of blooms and buds are limited to up to 25 in one day.

Garden grown columbines are frequently harvested for spring bouquets. It is not commonly found, however, except through some growers. Because of this, it is less commonly found in use by a florist shop.

Blooms often appear white, pale blue, or a bicolored pink or cream. The sepals are often a different color than the petals are for most. Colorado florists can often suggest similar blooms to use in bouquets.


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Funeral Homes

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Assisted Living Homes

Daily Delivery of Floral Arrangements to Nursing Homes

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